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Luann Lavin, APRN, FNP - MaxWell Clinic

Biohacking Your Way Through the Holidays: Food, Frenzy, and Fatigue

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The holiday season is just around the corner and with it comes a whirlwind of joy and anticipation. But it can also bring a host of challenges to your health including food temptations, hectic schedules, and inevitable fatigue as the season’s demands crowd out the holiday cheer.

In the midst of the festivities, it’s easy to overlook the importance of prioritizing your health. You might even feel like the holidays aren’t the best time to focus on your well-being.

But it’s actually just the opposite!

If you can learn to make mindful choices and listen to your body during the holiday frenzy, just imagine how you could transform your health and vitality throughout the rest of the year!

MaxWell’s nurse practitioner Luann Lavin grew up believing that feeling inflamed and uncomfortable during the holidays was just part of life. But she has since learned the beautiful balance in honoring what’s best for her body while also not offending the amazing humans in her life.

Watch Luann in this webinar as she delves into practical strategies and cutting-edge biohacking techniques that will help you navigate the holiday season with ease:

  • Discover our practitioners’ favorite traditional health practices, modern science, and technology to improve your physical and mental function
  • Learn how to develop your personalized biohacking plan for the holidays
  • Discover the roles that the environment, stress, genetics, and epigenetics play in your health and how to adjust your own biohacking plan according to these unique factors
  • Find out one of the oldest and best kept secrets that we test on every MWC patient, and how you can be supported over the holidays with this information
Don’t let the season derail your health goals. Get ready to move through the holidays with the energy, happiness, and support your body truly needs!

Strategies for a Healthier and Happier Season

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a whirlwind of emotions, hectic schedules, and the temptation of festive foods that may not always be the best for our health. In this webinar led by Luann Lavin, a nurse practitioner at Maxwell Clinic, the focus is on “biohacking” our way through the holidays – finding ways to optimize our well-being and navigate the challenges that this joyful yet demanding season can bring.

Understanding Biohacking

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing one’s biology through various practices and lifestyle changes. It involves understanding how our bodies work at a molecular and genetic level and making informed decisions to enhance our health and well-being. Luann Lavin emphasizes the importance of this approach during the holiday season, providing practical strategies and insights gathered from the knowledgeable staff at Maxwell Clinic.

Insights from Maxwell Clinic Staff

The webinar starts with insights from staff members at Maxwell Clinic, including nurse practitioner Jeremy, who emphasizes the significance of increasing protein intake during the holidays. Hydration is also highlighted as a crucial factor, with specific mention of using intravenous (IV) micronutrient drips for added support. These insights underline the importance of tailoring strategies to individual needs.

Dr. Ferriss offers a refreshing perspective, suggesting that sometimes the best strategy is to simply enjoy the holiday without worrying about stress. Crystal, a medical assistant, emphasizes the importance of rest, recommending the use of weighted blankets and electric blankets for improved sleep quality.

Navigating Holiday Parties with Mindful Choices

The webinar provides practical tips for navigating holiday gatherings, especially when it comes to food choices. Luann suggests asking hosts about the menu beforehand and even bringing a dish that aligns with your dietary preferences. Alternatively, consuming a nutritious meal before the event can help prevent overindulgence in less healthy options.

Exploring new foods at holiday parties is encouraged as a way to diversify nutrient intake. Luann emphasizes the importance of treating food as medicine and making conscious choices that support overall well-being.

Addressing Stress Through Breathwork

While the webinar covers various strategies for physical health, Luann introduces the concept of breathwork as a powerful tool to address stress and enhance relaxation. Mindful breathing exercises, such as the 4-7-8 technique, are demonstrated to promote relaxation and activate the body’s relaxation centers.

Alcohol and Holiday Celebrations

A participant raises the question of whether alcohol should be completely avoided. Luann emphasizes moderation and personalization, acknowledging that alcohol can have different effects on individuals. Factors such as sensitivities to specific types of alcohol or underlying health conditions should be considered when making choices about alcohol consumption during the holidays.

