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Neurofeedback: Helping Those with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression David Ferriss, M.D.

Neurofeedback: Helping Those with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression

Did you know that you have as many brain cells as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy? And that all of these cells form a vast network of connections? 

It’s really amazing to think about. But what’s even more amazing is that your brain has the ability to form new connections. In essence, this means that your brain can re-learn how it works. 

Neurofeedback is a powerful therapy that harnesses this amazing ability of your brain to learn new, more efficient ways of functioning. 

It is an extremely safe therapy that has research-proven benefits for people with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Neurofeedback works by training the brain to convert unhealthy electrical patterns into healthy electrical patterns – without drugs and without stimulating the brain with an electrical current.

Maxwell Clinic has been offering neurofeedback therapy since 2008 and has had years of successful experience with a large number of patients.

Watch the video to learn more about this powerful therapy:

  • Discover what neurofeedback is and how it works to change your brain
  • Learn what conditions and symptoms can improve with neurofeedback
  • Find out if neurofeedback might be right for you

Your brain has an amazing capacity for change. It’s time to harness this power and start feeling like yourself again.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can become a patient at MaxWell Clinic and start your healing journey today.

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David M. Ferriss, Jr., MD, MPH

David Ferriss, MD is a board-certified preventive medicine physician with a special interest in the role of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention and reversal of chronic disease.