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Why Anti-Supplement Blogging Makes Great Click-Bait

Sensationalized articles about the dangers of supplements are a growing trend on the internet. Find out why nutritional supplements receive so much negative press compared to their more intrusive pharmaceutical alternatives, and learn about how we are thriving despite this.
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Words the IOM will regret…

Ok, I am putting a line in the sand... I predict the Institute of Medicine and the authors of the recent paper on Vitamin D will indirectly be responsible for excess deaths and increased end stage disease as a result of people following their recommendations.

Oily Discharge and Liver Failure

OK,  remember the commercials for Orlistat?  You know the ones.. the great weight loss drug that after a bunch of images of thin people dancing around with shining post-Viagra smiles plastered on their face THEN had to enumerate the side-effects…

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Allergy Drops not Popular with Allergists?

SLIT (Sub-Lingual Immuno-Therapy) is essentially allergy shots administered as custom-formulated drops under the tongue at home, not in an allergist's practice. * They are cheaper than allergy shots. * They are safer than allergy shots. * They are very useful for treating molds - this is tough with allergy shots. * They are VERY useful for treating food allergies - again, tough with allergy shots. * Allergy drops can be administered at home, not taking time out of one's busy schedule to go to the doctor's office and sit there for 20 minutes after the shot is given.

Pill for profits – PPI’s and Heartburn

A Proton-Pump Inhibitor (PPI) , or "purple pill" or specifically in this case esomeprazole (Nexium) when given to HEALTHY people without any heartburn whatsoever for an 8 week period caused often severe heartburn, dyspepsia, and GERD symptom in 44% of these people when the medication was stopped!