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The Healthcare You Didn't Know You Needed with Lindsay Jost, APRN, FNP-C, and David Haase, MD

The Healthcare You Didn’t Know You Needed

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can become a patient at MaxWell Clinic and start your healing journey today.

You deserve to feel good.

It’s a bold statement. It might even be a hope you gave up on long ago.

Pain, fatigue, depression, blood sugar issues, heart disease – they all seem to be the norm these days. With a staggering 60% of American adults now living with at least one chronic illness, the odds are high that you or someone you love are in this camp.

But you don’t need to accept these conditions as inevitable consequences of aging. We believe your body has an “inner intelligence” that allows it to heal – IF it’s supported well.

MaxWell Clinic provides services and therapies not available under one roof anywhere else in the world. For decades, we’ve been helping people just like you identify the root cause of their illness and live fuller, healthier lives.

Watch the video for this open conversation about how MaxWell Clinic can help you renew your health:

  • Find out how we work to get to the root causes of your health problems
  • Leverage the principles of tensegrity to enhance your overall well-being by understanding your body
  • Learn about the variety of revolutionary therapies we offer in our clinic
  • Discover how we approach patient care and what makes us wildly different than other clinics you’ve been to

You deserve to feel good – and we’re here to help you get there. Join us to find out how we do it.

Unlocking the Path to Holistic Healing: A Glimpse into MaxWell Clinic’s Approach

The world of healthcare is vast and often filled with complexities. Patients face the challenge of navigating through a myriad of treatment options, each claiming to hold the key to a healthier life. In the quest for true well-being, some individuals find solace in unconventional therapies and clinics that prioritize a holistic approach. One such beacon of comprehensive healthcare is MaxWell Clinic, where the philosophy is centered on understanding and addressing the root causes rather than merely treating symptoms.

A Shift in Perspective: Stress as a Healing Mechanism

In a recent online discussion, Dr. Haase, the founder of Maxwell Clinic, shed light on the clinic’s distinctive approach to healing. A central theme that emerged from the conversation was the emphasis on stress as a catalyst for healing. Dr. Haase explained that certain therapies, like IV ozone, leverage the body’s response to stressors to induce healing. This unconventional perspective underscores the clinic’s commitment to exploring innovative paths for wellness.

The Multifaceted Toolbox: Beyond Conventional Treatments

MaxWell Clinic boasts a vast array of therapies and services, all conveniently housed under one roof. From therapeutic plasma exchange to neurofeedback, and from IV ozone to regenerative orthopedics, the clinic offers a comprehensive suite of treatments. This holistic approach is further augmented by the MaxWell Care program, providing patients with a dedicated clinician, nutritional support, and a range of services tailored to individual needs.

The Human Element: Nurturing the Healer Within

What sets MaxWell Clinic apart is not just the variety of treatments but the profound connection established between clinicians and patients. Dr. Haase spoke passionately about the clinic’s commitment to creating a healing and welcoming space where vulnerability is honored. The term “healer” is not reserved for the clinicians alone; it extends to every individual involved in the healthcare journey, fostering a sense of shared purpose and community.

A Patient-Centric Approach: Beyond Diagnoses to Uncover Underlying Factors

One intriguing aspect of Maxwell Clinic’s philosophy is their reluctance to focus solely on diagnoses. Dr. Haase challenged the traditional notion of pinpointing a single label for a condition. Instead, the clinic delves into understanding the manifestations and the underlying factors contributing to a patient’s health challenges. This nuanced perspective allows for a more accurate and comprehensive approach to treatment.

Building Bridges: Collaborative Healthcare Ecosystem

Collaboration is at the core of MaxWell Clinic’s ethos. The clinic actively collaborates with other specialists and healthcare providers, ensuring that patients receive the most beneficial and coordinated care. The idea is to serve as a quarterback, guiding patients through the complexities of the healthcare landscape and fostering a collaborative environment rather than working in isolated silos.

A Message of Hope: Your Body Is Designed to Heal

As the discussion unfolded, a recurring theme emerged – hope. Dr. Haase passionately conveyed the message that the human body is inherently designed to heal. The clinicians at MaxWell Clinic, armed with their diverse toolkit and collaborative spirit, stand as allies in each patient’s journey towards well-being. Beyond the treatments, the clinic encourages individuals to be curious, try new approaches, and above all, hold onto hope.

Testimonials Speak Louder Than Words

The heartfelt testimonials from patients further illuminate the impact of MaxWell Clinic on individual lives. One patient, a faithful member for 19 years, expressed gratitude for finding a medical practice that seeks to understand the root causes of health issues. The connection between the clinic and its patients goes beyond medical treatment; it is a bond built on trust, understanding, and a shared commitment to achieving optimal health.

Looking Forward: A Future of Possibilities

In closing, Dr. Haase and his team extended an invitation to those seeking a transformative healthcare experience. MaxWell Clinic continues to evolve, with ongoing research studies and a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative therapies. The message is clear: if you are on a quest for true well-being, MaxWell Clinic welcomes you to explore the possibilities and discover a path to holistic healing.


