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High Blood Pressure: Causes, Effects, and How Reducing Yours Can Prolong Your Life

High Blood Pressure: Causes, Effects, and How Reducing Yours Can Prolong Your Life

There’s no better time than the holiday season to talk about blood pressure. While the season is a time of connection, warmth, and joy, most of us would agree that it’s also the most stressful time of the year. Extra activities, long to-do lists and family gatherings can increase your stress – right along with your blood pressure. 

Blood pressure is called a vital sign for a reason – it’s a critical measure of the health of your vascular system. Unfortunately, few of us realize how vital blood pressure is to our overall health and longevity. 

Recent estimates show that a whopping 46% of people have high blood pressure. And high blood pressure is known as the silent killer – you won’t feel sick or have symptoms alerting you that there’s a problem. Instead, high blood pressure will silently increase your risk of heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and organ dysfunction.

The great news is that high blood pressure is often completely reversible. But it’s crucial that you pay attention and address it early to avoid bigger problems in the future. We only get one vascular system and it’s vital to our resiliency and longevity.

Watch the video to learn more reducing your blood pressure:

  • Learn what causes high blood pressure, as well as the detrimental effects it has on your vascular system and overall health
  • Learn what lifestyle changes are most important to lower your blood pressure
  • Find out when it’s time to go on medication
  • Discover how to use at-home tools to monitor your blood pressure 

Don’t let the stress of the holiday season send your blood pressure soaring. Find out what you can do to reduce that number and improve your health and longevity in the process.

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Dr. David Haase

Dr. Haase is the Founder and CEO of MaxWell Clinic- a Collaborative-Care, Functional Medicine Clinic. He is committed to finding and addressing the underlying causes of illness in his patients.