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Therapies and Services

Clinical trials

Participating in a clinical trial can bring many benefits. As a participant, it can help you access new and innovative treatments. But it also allows you to help advance science and health care for the public good!

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MaxWell Care Program

To radically improve your health, you need more than an ordinary doctor’s office. MaxWell Care is a 3 or 12-month comprehensive care program that surrounds you with a full team of compassionate healthcare professionals. We’ll use advanced testing, natural interventions, and cutting-edge therapies to help you feel better.

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Deep Dive Investigative Medicine Program

Your health is a cause worth fighting for. Whether you’re suffering from chronic disease or you have a passion to achieve your maximum health potential, you should never have to hear, “There’s nothing more we can do.” If that’s the type of answer you’ve received in the past, you deserve something different, something deeper.

Our Investigative Medicine Deep Dive Program is designed to offer you the most comprehensive, personalized medical care available anywhere in the country. You’ll work exclusively with Dr. Haase and his Deep Dive team, forming a deep relationship as you work together to achieve your health goals.

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Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

As we get older, our blood becomes polluted with rusty proteins, sticky molecules, and signals of decay that can cause our brain function to deteriorate.Through Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, we optimize your cellular habitat and your regenerative factors, boosting your body’s ability to fight degeneration. This innovative therapy has the potential to considerably slow down the rate of brain and body degeneration.

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IV Therapies

Getting the nutrients we require is much more complicated than just putting them in our mouths and swallowing. Malabsorption in the gut can lead to much of the nutrients we swallow never reaching our cells. IV nutritional therapy allows us to send vital nutrients directly into your bloodstream, where they can nourish your cells directly, giving you the vital chemicals your body needs to perform basic functions.

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Is your brain functioning as well as it could be? Many people suffer from mental challenges – like depression, anxiety, and lack of focus – believing they are “normal”. In reality, these problems may be treatable through Neurofeedback. Think of Neurofeedback as taking your brain to the gym, and the MaxWell Clinic staff as your elite personal trainers. You tell our clinicians what results you want, and we help you get there. Discover how much better your brain can be with Neurofeedback at MaxWell Clinic.

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Metabolic Detoxification

Toxicity is one of the fundamental underlying stressors that damage the body over a lifetime. The word “detoxification” is commonly misused by healthcare marketers to sell fruity drinks, but true bodily toxicity is not something to be taken lightly. Different kinds of toxins require completely different methods of cleansing. Our team of experts will run tests to figure out exactly what needs to be removed, and select the correct process to remove it, so that you can enjoy life in a body free from excessive toxins.

Functional Medicine Advanced Testing

Modern medicine has made huge progress in treating diagnosable diseases. But what if no diagnosis can be made? Or perhaps a diagnosis is incomplete or incorrect. Enormous amounts of time, energy, and money are flushed down the drain when highly trained – and highly paid – specialists use their extreme competence to solve the wrong problems. We help to keep this from happening with advanced testing and open minded evaluation by doctors who are trained to see the human body as a complex, interrelated whole. That way, when specialists are needed, we’ll know which ones are right for the job.

Brain Health Evaluations

Any dysfunction in your brain can affect your every aspect of your life. The brain is not only at the center of your nervous system, guiding and administrating the body’s many processes; it’s also the cradle in which your entire experience sits. It’s hard to tell on your own how healthy your brain is for the same reason it’s hard for a pilot to see the outside of her airplane. That’s why we use measurable standards to evaluate your brain through tests and equipment and find how your brain can best be healed or improved.

Bio-Physical Interventions

Often, we think of a treatment as a chemical intervention. Drugs, supplements, dietary adjustments, and even exercise are effective because of the chemicals involved. But we can also use instruments that rely upon the laws of physics to treat a variety of problems ranging from circulatory issues to mental trauma. Several of these can be found at the clinic, including the BEMER™, Ondamed, and Vielight Brain Bioenergetics.

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