MaxWell Clinic’s distinctive approach to healthcare paints a picture of a future where holistic healing is not just a concept but a lived reality. Beyond the conventional paradigms of diagnosis and treatment, the clinic thrives on collaboration, understanding, and a profound belief in the body’s innate ability to heal. As patients continue to share their stories of transformation, MaxWell Clinic stands as a beacon of hope in the vast landscape of healthcare, inviting individuals to embark on a journey towards holistic well-being.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can become a patient at MaxWell Clinic and start your healing journey today.

hi everybody welcome to another exciting
webinar offering from all of us at the Maxwell clinic this evening you have myself Lindsey Joseph practitioner and
Dr David Haase leader founder um genius extraordinaire on all things
Maxwell and how to better your health we are here tonight to have an exciting
conversation about why we are the health care that you didn’t know you needed because we are
that was a great title that you thought of it was really really great because
um it’s very important in health care for you to be selfish
um for you know it’s Health Care in its Essence should be selfish
self-care is the point you know your individual thriving and so we’ll be
taking questions at the end so if you have questions make sure you put them in um you know this time is for you
um we we get the joy of talking about these things on a daily basis with individual patients and we get to tell
part of our story but we’d like to say a little bit more tonight and but we want to do it with the idea of what’s in it
for you you know how can you become a greater agent in your own health and
your own health and well-being and uh we’ll go from there I think resource utilization is really important and your
time is your most valuable asset and we respect that greatly so thank you for
tuning in tonight um tomorrow uh in the future whenever that happens to occur and I think we’re
going to Dive Right on into who we are why we’re here what we value what we love to do
would you like to start with your sure absolutely so you know Maxwell was uh really thought of as you know how can we
create an environment that enables the body to do what it does best which is create health and to be really curious
about what are the things that are holding you back from thriving and how can we find what those are and then how
can we provide the resources necessary to do interventions to help get you back
on a path that is actually helpful and um Lindsay you know the as we think
about uh Maxwell I’d love to hear how you kind of came to Maxwell you have an interesting story people
have heard how I’ve just always been here I’m like I’m like a relic so
he’s he’s you’re the OG and the OG well I do think I I will say I do think
it is interesting to hear how Maxwell came to be and that is really your origin story as well so well I I
wouldn’t I wouldn’t cheat the crowd with now all right fine I’m not saying that well it came out of
um a whole bunch of factors but the big aha for me was when I was in Mayo Clinic in my residency I was in the hallway and
it just hit me all of a sudden that I you listen when I went to medical school for when I went to Vanderbilt to medical
school and I you know you know I did was interested in research for everything I was doing I was actually trying to
figure out how do we create health and what I was being taught is how do we diagnose and treat disease
and and it’s super important to make a great diagnosis and then treat appropriately that is a very important
part of health care but there’s also this really cool mystery that happens that I was surprised by seeing in that
you know when a patient goes into surgery and surgeons know this best it’s really funny surgeons really get
functional Integrative Medicine quite well because surgeons are there to like
you know cut out something that is unhealthy but they also know that it’s
the body that does the healing the body is what knits all that back together again the body is what overcomes the
cancer from an immune standpoint the body is what does the work and I’m really fascinated with how do we take
all this data and all the science about how the body heals and apply what we
know to helping people create health and Maxwell Clinic is our laboratory for
figuring that out one patient at a time because every person is an experiment of
one now if you think oh that sounds weird like wait you’re experimenting on me no you are experimenting on you all
day every day okay well the everyday because nobody like you ever nobody like
you ever came on the Facebook plan nobody’s had the genetics and the exposures and all these other things you
are what we call an N of one and a study of one participant and you are running
this giant uncontrolled experiment we call life and so uh I wanted to have a
center that would help people uh Embrace their individuality to go
after what they specifically wanted in their life and to think about how do we do that in the safest most direct way
possible um to enable their miraculous body’s ability to heal and and I can’t say it
enough is if just take a little time right now just take a little time and think about
how many things you have healed from how many challenges you have overcome in Body Mind Spirit psychology I mean we
are we are miraculous creatures uh and it’s fun to see how we can do that
better uh at higher levels so that’s what how Maxwell Clinic started I needed
a place to practice I never wanted to have a medical practice but I needed to have one
well I think you really brought up something that makes us so incredibly unique and that is the personalized and
individual style of medicine that we do we really value each person’s unique
story history what they’re looking for their life goals their aspiration their family of origin their chosen family you
know their entire life picture and then we have this gift of discernment to help
them move forward with how to best utilize their precious resources one of
that being time effort and energy you know my personal Maxwell story is a really fun one so when I was young I was
going to be a doctor I knew that from the time I was in single digits on it was it was going to happen no question
born a Healer in my mind and my family had some autoimmune challenges and so it was I was really
focused on Dermatology this is what I’m going to do and then you know six-year medical school this is where I’m gonna go this is how I’m gonna practice I’m
anybody who knows me well knows I like to check a box and get something done and achieve it if I put my mind to it