Conclusion: Personalize, Have Confidence, and Believe in Yourself

The webinar concludes with Luann encouraging viewers to personalize their holiday experiences by choosing strategies that resonate with them. Having confidence in one’s ability to make informed choices and believing in oneself are key to navigating the holiday season in a way that prioritizes both enjoyment and well-being.

Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

In the spirit of personalization and individual empowerment, we at MaxWell Clinic wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, and happy holiday season. Let this serve as a reminder that the holidays are an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, make informed choices, and embark on a journey of biohacking for better health.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can become a patient at MaxWell Clinic and start your healing journey today.

hi everyone I’m Luann Lavin nurse practitioner here at Maxwell clinic and
I am so glad that all of you and any of you are here to um be part of this
webinar with me today so the topic of discussion
is biohacking your way through the holidays food frenzy and
fatigue but I really love the word biohacking um and I don’t know if it’s a
term that you’re familiar with um we’re hearing it and using it more and more um
bio being life and hacking is a way to
um break into or find out more about discover and so biohacking your holidays
um is the topic of this discussion I hope to be able to um reveal and have um
some questions and answers about how we can all do this really successfully to
help navigate ourselves through the holidays so the holiday season is here
and happy belated Thanksgiving to all and get ready for uh Christmas and
Hanukkah and New Year’s and Quanza and all the above
and um these holidays do come with a whirlwind of
emotions and so the holidays can also bring a host of challenges uh to our
health so this can include hectic schedules certainly inevitable fatigue
um and Feelgood Foods maybe coming our way that don’t always make us feel good
interesting so unfortunately sometimes we can even allow the seasons demands to
crowd out our holiday cheer so that’s what this webinar is all about getting the most out of our holidays by helping
ourselves so today’s talk um um will hope to be able to talk about some ways
and help you to hear about some things that maybe you can consider taking upon
for yourself to be able to personalize um how you go through your
holidays so um first I would love to delve into some practical strategies and
biohacking techniques um that I have pulled our staff to get
their information so here at Maxwell Clinic you probably all know um we have amazing clinicians amazing
staff amazing front desk support and tons and tons of
behind the desk that you never get to see potentially even support of the Maxwell Clinic we’re here for a reason
we’re healers and many of us have healed ourselves and many of us are still in the process of that healing so and
that’s why we’re so passionate about being here and doing what we do so of
course I want to tap into this broad um Power powerful
amount of information that we have from ourselves so I started asking around um
and I found out some really interesting information and I’d like to share that
with you today on how our staff biohacks their holidays so I talked with Jeremy who is
an amazing nurse practitioner who recently joined us here at Maxwell clinic and I hope you all get the
opportunity to meet him and Jeremy was first first off saying uh protein in
during the holidays we need to up our protein and that’s what keeps me going that’s what really makes my body be
amazing and I Rec he recognizes that when he uses um um um the this the
protein amounts that he needs for his body he can really be strong and the
other thing that Jeremy said was hydration um and Jeremy’s been a nurse practitioner for a while so he sees this
in a lot of his patients as well and how we can really get under hydrated um very
quickly we we may not be drinking as much as we do when we’re sweating and when it’s very um um humid here in
central or um Mid Tennessee and so thinking about bone broths and soups um
that um we tend to turn to as soon as it gets cold probably for more reasons um
besides just micronutrient support but hydration and when you think about the
IV micronutrient drips that we do here at the Maxwell clinic and how most of us as clinicians are really encouraging our
patients to get into them um use them to your advantage and during the holiday
season that can be a big support so if you’ve never used IB micronutrient support um talk to your clinician about
that and um you may want to consider tapping into that before you get ready to prepare a huge meal before you get
ready to jump on an air plane before you get ready to drive in the car or even just before you get ready to brace
yourself with the Deluge of emotions that come when you are with your family
and just being around other people with lots of hugs and kisses so um protein
and hydration were really great biohacks that I think are very supportive and
thank you very much from Jeremy so um Dr Ferris who I love dearly
