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Do Allergy Drops have any Research Behind Them?

This is a list of the research regarding the use of sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops). Occasionally when our patients ask other 'knowledgeable' individuals about allergy drop therapy they get the response, "That is still experimental and unproven." When someone makes…

Common allergens, including various nuts, fish, eggs, milk, strawberries, tomatoes, and lemons

The Steps of Proactive Allergy Care

Allergy is a true dysfunction of the immune system. It is a dysfunction, because the symptoms of allergy (regardless if they are centered in the head, nose, eyes, gut, lungs, skin, or elsewhere) are caused by the inappropriate function of…

“Everyone” Benefits from Allergy Drop Therapy

Although most people who suffer from allergies and related illnesses can benefit from allergy drops, many people aren't aware it's an option, and don't recognize how DRAINING allergies are on our society as a whole. For those whose allergies interfere…

“No Shot” Allergy Treatment

Welcome to a new era in treating allergies! This and the following pages will provide you insight into a new way to treat the causes of allergies, not just the symptoms. Allergy Shots Allergy Drops Method of Administration Shot in…

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Allergy Drops not Popular with Allergists?

SLIT (Sub-Lingual Immuno-Therapy) is essentially allergy shots administered as custom-formulated drops under the tongue at home, not in an allergist's practice. * They are cheaper than allergy shots. * They are safer than allergy shots. * They are very useful for treating molds - this is tough with allergy shots. * They are VERY useful for treating food allergies - again, tough with allergy shots. * Allergy drops can be administered at home, not taking time out of one's busy schedule to go to the doctor's office and sit there for 20 minutes after the shot is given.