and I was gonna do it and so the the greatest gift happened um after I went to college and that was
I was waitlisted for medical school the first year so I thought to myself okay well then
I’m gonna bolster my resume because I’m going to this one school I did not apply to very many others it was this you know
very focused and so I started working in the hospital and what I noticed because I was a
nurse’s aide at the time and I fell in love with bedside care fell in love with
being a nurse I thought to myself if I could be a part of some of the most intimate and transformative moments and
vulnerable in vulnerable um moments when humans feel ashamed and
scared and I just could deeply connect with people and care for them and make them feel safe and warm and comfortable
and cared for I want to do that for the rest of my life so it caused me to
change trajectories and go down the nursing path and I have done so with with gusto did some travel nursing and I
was I was in the inpatient scene and looking at how health care was done and
was really uncomfortable by the system at which people were put into the room
numbers that we started to refer to patients as the chart number that they
became the diagnosis that was oh yeah that guy in room four with this condition and we really lost sight of
the individual human and what their passions were and what they were uniquely contributing to the world and
what their soul was seeking to Express and how they felt loved and cared for and it became and then I was watching
the diets at the hospitals that we were giving people um which is laughable
it’s your diet uh the sugar the you know and and it just didn’t feel congruent
with what I thought was possible and so um I got to find Maxwell very serendipitously and found my home here
and um wouldn’t wouldn’t have patient care in any other way I deeply value what we
get to do every day it’s very special and it’s early it’s um I think the collaborative approach is also something
we Embrace I I mean I I have a huge respect for nursing my college roommate
forever Dan if you’re watching love you uh um uh what was the only male in a class
of 51 nurses and uh so I got to be an honorary nurse going through nursing his nursing school and um and he would he
would in he was amazing to kind of get to see nursing through those eyes he
would call me up like every other week or so I was in medical school and he would say hey I just want to know are
you an yet and he said I just want to know when it happens because you weren’t one when we
left college but I just I it it happens and so um this this uh you know this everybody
doing what they are uniquely uh drawn towards doing Lindsay you it’s so
interesting we have a group of many different clinicians here and they have different areas of focus
um some are really focused towards autoimmune disease other towards neurologic disease some towards
neurodegenerative disease which performance performance enhancement
um hormones we have a musculoskeletal regenerative medicine doctor you know
former Olympic Athlete Dr Stoll you know there’s so many unique components an
amazing nutritionist a spiritual psychotherapist ketamine psychotherapist we we have a family of uniqueness here
and I think that’s what’s important because the thing that bothers me about Health Care you think about what you
don’t know you need is that oftentimes your own bias the way you see the world
what you know about health care like I know hey I know I should exercise I know
I should eat better yes all those are true but do you know what effect a
chronic infection with mycoplasma pneumonia could do to your elevated
levels of inflammatory markers which cause a feed forward
worsening of inflammatory and autoimmune disease you know there’s there’s a whole
bunch you don’t know what you don’t know and and that’s why you engage Specialists to say hey dig into this for
me and we’re really proud of the breadth of viewpoints that we take here we start
by listening because you know your body best right you know your life experience
best and then um the point is to say huh uh when were you last really well and start to dig
into it from a first principle standpoint well we’re talking about collaborations and all of the
different viewpoints we have here we can’t and shout out to the backbone of our Clinic which is all of our amazing
clinical support and administrative staff as well every we’d like to talk about everybody who works here being a
Healer and we get to see that happen every day from the the first person that
greets you when you walk through our doors to the last person that you talk to as you’re checking out it’s just a
this is an incredibly transformative and healing space just unto itself so what I’d like to do is come back a little bit
to why we value what we value we’ve mentioned it a little bit but there are some first principles that we we kind of
stand upon if you’d like to go into those well yeah so I think one of the most important principles for me is that
this miraculous intelligence which made the body is what heals the body right it
goes back to this idea of hell and and that’s a principle that we can kind of
anchor around and and recognize that oh that’s true so how can we utilize that
another principle I love the laws of thermodynamics I mean talk about I know
Nerf nerd nerd nerd right so the first law is energy cannot be created nor destroyed you know the second law is
really that you know if you in in a in a standard system that things are going to
increase in entropy and that at uh and the third law is that at zero Kelvin
um uh there is no energy in a system and now I don’t know that sounds kind of kooky but what is entropy it the laws of
thermodynamics are all about how things burn and and if I can summarize the decline
of Health in one term it’s how fast are we burning how much inflammation is
there how much oxidation is there we know time comes along and and in causes
erosion and friction and and heat and pressure so
um one of the first principles we think of is wow there’s this miraculous intelligence which helps organize this
body into something we call life and then we go like wow and then there’s all these forces that hit us that cause
disorder and a breaking down so what would be wise for us as a first
principle is to be really curious about what are all these factors that are helping support the process of healing
and get more of those and what are all those factors that are increasing entropy or the the tendency towards
disorder and identify those and remove those or retrain those and
