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Ketamine Therapy in Nashville, TN

We want to help you get your life back on track with Ketamine Therapy.

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Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Infusion Therapy offers a groundbreaking and highly effective approach to healing and wellness. Unlike traditional treatments, ketamine infusion therapy has the potential to provide rapid relief from conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

At MaxWell Clinic, we are committed to providing personalized and compassionate care, ensuring that each individual receives the best possible outcomes from this innovative therapy. Discover the power of ketamine infusion therapy and embark on a path towards a brighter and healthier future.

MaxWell patients receive close attention and customized care at every stage of their ketamine treatment plan. Our experienced staff will make sure you know what to expect before your first dose, clarify why each aspect of the process is essential, and help you to best position yourself for the best, lasting results.

benefits of ketamine therapy

Why Choose Ketamine Therapy at MaxWell Clinic?

Unlike many other mental health treatments, ketamine infusion therapy goes beyond simply dulling or covering up symptoms. It acts as a powerful catalyst for rapid healing, freeing your mind to address deeply entrenched emotional and behavioral issues or past trauma. With its transformative effects, ketamine infusion therapy provides a unique opportunity to delve into the root causes of your challenges, allowing for profound personal growth and lasting change. At MaxWell Clinic, our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through this transformative journey, helping you break free from the limitations that have held you back.

Experience ketamine infusion therapy and unlock the remarkable potential for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our journey with you begins with a thorough assessment of your medical history, current condition, and treatment goals. We take a holistic approach to ensure that our Ketamine Infusion Therapy is tailored to your unique needs, providing you with the best possible outcomes.

Expert Medical Team

Rest assured that you’re in the hands of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. Our team of compassionate clinicians and nurses continuously stay at the forefront of advancements in the field. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Private and Tranquil Environment

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into a private room designed to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Our clinic is equipped with soundproof headphones and calming music, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the therapeutic journey.

Evidence-Based Approach

Our Ketamine Infusion Therapy is grounded in scientific research and evidence. We stay updated with the latest studies and advancements in ketamine treatment to ensure you receive the most effective and safe therapy.

Integration Coaching for Lasting Transformation

MaxWell Clinic stands out as one of the few clinics in the southeast that offers integration sessions as an integral part of our ketamine therapy. We understand that the true benefits and lasting rewards of Ketamine treatment extend beyond the infusion experience itself. Integration coaching plays a crucial role in maximizing the insights and healing gained from ketamine and integrating them into your mind and life.

Dedicated Nurse by Your Side

Throughout your Ketamine Infusion session, a dedicated nurse will be present to monitor your vital signs and ensure your safety and comfort. You will never be left alone. Our experienced nurses specialize in ketamine therapy and will provide attentive care throughout the entire process.

how does ketamine infusion therapy work

How Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Work?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a scientifically-backed treatment that works by modulating certain receptors in the brain, leading to profound therapeutic effects. While the idea of undergoing infusion therapy might seem intimidating, we aim to provide a clear understanding of the process and alleviate any concerns you may have.

Precise Dosage and Administration:
During a ketamine infusion session, a carefully calculated dose of ketamine is administered intravenously under the supervision of our experienced medical team. The intravenous route allows for precise control over the dosage and ensures optimal effectiveness. Rest assured that our experts prioritize your safety and well-being throughout the entire process.

Unique Mechanisms of Action
Ketamine acts on the brain’s receptors, including N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors and serotonin receptors. By modulating these receptors, ketamine promotes the release of certain neurotransmitters and fosters new neural connections, leading to remarkable effects on mood, perception, and cognition.

When I started Ketamine at MaxWell Clinic, I was facing overwhelming sadness and grief, having lost my grandson and having experienced other traumatic events. These challenges made me feel emotionally overwhelmed and burdened. Since starting Ketamine treatment, I have noticed a significant change in my life. The deep urge to sob has been dissipating, allowing me to experience moments of joy and contentment that were previously elusive. The Ketamine experience has been transformative for me. I feel a sense of inner peace, love, and connection with others that I had been missing. The resentment and anger I once held onto have been released. Based on my personal experience, I can confidently say that I highly recommend MaxWell Clinic for Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

– L.B., patient of Ketamine Infusion Therapy at MaxWell Clinic

Learn more about Dr. Haase's experience with Ketamine:

Nashville Ketamine Therapy

Let us help you get your life back!

