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Dr. David Haase's Live Class On

How to Create Health

For over 20 years, from Vanderbilt to Mayo to MaxWell Clinic, Dr. David Haase has been passionately pursuing the question "How Do We Create Health?" When going on a trip you are wise to have an accurate MAP and your health journey is no different! This webinar will help you learn how to discern what is likely to work from what is likely to harm and better self-direct your health.

Feeding MaxWell – Meals to Improve Mental Health

Most Americans are in the habit of consuming fried food, prepackaged meals, and sugary beverages. Unfortunately, these foods are highly processed, pro-inflammatory, and put you at a higher risk for developing mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.
Positive Test For Lead

How Much Lead is Detrimental to Health?

In the world of medicine we believe that we should never do anything to a patient without informed consent – this means the patient is aware, educated, and able to comprehend the potential benefits and risks of the intervention, whatever that may be. This is my attempt to help the process of informed consent regarding our community bringing another lead-releasing industry into our area.

How to Repay Your Sleep Debt

THE BAD NEWS: “If healthy young men are restricted to 4 hours of sleep for 6 nights instead of their usual 8, they build up 24 hours of ‘Sleep Debt’. With this buildup in ‘Sleep Debt’, their metabolism becomes prematurely…

Common Disrupters of Sleep

  “Many of us live lives characterized by light pollution. We rarely experience sunrise and sunset, and are inside under artificial lighting during most of our days. Much of the light exposure we do get is poorly timed. We might…

Our Debt to Sleep: How Sleep Affects Weight

  “Some experts believe that sleep might have originally been a mechanism to conserve energy. If we fail to get enough sleep to meet our energy conservation requirements, our body moves to the next best choice for energy conservation –…

Our Debt to Sleep: The Problem

“Half of us mismanage our sleep to the point it negatively affects our health and safety. On average, each of us sleeps one and a half fewer hours each night than our great-grandparents did a century ago.” - William Dement,…