um and if we so really what we are doing is going back to some of the most fundamental laws of physics and then
applying that towards Healthcare one of the reasons Elon Musk has been so successful is he’s gone back in his
practice in his uh view of like SpaceX and Tesla um and said hey how do we go back to
First principles and build a rocket ship that’s ten times less expensive than other rocket ships and and that’s what
um that’s part of our thought here is always be curious about how does the world work I mean how does reality work
and now how do we practice medicine in congruence with how we know the world
Works how do we harness the foundations and the basics yeah of what we’ve already learned let us not forget the
wisdom that we already have yeah another another principle would be that
um well it’s not really a principle but if we think of most medications most medications work as an inhibitor a
blocker a stimulator they make the body do something that it doesn’t really wasn’t doing originally right now that
may be beneficial for us in the short term that can really save a life and it can be amazing but if you constantly
block suppress or inhibit something the body pushes back so that’s another
principle is that you know the the this ability of the body to heal is going to
try to find a way around every poison and toxin that there is and if it survives because it survives that is
what happens yeah so seeking to understand how the body functions is really important like I’m one of my own
oh man my health oh I I would just take a little I’d never talk about this story
but I I didn’t really realize in um so many different interesting things
happened about how my own health declined um because I just all of a sudden found
myself one day taking acid blockers and anti-inflammatories and things to help my mood and things to help my you know
energy and things to help my focus I was on this long list of medications and I started tracing it back there were
injuries and there were um traumas and those were all kinds of things that happened before that and
once I started to figure out oh that was where that started from for instance I had terrible plantar
fasciitis I couldn’t stand during rounds in medical school oh it was terrible I
would just dance around moving my feet from one side to the other because my feet hurt so bad and I knew I couldn’t
go into surgery because there’s no way I could stand that long because my feet hurt so bad and I just took tons of
ibuprofen and Naprosyn tore a hole in my gut caused increased liver enzymes that
increased food sensitivities which then perpetuate onto more inflammation and more problems
um but that that plantar fasciitis Started From Me injuring my back uh
having a slip in a fall during high school and when I had my back some of my ligaments repaired through Prolotherapy
one of the services we provide here a doctor put an ultrasound over found
those ligaments that were injured injected them with some substances that helped ligaments heal within the course
of about 4 five weeks I wasn’t expecting my feet to get better I was not I was just I was just trying
to treat my back pain but my feet got better all of a sudden my plantar fasciitis went away and
it just hit me that wow the the search for underlying causes is
never a bad resource investment of resources and and that oftentimes the
thing we have to do is be curious oh you just nodded to one of my most favorite Concepts that we have here the idea of
the tensegrity right back foot how how could that possibly have all worked together
which goes into why our why we have such a unique approach
how would you describe that well I mean I would say how do we
because we have the pleasure of getting to take people take care of people from
across a wide variety of humanity a very wide variety of humanity and we can do
very very very deep dive work in individuals and we can and work on individuals that are
really are struggling to you know take whatever next step is there
and I would say it always starts with relationship it starts with relationship if and it doesn’t matter how many AI
programs are out there that you put your sip you put your symptoms in and oh it’s gonna barf out you know an answer to
check the Dr Google you know um you know people are going to recognize again that
one of the magical parts of healing is that it always happens in relationship
healing is actually making things whole that’s what heal and whole come from the
same root word and and so healing is to make whole and so that means to make put
things into right relationship with each other so the way we first start is with
interaction uh you know interaction and you know be listening having having
uh having a good conversation yeah and then after we listened you know then the question is what kind of Investigations
do we need to do all right you know we make a hypothesis right we listen to your story but you know every person is
different and I hate it when people will say oh all disease begins in the gut no
it doesn’t okay no it doesn’t you know there’s all disease you know it’s all infectious disease it causes it no it
doesn’t or it’s all 5G or it’s all things you know and it that works for
marketers but it doesn’t work in medicine it just does it and while all
those you know who knows what causes what until until you are successful in
healing that problem right results are the only true gold standard so anyway we
interact we investigate and then we intervene and and so
um whenever we are intervening we try very hard to work with the things that can cause
least harm first because um unfortunately the history of modern
medicine is filled with clinicians causing harm to patients you
know Institute of medicine one report showed that that that doctors and properly prescribed medications yes
properly prescribed medications are possibly the fourth leading cause of death in the United States that’s crazy
right and so but I was in medical school when vioxx came out and all the data on
vioxx it was very clear that it causes increased deaths for heart disease on the when it was when it was actually
introduced and nobody paid attention and it was over a hundred thousand deaths later before vioxx was pulled off the
marketplace so anyway we’d focus on doing interventions that cause the least
harmed first and that’s behavioral right lifestyle lifestyle supplementation
sometimes it’s getting support for relationships you may be in that are causing more stress than you really
realize that could be possible absolutely and then we progress on to things like
neurofeedback neurofeedback is another principle of what we do is that
um you know each person is is so miraculous and sacred and part of what
