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Investigative Medicine
Deep Dive Program

Intensive, personalized care directly from
David Haase, MD and his dedicated Deep Dive team.

unsolvable problems

Optimizing health &

care & access

Your health is a cause worth fighting for.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic disease or you have a passion to achieve your maximum health potential, you should never have to hear, “There’s nothing more we can do.” If that’s the type of answer you’ve received in the past, you deserve something different, something deeper.

Our Investigative Medicine Deep Dive Program is designed to offer you the most comprehensive, personalized medical care available anywhere in the country. You’ll work exclusively with Dr. Haase and his Deep Dive team, forming a deep relationship as you work together to achieve your health goals.

No matter how big your challenge or goal, we promise to never give up. We’ll work relentlessly to solve the unsolvable while optimizing your health outcomes.


“Do not underestimate yourself. Over the last 20 years, I have seen healing occur that is both dramatic and pervasive. The capacity of the human to regenerate and optimize is incredible. There is no reason the next great transformation could not be you.”

Founder and Medical Director of MaxWell Clinic

*The Investigative Medicine Deep Dive program is limited to a very small number of patients who desire to form a long-term, in-depth partnership directly with David Haase, MD.

The Deep Dive Program is perfect for you if:

You want to defy your age or diagnosis and create a new version of yourself that’s beyond imagination.

You are experiencing chronic, “unsolvable” issues that other medical professionals haven’t been able to detect, prevent or work with you on.

You want a comprehensive medical team that is constantly working, collaborating, and researching to find the latest resources and systems that will improve your quality of life.

You want to improve your concentration, decrease your anxiety, and boost your memory, all while increasing your ability to function at your highest level possible.

You desire an in-depth proactive search for potential health risks and a clear plan of action to change your future health story.

You want access to comprehensive testing and valuable information that is unavailable at most clinics.

Deeper questions (magnifying glass)

Deeper Questions

Deeper testing (scientific beakers)

Deeper Testing

Deeper understanding (person thinking)

Deeper Understanding

The Deep Dive evaluation is designed to tell us more.

To truly get to the bottom of your health concerns, we need to collect as much unique information about you as possible. By examining your multiple interconnected systems, we can dive deep into knowing you and your uniqueness. We can then use what we learn to devise the safest, most effective treatment plan possible.

All evaluations are customized based on your health history and goals, but initial testing will most likely include:

  • Advanced Neurological Testing

    Measurements of your electrophysiology, structure, biochemistry, and brain performance will provide a remarkably interesting and useful three-dimensional map of your brain and its current state of function as well as insights into any paths for improvement.

  • Systems Biomarker Evaluation

    We evaluate hundreds to thousands of your markers of inflammation, immune tolerance, hormone function, vascular health, neurologic flexibility, toxic burden, biotransformation capacity, nutrient sufficiency, metabolic regulation, and mitochondrial function.

  • Gastrointestinal-Immune Evaluation

    This enables us to make conclusions regarding your gut-brain axis, and gut-immune function to find opportunities for improving your overall health.

  • Vascular Function Evaluation

    Your health can often be predicted by the health of your blood vessels that feed and clean your body. We test the ability of your arteries to adapt to changes in demand, so we can intervene to optimize function.

  • Genome Testing

    As appropriate to your situation we run genomic tests to understand your generational health risks and opportunities for health promotion.

  • Head to Toe Physical Examination

    We examine you to understand the state of your body as a whole. We review the influences of your nutrition, prior injuries, infections, and degeneration on your well-functioning.

In addition to the above testing, we utilize over 30 research laboratories from around the world and seek to find the data necessary to put together your story in a cohesive, functional way.


Founder & Medical Director,
MaxWell Clinic

David Haase, MD, is rather obsessed with finding better ways for humans to maximize wellness. After receiving his medical degree from Vanderbilt University, he trained at the Mayo Clinic and is now double boarded in Family and Integrative Holistic medicine. He speaks and consults internationally on brain health promotion topics, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine, Neurofeedback and Regenerative Plasma Exchange. He serves as Lead Faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine and was one of the first physicians certified. As the founder and Medical Director of MaxWell Clinic, he works relentlessly to help his patients uncover the root cause of their illness and achieve better health.

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Curiosity Heals the Human

If you want to be filled with hope for your health and wellbeing, this book is for you. Dr. Haase’s best-selling book, Curiosity Heals the Human, with evidence-based approaches to achieving optimal health, will give you a fresh, bold, and exciting vision of the endless possibilities of a healthy life.

Purchase Dr. Haase’s book here.

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Regenerating HOPE for Dementia

Could it be that dementia has had no meaningful treatment advances in the last 15 years because we are asking the wrong questions?

Systems Medicine pioneer David Haase, MD integrates science, philosophy, data, and inspiring experiences from his innovative medical practice to reveal new possibilities for creating health, optimizing human performance, and reversing dementia.

Watch Dr. Haase’s TED talk here.

