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Declutter Your Home and Your Mind

Spring is here…or at least it is coming!! I love spring for many reasons. One of them is that it offers a chance to hit the reset button with proverbial “Spring Cleaning.” I am not an everyday kind of cleaner, but I like spring cleaning because it is a chance to clear the clutter.

Clutter does many things to our brains and beings –

  • Clutter delivers excessive stimuli causing our brains to work overload. Therefore, clutter can distract our attention and take us out of the present moment. So for those of you with roaming monkey-mind, it can make focusing a harder task.
  • Mess does create stress and can make it harder for us to relax. In the chaos of our world, we need our homes to be our sanctuary. A place where we can breathe and shake off the day.
  • Clutter does not allow you to “clock out.” It is a constant reminder that your work isn’t done, that you are behind, and that there isn’t enough time. All of these messages create panic in our psyche and can contribute to distressing emotions like being overwhelmed and having anxiety.
  • Guilt, is another emotion that clutter can trigger for some people – “I should be more organized.” Napping – “Who has time for napping when there is all this stuff to do.” It can get in the way of taking self care.
  • Clutter can also trigger resentment and anger when your partner does decide to take a break on the job, when clutter is saying to you that there is no time for breaks.
  • Clutter can also inhibit creativity and productivity – leaving us disconnected, frustrated, and depleted.

What is taking up space in your home? What do you no longer have a need for? What would it feel like to have more space and freedom in your living environment?

This year, we encourage you to part ways with the things that are merely taking up space in your life and robbing your joy. Run the experiment. Let us know what happens.

Emily Spring, PA-C

Emily Spring is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant at MaxWell Clinic. She is passionate about finding the root cause of symptoms and using therapies that maximize the body’s innate ability to heal.