has a really interesting take on biohacking your holidays and Dr Farah
says you don’t need to do anything just enjoy your holiday and I love that and
many of us are able to do that um and sometimes just not worrying about any
stress at all but just focusing on what level of enjoyment can I get out of this
can be powerful think about your holidays like I’m going to this movie
that I’ve always wanted to see and I’m going to be involved in it
and it’s going to make me feel overwhelmed with joy those of you who
have grandchilden who may bring that joy to you um can probably relate to this
feeling um those of us who don’t have grandchildren yet maybe can think about
this insight into just enjoying and absolutely doing nothing except for trying to focus
on enjoyment and pleasure and just receiving whatever the gifts are that
the holiday our family the travel life the weather the smells the food the ups
and the Downs are going to bring our way so thank you to Dr Ferris for that
amazing insight and um lots of experience going through many
holidays Crystal um who’s one of our medical assistants um brought in some
really um great information I thought and when you’re in the holiday season
you really need to make sure that you get your rest so how do we ensure that we can do
that um I’m seeing a little um potential internet instability so if we’re going
in and out there may be some internet net instability on our side so just stick with me but sleep is really
important and so thinking about how do you sleep well especially when it gets cold some people are using something
called a weighted blanket have you heard of it so Crystal um had brought this to my attention and said you know it just
really tucks you in at night it just really makes you feel secure and it can be something that if you’ve never
experienced before and you’re starting to feel like you’re not getting the sleep that you’d like to get you might
want to give it a try so a weighted blanket some people will be using a little bit of electric blankets with some heat um and that might just do the
trick as well for getting really good comfortable rested sleep at night and otherwise if you’re having
sleeping issues I hope that you will all bring this to the attention of your clinicians at Maxwell because there are
so many other bioh hacks that we have here as well to be helping with sleep um
so let’s say you’re going to a holiday party oh my and you are just trying to
work with certain foods that you now know because you’re a patient here at Maxwell Clinic that they just might be
inflammatory for you you may not know how inflammatory that they may be but you know there’s something there and you
really want to go through a process of figuring out what you feel like when you don’t have those Foods um making your
body be um uncomfortable or or sensitive and so you’re going to this holiday
party and you’re thinking what am I going to eat so there’s ways to biohack that and
so thoughts from our staff were you know think about asking the host what can you bring and so then you’re going to make
sure you bring the food that you’re not going to be sensitive to that’s been um approved by
your dietitian that you’re working with and then bring that and bring it plentifully so you’ll have plenty to eat
um and then just enjoy the moment of being with people so that’s one thing you can consider the other thing was
thoughts of filling yourself before you go and so making sure that you get all of your micronutrients on board with we
have fabulous protein shakes that different ones that we can share with patients depending on what your needs are but you can really feel very well
satiated before you hit the ground running and going into a holiday party and then you can pick and choose what
you think might be good for you um explore maybe um I’ll talk about that in
a minute but you know just make sure that you’re not going to be ravenous when you get there and that for the most
part you’ve really gotten your um uh food that you need in order to sustain
yourself through the the party so um another thought is that um you would
um think about eating new foods this opportunity when you go to a party um
you know that they’re vegetables or you know that they’re fruits or you know that they might have some antioxidants
in them and there’s something new in town you know that it’s not on the list of things that may be inflaming you and
this is not opportunity to build diversity into your your uh your gut so
that um foods that you don’t necessarily use talk to people about them when you’re at a party find out why they eat
them and what they do for them be looking for the table of lots of different foods eat the rainbow right
then you’re getting all these different micronutrients into your body and this can be a great way to biohack because
your food is your medicine and your information to help yourself cells to be amazing your cells are always trying to
find the place that they can be the healthiest and help your body to be the strongest that’s just a natural thing
that we know will always be so help them out a little bit and let them try something new with the new food
