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Fat Loss 101

Fat Loss 101

Fat loss is possible at any age!

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to good health. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for nearly every chronic disease – including cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. 

But even though Americans spend roughly $33 billion on weight loss products each year, we don’t seem to be getting any thinner – or healthier. 

So what’s the solution? 

Maybe the answer isn’t in a “product”. 

MaxWell Clinic’s registered dietitian, Alisson Molinares, has helped many of our patients achieve their fat loss goals. She knows how frustrating it is to work so hard without getting the results you want. 


Watch the video and: 

  • Learn the different ways to achieve fat loss
  • Uncover safe, sustainable strategies you can implement now to support fat loss
  • Discover 6 things preventing you from losing fat that have nothing to do with food

If you’ve been frustrated with your weight and searching for safe, common-sense solutions, this video is for you. 

Did you know appointments with a dietitian are included in your MaxWell Care program at no additional charge? Our unique model of care surrounds you with a full team of compassionate health care professionals.We’re committed to finding and addressing the root causes of your illness so you can achieve MAXimum WELLness.

If you’re in the Nashville area and want to become a patient at MaxWell Clinic, we’d love to talk to you! Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can start your healing journey today.

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Alisson Kothera, RD

Alisson Molinares, RD is a registered dietitian who loves working one on one with her patients to help them tailor a nutritious food plan.