makes that is that it’s a Consciousness each one of us are this miracle of self-awareness you think think about for
a second you know the the Rocks the you know the animals they they don’t know that they’re aware they’re not
struggling to think about well how am I going to what am I going to do tomorrow what am I going to do next month or this
miraculous part of being conscious and being aware of ourselves uh gives us an
incredible amount of capacity to be reflective and to heal
um so and where is consciousness basically stored it’s in the brain as far as we know right and somebody gets a
their head to walk that whack they become unconscious so the brain is
really a centerpiece of the therapies that we do here uh we’ve been doing quantitative EEG which is measuring
brain waves and analyzing those objectively uh we were doing that for
over 14 years but one of the leaders in that field we have multiple that we just had a very interesting interaction with
a new patient that had a terrible stroke at a young age and I’m very excited
about working with that individual towards utilizing neurostimulation neurofeedback transcranial
um photobiomodulation which is using photons to help the mitochondria in the brain have more energy and prayering
that with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and as we do those together in partnering
with some physical therapists and occupational therap therapists that are going to help that individual mobilize
I’m very hopeful to see that we can have incremental Improvement beyond that
where um there they’ve gotten stuck the brain has is our Center of
well-being and function and symptoms and my gosh I just don’t think we can do too
much to help brain function occur so you know fundamentally what is so starkly
different than the conventional care world is that belief that the body is designed to heal because no matter what
any clinician that you are interacting with at the at the basis believes that
your body can Will and could heal you know that Garners a certain level of
hope that I think is invaluable My Own Story you know each of us have had unique Journeys My Own Story involves a
um a construction issue is what it was what it was called
um for those of you out there who have ever heard of the Chiari malformations um that is something I discovered that I
had whenever I was in my 30s um and it’s a little spot in the brain
that is kind of protrudes a little bit into the spinal cord region and so it’s it’s it’s an actual space issue that
seemingly would only be able to be solved from surgery however because of this with three surgeons three surgeons
three surgeries three surgeons said okay well just tell us when you want to schedule when your pain is bad enough we
will do this because it’s the only thing that’s going to make a difference yeah yeah and you know
it’s in unbelievable that not only have I not had brain surgery I am functioning
at a higher level today than I was before the discovery or before going down this path and I truly believe that
if I wasn’t placed my feet planted here in this unique environment of how we approach patient care and knowing that
the body has thrived it can Thrive it will Thrive again that there are different ways and modalities to that’s
my own unique recipe to put together to to be able to not be in pain and to
function at a at the highest level possible so it’s just it gives me goosebumps to think about the work we
get to do every day but the hope that we get to give people and the Miracles the story that conventional Physicians and
teams would think would never actually have been told is not possible
a couple of things I wanted to share about what you just shared because I great I’m so glad you didn’t give your
recipe all right I mean because because this is what and I and believe me it’s cool it’s
not things you would expect and right and and and so because every person is
unique right and now sure when isn’t it fascinating when 10 people are exposed
to the flu all 10 people have a different manifestation of that right not they
don’t get the same Z some people don’t don’t even know they got exposed or got ill and some people are on desk door and
there’s all kinds of variations in between you can’t even say that the influenza virus you know does the same thing with
every person at every time it’s it’s contextual in all of that and I think um in in your process of figuring out
what were your triggers what were your antecedents what were your mediators in this process gave you a tremendous
amount of wisdom and then when you applied that wisdom you got side benefits right right and we talk about
side effects oftentimes in medication but if you’re finding and dressing underlying cause you should get to
experience side benefits because you are creating wholeness and the wholeness
finds a way back towards uh towards health and healing the other thing I want to say is that
um I really believe that so many clinicians want to practice this way and
I know that because I’m I’m we have so many Physicians and nurse practitioners as patients number one and and they’re
always like how can how can I do this with you so many people are attempt getting trained but they don’t really
have a place to do that so if all of you if all you know doctors that are really going down this path we we love what we
get to do we love the practice of medicine now do we have it figured out absolutely not okay I mean absolutely
not I mean there’s if you want to be humbled just start practicing medicine because when you’re interacting with the
this miracle that we call a human and and doing your very best to help that person Move Along towards a state of
better well-being if it doesn’t humble you then you’re Miss something’s not
connecting um and so I I think I think we are here
we’re not here to actually run a clinic I mean that’s what some people feel like oh this is your clinic this is what you
do actually we’re here to help transform the health of humans and Health Care Systems I mean if we really want to to
do our part whatever part that’s going to be to have an Ever better medicine so you know we’re at this really
interesting time in where they’re we have the internet World Wide webs
um which I know you spoke to chat GPT and things like that but we also have these you know this biohacking movement
this longevity movement this you know if I take metformin that I’m going to live longer if I do you know this specific
program then that works for everybody and we see that a lot out there I think
that that is something that we should speak to um because it’s becoming more