um so let’s see some other things okay enjoy the people people you’re with um
that can be powerful to set you at ease find your people if you’re going to a party and there’s certain people that
you’re uncomfortable with then just find the people that you are comfortable with there’s a lot to be said for being in
rest and digest and being able to help your immune system be at ease and so yes
we always want to try to encourage you to be able to reach out and to be able
to um be comfortable with um situations that may not always be
comfortable um I I think that’s one of the secrets to life figuring out how to be comfortable when you’re uncomfortable
um so the more that you can allow yourself to get into a comfortable situation in a holiday um atmosphere um
probably the easier it will be for your CS to find their best
health so let’s see what else do I have here on my list
um get in some exercise thank you very much we have some exercises and the crew
here at Maxwell clinic and so you don’t want to over exercise but we we
certainly can fall into the Trap of undere exercising too a walk around the
block a walk around the house busying yourself with things to do in the house that may entail walking or lifting or
moving um can be a wonderful way to just also really um support biohacking of
your health because you are um helping your metabolism to do what it needs to
do and um at the same time not falling into a type of a a sedentary situation
which um uh we all know we’ve probably felt that way and it doesn’t always feel good um especially if we’re doing it day
after day so getting in some exercise
um here’s an interesting thing technology so we do have technology
wearers in our practice here think think about an aura ring which can help to
measure your sleep this is a really neat way to help to biohack your health you
can see how much sleep that you have received you can see what level of sleep that you’ve received and so I don’t like
uh patients to get too hung up on um um relying on this for good information but
I I I sometimes it can make people anxious if their Aura ring doesn’t tell them what they want it to the next day
so um use the technology as a general just overall way to check in with
yourself but most importantly act on it and if you’re recognizing that technology is telling you that you’re
not getting the best sleep or if you’re wearing a continuous glucose monitor which we use here quite frequently and
over the holidays you might see that blood sugar go way High um but you know
use it as a general overall marker so that if you do see things going
um um arai that you can reach out to your clinician through your portal or
you can just take a deep big step back and think why did that happen explore
with your technology try different things see if doing something different might make that technology respond
differently use the holidays as an opportunity to do that you um will be in
a a different situation a different Arena than you may be during the rest of the
year so then I wanted to talk to us a little bit about genetics and helping to biohack your holidays as well as
epigenetics so genetics is the DNA that you were given it’s your genes that’s
what you have and epigenetics is how your genes um might respond to the
environment that you’re putting them in so genes can be UPR regulated they can be down regulated depending on what we
eat and so there’s something called methylation which I don’t want to get too science geeky here but you know when
you’re eating healthy foods that that are not inflammatory for you um when you’re doing some exercise and when
you’re getting sleep then you’re going to be most likely methylating very well
and so the other thing that you need to be mindful of is your gut and your bowels and moving those and being a good
healthy feeling is very important so if you get stuck in a situation that your bowels are not comfortable during the
holidays reach out to your clinician or staff members here at um at Maxwell
Clinic because we want to make sure that that’s comfortable as well um and so
epigenetics and genetics can play an important part there too so along the lines of genetics when it’s the holidays
you may be around family members that have similar genes to you as you do and
so looking at the table what are they eating what do they like what don’t they like what turns on their jeans and what
doesn’t turn on their jeans and you may look to the elders in your family and you may have discussions with them this
is a great time to consider doing that why do you love to eat those brussel
sprouts Grandpa you know what does that do for you um what is it with this prune
cake over here or why do you eat roasted chestnuts so um anyway some of your
family members may not know why maybe the answer is they make me feel good maybe the answer is because my father
did it too but you may get some insights really interesting insights into your
own body by just seeing what your relatives are doing and bring that information back to the table and
discuss it with your clinicians at Maxwell Clinic because that’s the kind of thing that we really love to um be
