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The war has calmed, but the fallout remains: The Dilemma of Long COVID

Understanding the Dilemma of Long COVID: Symptoms, Impacts, & Treatment Options

As we all know, the world has been through a tough battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the war has calmed, the aftermath remains, and one of the persistent challenges we face is the issue of Long COVID. It’s our mission to bring hope and support to those who have been affected, which is why we’re inviting you to watch our webinar: “The war has calmed, but the fallout remains: The Dilemma of Long COVID.”

6 Strategies for Managing Stress Around COVID-19

Staying informed about current events can help us act in a more informed way. But in the case of frightening subject matter (like COVID-19), keeping up to date is a double edged sword. Stories of outbreaks, infections, hospitalizations, and deaths can take a toll on your piece of mind.

Cold & Flu Season

Nobody likes getting sick or feeling under the weather. Today’s viral and bacterial infections are increasingly complex and threatening. Live healthier and take a PROACTIVE approach to warding off colds and flu.

Cold and Flu Etiquette

If you are sick with a cold flu-like illness, it is important to think about not putting others at risk. TRUST me when I say that no matter how much people enjoy being around you, they absolutely do not want your sickly germs.

Stay Well During the “Sick Season”

Tis the season for holidays, family gatherings, celebrations, colder weather, and also increased sick “icks”. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), flu activity can happen year-round. What we call the flu “season” can run between October through May with peak incidents from December through February.

Colds and Flu- What Are They?

We hear it all the time - I have a “cold” or I don’t want to get the “flu.” What are these conditions and how can you recognize them in yourself or your family? Colds and Flu are caused by viruses that infect your airways.