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I was facing the potential progression of a diagnosed disease. I was hopeless and giving up on any improvement. Dr. Haase was the only physician of the many I was seeing that did not look at me and my condition as hopeless. He intently listened and responded differently than others. He helped me see that nutrition and food sensitivities could be a big factor. He is kind and compassionate and opened my eyes to potential options and ways to care for and improve my health. I can now enjoy life better than before. I do not have the extreme pain as before. Now I think much more clearly and have more mobility. I am grateful because I am still alive. Dr. Haase’s advice and insight saved my life.

Karen, patient of David Haase, MD

The Deep Dive Difference

Each Deep Dive program is customized to the individual, our overall strategy is the same. We review and consider your medical history in detail, conduct multi-dimensional testing with the most progressive specialty diagnostic labs available, and address your health goals, challenges, or threats so you can achieve maximum wellness.

Listening & Learning

We don’t stop with your whole body; we look at your entire story. We want real results, so we need to start with as accurate and a complete description of your health state as is possible. Through in-depth interviews and the acquisition of all your medical records, we’re continually looking for clues that might hold the answer to the problem you’re facing. We believe everything is connected, so we seek to know absolutely everything about you and your health history that we possibly can.

Research, Research, Research

You are unique, and upon completion of the initial assessment, we will likely have more data gathered about your health than 99.9% of the population. Using analysis and research, your team uses your health information to take your care to the next level. We will reach out to expert consultants and researchers and do whatever it takes to understand the data given your situation.

Multi-Dimensional Testing & Specialty Labs

We can recognize dysfunction in our well-being by symptoms such as not feeling our best; decreased memory, energy, mood, stamina, or increased pain and fatigue. But we also know that dysfunction exists from laboratory testing. Silent biochemical dysfunction often precedes any type of symptom. It is imperative to regularly check your body’s biochemistry from multiple sources to find early dysfunction and nip it in the bud with the safest potential intervention possible.

Report of Findings

Once the initial data gathering and analysis are complete, your Deep Dive team presents its findings, including new diagnoses, genetic results, and identification of specific opportunities that require treatment. We combine all this information into a personalized plan and then communicate these findings and next step recommendations by either an in-person office visit or video consultation.

Diving Deeper

While the initial round of data always provides answers, it usually raises additional questions that need further investigation, questioning, referrals, or conversation. This is the real magic of the deep dive. We keep going deeper until we find the bedrock of both causation and possibility. This could mean additional focused tests. Those results are then used to improve your plan of care after we review them with you.

Progress Updates

We regularly evaluate your progress towards meeting your goals. We perform additional focused testing to assess your progress and to identify any areas of concern. We integrate as many follow up visits as you need to ensure you are on the path to healing and optimal health.


You are never out of sight, out of mind. We’re continually thinking about you. In addition to your appointments, Dr. Haase and his team devote time every week to research and brainstorm solutions to your health care problems. While we are not a 24-hour concierge practice, our Deep Dive program provides you with direct communication access to your clinical care team should you have any questions, concerns, or needs that arise in between your follow up visits.


As a Deep Dive patient, you’re committed and willing to do whatever it takes to get the answers you’re looking for. You have a deep desire for health and a deep dedication to action. But, a high-level, intensive program such as this also requires a dedication of resources.

Your cost for the Investigative Medicine Deep Dive program is broken down into two payments.

The first payment covers all your visits with Dr. Haase and his team. This includes all communication, coordination of care, unlimited hour-long follow-up visits, and research done on your behalf.

The second payment serves as a retainer that pays for all procedures, products, and tangible services outside of clinical or support staff time. This includes supplements, IV services, testing procedures, lab draw fees, and other care components outside the clinic visits.

Initial Investment


For one year and includes:

  • All follow-up visits with Dr. Haase and your care team (in-person or remote)
  • Unlimited communication between you and your care team
  • Unlimited personalized research
  • Unlimited coordination of care with any specialist or consultants

*Please contact MaxWell Clinic for detailed pricing information.

Additional Retainer

Used for:

  • Supplements
  • IV services
  • Labs, testing, treatments, and procedures
  • Other components of care outside of regular clinic visits

*Please contact MaxWell Clinic for detailed pricing information.


Improve your health, and make a difference in the life of someone else.

Your participation in the Deep Dive program helps move science forward. The insights gained from your unique patient experience are shared by Dr. Haase with physicians around the world so they too can learn new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. You receive the help you need while offering hope to others for better treatments in the future.

You’re a Deep Dive patient first and foremost, but we also see you as a philanthropist. The vast majority of our proceeds from this program help support the research, development, and clinician education necessary to grow the science and practice of Personalized Systems Medicine.

Together we can accomplish our guiding mission of “more humans, more well.”

Believe you can be better.

If you want to be vibrant, productive, comfortable, and at peace, don’t sell your body and brain short. It would be an honor to assist you in your quest to become the fullest version of yourself.

Book your initial Deep Dive Consultation

Contact our clinic to schedule your hour-long comprehensive assessment with Dr. Haase and his Deep Dive team.

Start your investigative testing and lab work

Undergo tests and treatments recommended for you are based on Dr. Haase’s in-depth understanding of your unique health situation.

Optimize your health & wellbeing

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing you are doing absolutely everything possible to maximize your health.

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