making connections for you so um I think that’s an interesting thing um let’s see
what else do I need to share with you here um I wanted to share one thing that um
Mary Scout one of our amazing um Physicians assistants did share with me she said if we have learned already how
Foods affect our bodies if we have learned that already some times we’re just new at Max and we haven’t learned
that yet she said I would still enjoy the favorite holiday treats just in smaller
amounts like let’s say some of those holiday treats are things that we know may not affect our bodies well she would
still recommend enjoying smaller amounts you may just need a bite you may just
need one cookie instead of three dozen so um that’s really great um she said
she would be able to enjoy them without feeling miserable and many patients can do that so you have to do some trial and
error there um so then she also said there should not be guilt there should
never be shame never around food that is
tradition and a shared experience so sharing experiences is
quite often what life is all about holiday times is an opportunity to definitely do just that so thank you
Mary scal appreciate you so um those are the things that I got from our staff and
as you can see we have very very wonderful staff so um the next thing I
just kind of wanted to share with you is um discovering um strategies one of the one
of the oldest strategies one of the strategies that we work with quite frequently on every single patient that
comes into Maxwell clinic and that is um we’re looking at our autonomic nervous
system we’re looking at how we’ve learned how to do us and so that has
come about by since we were conceived and in utero and walked through life
with the people that we’ve walked through life with with the experiences that we’ve walked through life with we have an autonomic nervous system it
allows us to be in fight ORF flight when we need to it allows us to be in rest and digest when we need to and we hope
and we pray that we can be into more rest and digest than we are in fight or flight because really wonderful things
happen when we’re in rest and digest such as we reset our neurotransmitters
our serotonin our happy neurotransmitter our Gaba our dopamine Gaba that’s um
Gaba is all about anxiety and so that we don’t get anxious we reset that neurotransmitter when we are in rest and
digest and then our dopamine which creates energy for us so that we’re not in chronic fatigue all of those
neurotransmitters that create those um those neurotransmitters they are reset
and regenerated when we rest and digest all night long and we should also be
resting and digesting periodically throughout the day um when holidays come
into play we don’t always get to do that but sometimes we do um you need to have
some fight ORF flight ability in case um you know the Christmas tree comes tumbling down and you need to go grab it
and prevent it from falling through the window so you need to be able to react
um you know quickly in fight or flight if there’s something bad that happens but majority of the time we aren’t
having bad things happen so we need to be figuring out rest and digest so one of the great strategies that I’m going
to share with you today to help to biohack your holiday is about breath
work and so I have a hand out here that we quite
frequently will put into our patients Wellness plans at Maxwell clinic and it
is all about mindful breathing mindful breathing and what is
that um it enables us to support our autonomic nervous system so that we can
get through the holidays not stressing and bringing in really good
resting IND digesting so that we don’t have that anxiety all the time and we
don’t have sadness because we’re um resetting our serotonin orur
transmitters and that we have energy so that we can be
available because our connection my internet connection okay good um so where was I about the um
energy okay okay so that we can embrace our holidays and really be strong um for
whatever it is that we’re going to be doing traveling or being with people um
and keeping up our immune system so it’s very simple and it’s free so I’m here to
share with you what we have in this handout so if
you want to conquer the anxiety of life live in the moment and live in the
breath that’s a quote by Amit Ray r a y and he is a very well-known meditation
specialist he’s an Indian um a native from the country of India and um just
really is on top of um this um Arena of breath work so shallow breathing can lead to
tension and fatigue breathing with your diaphragm tends to reduce stress and
improve energy so what I’d like to do today is actually actually do some mindfulness breathing for you um to
demonstrate something that you can bring into your life as a potential for biohacking during your holidays so
abdominal breathing does not have to be difficult unless you make it just keep
it simple and it’s a powerful way to decrease stress um by activating the
relaxation centers in your brain the abdominal expansion causes a negative
pressure to pull blood into your chest cavity it improves the venous flow of
the back of blood going back into your heart so when you mindfully incorporate
