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Letting Go – Decluttering Your Space and Your Mind

Hey Everyone. Welcome to April. If you have been following along with our Habits of Health series, then you know that each month we are encouraging you to take another step in the direction towards health. So far we have talked about getting clear and defining what the word “health” mean to you. Now we are going to start thinking about the specific habits that would help support what you are wanting to create.

Each month we will offer a suggestion of a habit that supports health. It is great to know where you want to be, and the next step in getting there is taking action. Remember these will just be suggestions. After all, it is your life and your path, so feel free to create a monthly habit that you want to highlight. Get creative with it.

For April, we have chosen to encourage you to tackle the clutter in your lives. I wrote how clutter can contribute to stress, overwhelm, and depletion. For more on that you can read about it here.

So what do you do about the clutter in your life? How is it making you feel? Does it bother you? Does it make you feel like you cannot take a breath? Maybe you are not even aware of how constricted it makes you feel. We want to encourage you to de-clutter in an attempt to free your space, your spirit, and your mind.

Decluttering is a BIG word. It is loaded and charged and can often seem like such an overwhelming project. When viewed as a daunting task, it leaves people not knowing where to start or how to take action.

The big secret is that there are no rules. We invite you to try to make the space around you lighter. Pick a corner of your home – a desk drawer, the fridge, or even the depths of your hand bag!! Just pick a spot and start there.

Cleaning is the not the same as decluttering. The idea is to free up space by letting go and getting rid of things you no longer need – things that are simply taking up space and making your life more complicated.

Then, as you put that area back together with items that no longer need to be there, step back. Does it feel different? Does it feel lighter? You might find there is more releasing to do. If so, dive back in.

It doesn’t matter how much of your home you tackle this month. We simply challenge you to start. Start somewhere. Lighten your load and notice how it makes you feel.

Be aware that excuses will arise. A common one is, “I don’t have time.” I encourage you to set a timer for as little as 5 minutes and do what you can. It can be as simple as cleaning out your wallet. Once you start it will become easier and easier. If fear is coming up, “What if I need that?” or you notice that you do not want to let go. That is ok. Notice it. Does it need deeper exploration or do you really want to keep it.

To review – here are the simple steps for cultivating the habit of decluttering.

  1. Pick an area – Start somewhere.
  2. Take inventory – What do you no longer need?
  3. Decide – Toss it. Give it. Keep it. Does it truly give you joy?
  4. Step back – Observe the new space.
  5. Notice – How does it feel now?
  6. Repeat!

Warning – this can get addictive and you might find that you want to keep going. Pay attention to what you notice. Let us know what happens for you.

Emily Spring, PA-C

Emily Spring is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant at MaxWell Clinic. She is passionate about finding the root cause of symptoms and using therapies that maximize the body’s innate ability to heal.