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Participate in Clinical Trials at MaxWell Clinic

Participating in a clinical trial can bring many benefits. As a participant, it can help you access new and innovative treatments. But it also allows you to help advance science and health care for the public good!

Why Choose a Clinical Trial at MaxWell Clinic

Nationwide leader

MaxWell Clinic is a nationwide leader in the provision of services designed to treat autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, and the promotion of healthy longevity. MaxWell Clinic collaborates with over 30 research and clinical labs across the world to investigate causation of illness in a remarkably comprehensive manner.

Safety first

An Institutional Review Board, or IRB, must approve every clinical trial in the United States. The IRB is made up of doctors, scientists, and laypeople dedicated to making sure that the study participants are not exposed to unnecessary risks. Before they can start, all Clinical trials at MaxWell Clinic are IRB-approved.

Informed consent

Participation in clinical research is voluntary. Before you join a clinical trial, a member of our research team will meet with you to review eligibility, risks, benefits and details of care and treatment.

Current Clinical Trials at MaxWell Clinic

Longevity Trial


MaxWell Clinic is a destination medical facility for those individuals that desire to not only want to improve the quality of their days, but maximize that healthy longevity. It is likely that many of the remarkable biologic age-reversing effects of parabiosis are made practical by way of a medical procedure called Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.

A Multi-Omic Investigation of the Effects of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange on the Mechanisms of Aging, Neurodegeneration, Vascular Health, and Immune Function

Let’s crack the code on aging, the number one cause of chronic disease. This is the most advanced study ever conducted into the age-reversal effects of plasma exchange.

Alzheimer’s Trial


Therapeutic Plasma Exchange is a newly recognized therapy for treating Dementia and reversing cognitive decline. This study uses this new treatment possibility to better understand the dynamics of a new diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease.

Impact of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange on RNA Biomarker Expression Levels in Alzheimer’s Patients

The questions we’re asking: Can we develop a reliable blood test to identify both the presence and severity of Alzheimer’s Disease? How does plasma exchange affect the markers of Alzheimer’s disease progression?

Stem Cell Collection via Leukapheresis

The purpose of this clinical trial is to collect stem cells from the blood of healthy younger and older individuals. Those stem cells will be used in future experiments aimed at understanding how aging impacts our immune system. This research could potentially lead to advancements in treating diseases and conditions that involve aging in our immune system.

Multi-tissue Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Immune Systems – The Impacts of Heterochronic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Activity.

You could be the Solution to Aging.
Please donate your Stem Cells to help us create interventions to produce Healthy Longevity.

Dementia Reversal Trial

More than 6 million Americans are impacted by Alzheimer’s, the most common disease with dementia as the primary symptom, and about one-third of people with MCI due to Alzheimer’s disease develop dementia within 5 years of diagnosis.

Evanthea Dementia Reversal Trial

This is a randomized, controlled clinical trial using precision medicine, which is a novel approach involving comprehensive testing along with functional and lifestyle interventions for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment or early-stage dementia.

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