abdominal breathing exercises into your daily routine you may find up focusing your attention on your breath during
stressful moments becomes easier to do I would like that I would like to be
able to take stressful moments and help them to be easier to do so this is an important skill that can
help you deal with stress anxiety and negative emotions in a more positive way
mindful deep breathing can also help to sharpen your ability to
concentrate I would like that too so I’m going to demonstrate some mindfulness
breathing um sometimes uh this mindfulness abdominal breathing um is
often called or referred to as the four like the number four four seven like
number seven eight like the number eight so four seven eight breathing um is
synonymous and so you want to find a comfortable spot I’m sitting in my chair here at my desk and you want to put your
feet slightly apart um then you’re G to put one hand
not on your on your abdomen so down down there on your abdomen the lower part of
your trunk and uh also you’re going to put the other hand on your chest like up
here so you’ve got one down there and one up here and then you’re going to gently exhale air in your lungs through
your mouth and then you’re going to inhale slowly through your nose to the count of four and when you do that
you’re actually pushing out your abdomen slightly and concentrating on your breath so you’re exhaling through your
lungs and from your mouth and then inhaling slightly through through your
nose and then and
then okay so adding on the seven and the eight that we’re doing that inhale to
the count of four so it looks something like this one two three
four and then holding it to the count of five six s and then exhale to the count
of 1 2 3 4 5 six seven eight it’s kind of difficult to do while you’re counting
out loud so I’m going to demonstrate again so you’re breathing in through your nose you can just feel your abdomen
with your lower hand on your abdomen just rise a little bit to the count of
four and then you’re holding it to the count of five six seven and then you’re
exhaling six seven eight so
five six seven exhale now I’m kind of over dramatizing
this and trying to count at the same time but what you’re going to do is just
bring this on for about five cycles and then that’s it you’re done
you’ve made a difference you’ve moved your abdomen so you’re getting that
oxygen and blood flow back into to your heart you’ve been able to breathe in
you’ve been able to hold your breath and then you’ve been able to let it go like this is breathing this is
wonderful this is part of our lives but yet believe it or not when things get
stressful and hectic during holiday months you’d be surprised if you had a
monitor on yourself to see how shallow your breath can get how you don’t have
the ability to hold your breath and how your exhaling gets really fast from time
to time as you’re doing doing doing doing and not always resting and digesting and really getting good breath
so I encourage you to try this and if you are a patient here at Maxwell clinic
and you’d like for your clinician to be able to put this handout into your
Wellness Plan just let us know or into your portal just let us know and we’ll pop it on in there but I hope that these
simple things that I’ve shared with you today um um they are maybe simple but
yet we don’t always think about them maybe we think about them but we don’t always do them um might be helpful for
you so I just have three words that I’d like to share with you before we open this up to question and
answer and that is think about personalizing your holidays for you and
these bioh hacks that we’ve discussed think about picking out the ones that resonate with you you don’t have to do
all of these and some of them might not ever be something that you would be comfortable doing or maybe they would
but find something that works and resonates with you now so that you can personalize it um and then have
confidence in yourself that you could actually go to a party and bring your own food or go to a
party party or be with your relatives and ask them questions about their
health um their genes their genetics what turns them on what doesn’t these
are ways that um Can potentially help you in the long run and I’m hoping that
all of us will have many many many more holidays to celebrate and so this one
that is upon us is just here this year but be thinking about the future and
things that we learn from this year and attempting to biohack our health and keep ourselves healthy that we can just
keep and grow upon them for future years whatever we learn this year will be
education and learning that we will have received so but have confidence in yourself to go out and find information
and do things explore um maybe you want to use some technology and see what your
blood sugar does see what your sleep is doing um but have conf confidence in
yourself to do those things and then the third thing I want to say I guess these weren’t three words these are just three
issues right um personalize it for you um have confidence in you and then
believe in yourself maybe that’s a little bit redundant but having confidence and then believing um might