Ketamine Infusion is a cutting-edge treatment option that offers hope to many who haven’t responded to traditional treatment options.

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Your Free ketamine consultation will be with a MaxWell Clinic Clinician. We’ll assess your initial concerns, medical history and assess whether ketamine therapy is a right for you.

Begin your treatment

Once your clinician approves you for ketamine, we’ll get you scheduled for your preparation session as well as your first Ketamine IV. Most patients complete a series of 6 Ketamine IVs and a series of 4 Integration Coaching sessions.

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Why the Cost of Ketamine Treatment is Worth It: Unveiling the Power of Ketamine IV Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a powerful medication that has gained recognition for its exceptional therapeutic properties. Originally developed as an anesthetic, ketamine has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment for a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and PTSD. It works by modulating specific receptors in the brain, leading to profound effects on mood, perception, and cognition. Ketamine stands apart from traditional treatments as it offers rapid and transformative results, often providing relief where other interventions have been unsuccessful.

Is Ketamine addictive?

Ketamine has a low risk of addiction when used under proper medical supervision and administered as part of a controlled treatment plan. Unlike substances that are commonly associated with addiction, such as opioids or stimulants, ketamine works through different mechanisms in the brain and does not produce the same addictive properties. When used therapeutically and in prescribed doses, ketamine is generally safe and well-tolerated. At MaxWell Clinic, we prioritize the responsible and judicious use of ketamine infusion therapy, closely monitoring each individual to ensure their well-being and mitigate any potential risks. Our expert medical team will guide you through the process, addressing any concerns and providing ongoing support to help you achieve optimal results safely.

What is Integration Coaching?

MaxWell Clinic stands out as one of the few clinics in the southeast that offers integration sessions as an integral part of our ketamine therapy. We understand that the true benefits and lasting rewards of ketamine treatment extend beyond the infusion experience itself. Integration coaching plays a crucial role in maximizing the insights and healing gained from ketamine and integrating them into your mind and life.

We recognize that ketamine treatment opens the door to real change, but the true degree of benefit and long-lasting results are achieved through intentional integration. Our integration coaching sessions complement the ketamine infusion therapy, creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to your well-being.

How do you administer the Ketamine at MaxWell Clinic?

At MaxWell Clinic, we distinguish ourselves by administering ketamine through infusion, setting us apart from other methods such as pills or nasal sprays. This approach provides several notable benefits for our patients. By delivering ketamine intravenously, we achieve precise control over dosage and delivery, ensuring optimal effectiveness. The intravenous method allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream, leading to a more rapid and robust response to the treatment. This results in increased bioavailability, facilitating better absorption of the medication. Moreover, the controlled administration enhances the efficacy of the therapy, maximizing its therapeutic effects. Patients can experience more immediate and profound results, tailored to their individual needs and responses. With our commitment to precise dosing and controlled administration, our ketamine infusion therapy provides a superior treatment experience for optimal outcomes.

Is Ketamine right for you?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy has demonstrated promising results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. These include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain conditions, fibromyalgia, migraines and headaches, and bipolar disorder. It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, as ketamine infusion therapy continues to be researched and utilized for various other conditions. You will discuss your conditions or symptoms with a MaxWell Clinic Clinician during your free Ketamine consultation to determine if ketamine is an appropriate course of treatment for you. 

Is Ketamine covered by insurance?

Although we can not submit claims to your insurance company for you, you may still be eligible for insurance reimbursement for the ketamine treatment we provide. We will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Every insurance is different, so we encourage you to contact your insurance directly to discuss your particular benefits.

Can I use my HSA or FSA?

Many of our patients use Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to pay for care at MaxWell Clinic. This allows you to use pre-tax dollars, which can save you money. We encourage you to check with your individual plan for your coverage benefits.

How much does a Ketamine Infusion treatment cost?

While we do not post specific pricing on our website, we want to assure you that we strive to remain competitive with other treatment options in the area. Additionally, what sets us apart is that we include integration coaching as part of our comprehensive approach, offering exceptional value and a more holistic healing experience. To obtain pricing information, we encourage you to reach out to our New Patient Coordinator at 615-370-0091.

What is the minimum age for Ketamine treatment at MaxWell Clinic?

The minimum age for our professional Ketamine treatment is 18.