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Words the IOM will regret…

Ok, I am putting a line in the sand... I predict the Institute of Medicine and the authors of the recent paper on Vitamin D will indirectly be responsible for excess deaths and increased end stage disease as a result of people following their recommendations.

Oily Discharge and Liver Failure

OK,  remember the commercials for Orlistat?  You know the ones.. the great weight loss drug that after a bunch of images of thin people dancing around with shining post-Viagra smiles plastered on their face THEN had to enumerate the side-effects…

Pill for profits – PPI’s and Heartburn

A Proton-Pump Inhibitor (PPI) , or "purple pill" or specifically in this case esomeprazole (Nexium) when given to HEALTHY people without any heartburn whatsoever for an 8 week period caused often severe heartburn, dyspepsia, and GERD symptom in 44% of these people when the medication was stopped!