with information being readily available it’s more popular to even have these conversations with your friends in a
coffee shop about what you read in this article and are you going to start taking this and you know how do you know
what is going to work for me because there is a chance that if you just take Metformin for longevity for
example but you have a genetic abnormality you didn’t know you had that could actually cause you to have worse
outcomes but not know it because there isn’t that person there to have the discernment of what and also
you know why would metformin work right I mean okay we got to talk about it no no no it’s really important it’s really
interesting yes because metformin inhibits oh come to our clinic and you
can see our wallpaper oh yes okay that is that is interesting I mean it’s like
um our wallpaper has the a large portion of the metabolic map listed out so you
can see the Krebs cycle and its interaction with electron transport chain and heme biosynthesis anyway the
bottom line how does your biochemistry work in your body is actually mapped out and um I’m so proud that I found a way
to make that into wallpaper because it it brings me joy and um I have to give a
shout out to Mission Michelle for a second our Communications and marketing director who won helped coin the name of
this webinar tonight thank you Michelle and two made that wallpaper possible didn’t make that wallpaper possible thank you very much yes
um and so um the what was I talking about why would metformin oh they’re metformin yeah
because see the uh I guess so excited about the wallpaper um but metformin inhibits a certain
couple of enzymes in the electron transport chain it actually is it causes a little bit of stress and
then the body pushes back against that stress and it’s the pushback that gives the benefit but what other things cause
a similar stress to metformin fasting fasting mimics and actually we should
say metformin and mimics fasting and fasting can do way more than metformin can exercise has some of these very same
effects um choosing a diet where you’re not slathering yourself in Sugar raising
your insulin raising your inflammation and doing all that that also has effect
so the individuals who are doing all of those things metformin may actually be a
top-net Toxic effect for the individuals who are doing none of those things are really are barreling on towards becoming
pre-diabetic in their life then okay well maybe that has a longevity benefit so
um everybody has a different level of resource not just of money but if time of their focus of their follow-through
of their initiative and one of the things we really try to do is listen to you know what are the resources you have
um you know how can you apply what is what you do have towards your best end I
mean at the end of the day a lot of Health Care is just how do we allocate
resources and and we try to do that as wisely as possible could you say getting
the biggest bang for your buck sure but it’s awesome but it’s also getting the biggest bang for your minute and for the
biggest bang for your effort and the biggest bang for your support and relationships it’s not you know all too
often we get stuck in a monetary mindset and and listen money money is great at
uh basically Contracting time uh you know money you know can give us shortcuts but this body is designed to
heal and if you’re willing to put a lot more time and effort and energy and you can get by with a lot less finances in
doing so and have more good days yeah more good days I got really excited earlier because you described how IB
ozone works too talk about that for a second the idea of
putting a stressor in and then the body responding um is essentially how IV ozone works
there’s a lot of therapies that work really well that way but as you’re describing it that’s why I got really excited yeah I started to control myself
and many of you have never heard of ibozone and and it is one of these therapies that
um has had dramatic Improvement in people with chronic fatigue chronic infections oxidative stress inflammation
autoimmune disease and and it’s really we’ve seen nice results in among covid
and um and I think that that is uh but uh knowing what works for whom when I
think that’s always our greatest Challenge and really what we’re here for yeah absolutely so what makes us also
very special is that we have a is it a 12 000 square foot it was 12 thousand
square foot facility where we house and access to a lot of
therapies you may have heard of all in one place so not only do we have these incredible clinicians
we have a program called Maxwell care if you become a patient with us you have nutritionist support you have a
clinician who’s going to have that long-standing relationship with you exercise the discernment and what works best for you all of that here in one
place we’ve got an advocate team for support we also have a lot of additional Services therapeutic plasma exchange we
have a clinical research center we have IV an IV Suite that has IV ozone IV NAD IV vitamin C alpha lipoic acid just to
name a few we have a neurofeedback center we’ve got IV ketamine we do
sublingual allergy drops we have hyperbaric oxygen we do something really cool called the glyco check I don’t
think a lot of people know about and many more it’s just a really short list so we have all of that here and our
clinicians are expert at helping you discern where do I go next oh I failed
to mention the over 35 specialty lab companies that we have access to outside of your standard labcor Quest store any
all the testing that’s available there so not only is it what services do I use for my body to heal but also what
testing do an evaluation do I need next to be able to determine what’s going on and how to best utilize my resources it
is something very special it’s just fun and it’s fun I mean and I know that sounds uh you know and and I get to
because when you’re called into something you know and this is why we call people that work here healers
because we believe that if you’re if you’re in health care and you’re not in banking or in like auto repair or
something like that there’s a reason you did this there’s a reason you did it you you feel in your heart that there’s
something about being of service to another person’s thriving that it’s just What You’re Made for This is just what
you do and I would call that person A Healer and um and I think that’s
and and we it’s so amazing how many of our former patients then become our
employees because they go like oh I get it I’ve always wanted to do this so and
how when we haven’t oftentimes we don’t recruit online because people just are
