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What Does “Health” Mean to YOU?

Hey everyone. We are starting our Habits of Health series off with clarity. Our next Habit of Health (HOH) is for you to get clear on what “health” means to you.

As I mentioned before, in order to know what we can do to create our health, we need to know what does that word even mean to us. It is important to define where we are wanting to go.

We encourage you to grab a pen and paper and start writing.

  • What comes to you when you hear this question?
  • Where are you wanting to go?
  • What are you shooting for?

So often we strive and force to reach and be someone else’s definition of health. We give you permission to take a pause, release healthy drives that might not apply to you, and really cultivate what YOU are wanting.

Don’t hold back.

Go for it.

If you were living your best life how would that feel?

Write all of this down.

Get a clear vision of what you are wanting.

Be aware that as you are going for it, the critics will appear. The little voices will emerge saying “You can’t do that,” “You don’t deserve that,” “HaHa…are you kidding me. That will never happen for you.”

This time – don’t let those voices stop you. Keep going for it.

If the sky was the limit, what would you dream for when it comes to your health?

Get clear.

See yourself feeling that way. Feel how it feels to be as healthy as you desire.

Connect with that. Relish in that.

Start here. Start knowing what you are wanting and how it feels to have it.

Emily Spring, PA-C

Emily Spring is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant at MaxWell Clinic. She is passionate about finding the root cause of symptoms and using therapies that maximize the body’s innate ability to heal.