be two different things so um I’m wishing you well in your Journeys and we’d love to hear all about them here at
Maxwell Clinic one uh you’ve uh had some discoveries so uh with that I would love
to open up for question and answer um the way you do that there is a question
and answer little thing down at the bottom of your screen and you can type in questions and right now it doesn’t look
like I have any questions in there but certainly I’m going to give some time for you all to put them in there and uh
maybe there aren’t any questions uh so yes I I um hope that um
this has been enlightening and um we certainly always love to hear from you
about other things that you or your family members may have um uncovered and
discovered that can be um helpful for biohacking your
holidays so uh thank you Laura for saying that you love the suggestion to
before the party hey I’ve done that and it’s made a big difference I will
share personal stories that you know um sugar is something that I grew up with a
lot of and realized that in um my family there’s a lot of it and um there was
just way too much of it for my brain and my body to uh wrap my arms around it
during the holidays because I was feeling really awful and so so by eating before I would go to a party or a
gathering with my family I could really have good protein on board and good micronutrients so that then I could
taste things and um taste them for what they were and the love that people put
into them and enjoy them but if it wasn’t something that was going to make
me feel good I could just enjoy it and appreciate it and be thankful and grateful for the person who made
it but I didn’t have to bring it into my body to make
me so um thank you I app appreciate that comment
yes so it is 4:33 and we targeted this uh um live
webinar to be from 4: to 4:30 um oh somebody brought up a great
question and yes I should have I should have I’m going to extend this if you all want to keep listening but should
alcohol be completely avoided really great question um I apologize I should
have spoken to alcohol um so you know alcohol can
um oh goodness bring us together help us to really be able to um relax very often
and so alcohol can be meaningful meaning different things to different people um
some people have had very uncomfortable experiences with that alcohol and um some people not so when look at alcohol
it needs to be processed through your liver and so you’re going to put a little taxation on there and um you know
uh alcohol is a ferment fermentation can bring different
microbes into our body so I’m going to lead that question in the direction of
everything in moderation and then one would say well how do you define moderation and
moderation can be different for different people some people can handle more alcohol than others um I happen to
be one person that doesn’t handle alcohol very well especially certain
kinds of alcohol but then there’s other alcohol that I can so when you’re
working with our dietitian here at Maxwell Clinic you may notice um some patients will have wheat sensitivities
so then you have to think about the alcohol with wheat and that may be affecting you differently than others
some patients have candida or yeast overgrowth and that particular type there are particular types of alcohol
wine specifically I’m thinking of that can really put you in a pickle um if
you’re having that issue so my advice for alcohol would be don’t totally
eliminate it if it’s something that you are thinking about that you want to bring into your holiday I’m grate that
we’re all thinking about it I think that like Mary scal said when we were talking
about things that maybe we might look forward to a little bit at the holidays um those Treasures maybe that
um I know I have it’s actually my hairdresser
um she says that when she goes to her holiday events her father always makes
this orange creamsicle some kind of something or other with alcohol and everybody gets a glass now are you going
to not have a sip of that with everybody at your holiday potential so you know what it’s always going to be your choice
and what we’re here to do at Maxwell Clinic is to help you with those choices sometimes they might be difficult and
sometimes you might say no I’m not going to do that alcohol toast with my family or maybe I’ll have an empty glass or
I’ll fill my glass with seltzer water with some oranges in it you know this is thinking out of the box it’s doing it
because you believe in yourself you have confidence in yourself you’re looking for answers you want to biohack your
health for the holidays so I hope that answers your question I’m very grateful
and I’m Lan Lavin so if there’s anything else that I can help you with certainly let us know and I’m going to wish
everybody a wonderful healthy and happy holiday and um personalize it just for
you bye for

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Luann Lavin, APRN, FNP

Luann Lavin is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has been working in the nursing field for over 30 years. Luann is passionate about systems medicine, hormonal and micronutrient balance, and finding the correct balance of work and home life for all of her patients.