here about us and they say hey that’s the kind of place I want to be so if you’re one of those people let us know
we have open positions uh that were being made all the time actually um but I wanted to come come back to
this you know there’s this dizzying array of services and this you do this that and the other and you know we’ve
been doing so much we’ve been doing IB therapy for as long as the Clinic’s been open you’re about 19 years you know
there’s a lot of places that are popping up and and like oh here’s this IV Center on the corner or here go get your
hyperbaric oxygen here or and and I’m all for personal choice right I think
healthcare freedom is one of the things we should be fighting for and I’m kind of glad to see these things pop up but
I’m also a little sad because people are often not getting as much Finance
they’re not getting as much benefit as they deserve because they are just doing what their neighbors said they thought
they should do and um and so we’re trying very hard to uh nudge people the way that they’re going
to get the most benefit uh from their limited resources and I say limited resources we’ve said that a lot but
Healthcare is very unique right Healthcare is this amazing space that
where we have unlimited desires and we have limited resources
and that’s just the way it is and so that’s why every Health Care system is
rationed doesn’t matter if it’s a socialized system or a you know free
market system or a total non-system there is there is a limitation of time
money energy and effort that exists and the human has no bounds with regard to
how long they want to live and how healthy they want to be and so there’s always a judgment call here and what I
love about you know we left Insurance entirely about four years ago three years ago and and what has happened and
I got to see this um happen in my own practice and the practice of other clinicians is that the
relationship the sacred relationship between a clinician and a patient
um escalated that now all of us you know the problem with having an insurance company is it’s almost like you have
another person in the room with you when you’re being seen by your clinician
there’s always somebody you’re thinking okay are they going to pay for this you know the doctor’s thinking how do I put
how do I code this what are the magic words I have to put down you know how do
I solve this puzzle that is the insurance payment industry as a result they’re not trying to solve your health
puzzle they don’t have the time or the bandwidth to do that that’s not their fault what box do I put this person on
oh my God oh my God and and so the stress that goes under it because then
you just have to kind of start ratcheting people through because it’s a system and then you can and you can
provide good care please let me not I just have so much respect for my colleagues in all of Health Care
everybody’s doing the best they can and and we’re all part of the same team so I
don’t I don’t have uh the challenge the challenge that that
can bring yeah because and and so if you have that other person in the exam room with you who’s listening in on you know
this intimate conversation it’s just not like it should be it should be intimate Health Care is one of
the most you know it’s a place where we are the most vulnerable you know I take very seriously as all of our clinicians
do the the vulnerability that it that happens inside an exam room uh the
things that are shared with regard to the the hardest things happening in in one person’s personal
life and their past in their early life you know their their hopes their dreams
their challenges how much shame they may have around the things they’ve been able to do or not been able to do and and our
job is to create a healing wholesome welcoming space for that vulnerability to come forth because through the
vulnerability is where we start to see new possibilities happening and that’s
just when knowledge transform we get wisdom
and we I feel like our clinicians are a fulcrum for human transformation and
it’s really beautiful to see it’s awesome so I think we have a question here I
think we’ll take this if we could yep um would you like to start with the first one sure um yeah so um this is
great um and I’m gonna just read this question off because I thought it’s so good I said thanks for addressing that
sometimes as patients we don’t know what we exactly what we actually need that’s what I’m struggling with now I’ve had a
Lyme diagnosis last year and I’m currently going through a series of Specialists to try to figure out exactly
what I need to do going forward including find out that I have mitral regurgitation
um you know I I am uh I’m gonna go say the specialty I’m not going to say the occupation because I don’t want to I
always want to be super careful about confidentiality but somebody who’s very precise in their work kind of like an
engineer and the analogy I use is that we’d never build a building by each
designer working on the blueprints in a vacuum but that’s exactly what the medical system seems like a bush has a
specialist this working on the project but without doing so in a collaborative way thanks for offering a smarter way
and I think this is first of all thank you for those Reflections I hope we hope we live up to those expectations I mean
that’s it is a really challenging work to to attempt to do this well and and
and it requires a good conversation between clinician and patient because when we’re not getting it right we can
only know that through the patient saying this isn’t going well um but but I want to say that the
um it’s always blows my mind how patience once we decide we describe what
we’re doing trying to do more bring more good things in the body take more bad things out retrain dysfunctional cycles
and repair damaged issue and that’s pretty much what we do they all go like well that makes a lot of sense
that makes a lot of sense this is a rational medicine um and
um and I think that that is it’s it’s maybe we’d hope to be smarter but we definitely know that we’re trying to be
more rational well what what this particular individual spoke to was Specialists working in vacuums something
I think our team does really really well is we we don’t bad talk other styles of
medicine and clinicians out there we really enjoyed taking exceptional care
of you and being the quarterback to help you discern all the information that you’ve received so you know where to go
and oftentimes we can pick up the phone and call call your Clinton you know
conventional rheumatologist or endocrinologist if that’s what’s needed if there’s additional questions to help
kind of focus and just and discern where to go from here so I really enjoy the collaborative environment that we’ve
created as well in respecting all of the available conventional care that’s out
there as well too often you know people positions will will kind of undercut
each other to to patients and we don’t do that here and I really I think that’s beautiful listen we are all we are all
here walking each other home right at the end of the day you know uh none of
us is omniscient none of us has all the answers we’re all trying to do the best we can I really believe that
um and I would say that I do want to make another comment about the Lyme diagnosis because I’m really glad that
you’ve gotten some help to find that a diagnosis it’s a very difficult diagnosis because it’s a clinical
diagnosis you know laboratory tests sometimes aren’t as helpful as you’d like them to be and and there are some
clinicians who everybody who walks through the door is going to be called a limest patient uh and then there are
other doctors who it doesn’t matter how flagrant Lyme disease is it doesn’t exist in Tennessee and
um you know it there is that entire spec spectrum that exists and so getting
second opinions or or you know or just doing your own research and trying to
figure out because many of the things that cause the Lyme disease causes symptoms uh that overlap with a lot of
other conditions and and that can make it really challenging
um so anyway I just want to say that out there so our our next question here is if we’re taking new patients yes we are
yes we are so feel free to call in and inquire further we would love to take
care of you go to and there’s an intake process in there and we do a lot to match clinicians or
patients with the clinician that it would actually be of most benefit to them so another good question is do you
help people who need to lose a lot of weight like over 100 pounds without embarrassing them oh my gosh thank you
so much I love that question oh um weight in shape has actually been a
real struggle of mine through my lifetime and and I really expect that probably be about 400 pounds right now
if I didn’t know some of the things that I know and the things that was was were
there and and I have felt the huge amounts of
or just shame and all kinds of horrible self-talk as a result of going I should
be this way or I should have this there’s a huge genetic variability that happens number one but but being curious
about that genetic variability um can open huge doors and also
recognizing that um our body is designed to
um protect us right I mean um excess fat pounds
somehow are serving a purpose a couple of purposes it can serve it in high
toxic levels toxins actually go preferentially to fat it’s a great way to shove toxins where they’re not going
to cause problems to the other parts of the system um you know if you’re if you happen to
be eating way too much glucose or something like that then it’s actually healthier to make fat than it is to
become insulin resistant and develop diabetes so a lot of folks that have excess body fat can
are their body’s trying to protect them from a metabolic catastrophe that’s pretty awesome and and so no I mean I
can say are our The View that we strive to have is that each person is a soul you know
an infinitely valuable sacred soul and um and that honoring that human as as is
infinitely valuable is probably one of the most important parts of Health Care and and we can always do better at this
right we can always do better at this but um please don’t give up hope
um the body is designed to heal and um anyway all right thank you so much
for sharing that question yes and I will say um just to piggyback on that we do we do
take any experience that has been traumatic for you on your health care Journey very seriously and we’re very
comfortable in bringing up the topic of possible trauma and and opening the door to get support for that in a really
collaborative way there was a question about if we employ Pharmacists and not yet however of course I think there
could be a use for um a role of a pharmacist here uh in the future yeah and believe me we um
we are here to be you know servants towards Better Health Care and
um and and I just you know I have been dreaming of having regenerative Orthopedics in this practice for a good
10 years I actually know how to do Prolotherapy and PRP and some of these things but you can only do so many
things in a day and just voila what a doctor walks up to
our our front steps who happens to be uh know another doctor that’s here and
through a beautiful relationship we have this 20-year expert of regenerative
Orthopedics that is now at the par at The Practice Dr Scott Stoll and if you don’t know about her regenerative
Orthopedics so much of our joint problems have to do with our ligaments being our ligaments and our fascia being
injured and that causing Mal alignments and increased wear and tear there’s so
much you can do with a technique called Prolotherapy and PRP and and you can get
rid of that pain long term by re by by
healing the system not treating the symptom and that is so powerful and and so there
are people who just show up here and it’s been happening again and again and again I know it’s going to continue to
happen uh because we we are Maxwell that means all of you out there we you know
we are smarter and better than me uh it’s not about any one of us it is
really about all of us you just described another um it’s another stressor with
Prolotherapy a little stressor induces healing you just said musculoskeletal and I’m over here like can’t help it but
stretch my neck we’re so suggestible so let’s see oh
thank you we had a we had a patient uh type in that she’s been with us for 19 years and love us so much that we’re
amazing thank you so much love you too we love you too and listen I’m not afraid to say that we
love our patients no I mean the bottom of you gosh you know we
um the goal is to leave work with more energy than you came right I mean
because that means that you’re creating you’re doing something now the work is hard I mean I can’t say that we
accomplish that all the time but but we can but we know that when we feel expended we know that we have invested
ourselves in someone else and and that’s really uh that’s an honor to get to do
we have a question about what are the most common conditions you tend to treat at the clinic and what kind of success
rate would you say you have do you make referrals or is all treatment done in-house oh that’s such a good question
well most common conditions are all of them [Laughter]
um no I I I know we’ve run um analytics on this before and it it
sounds vague but we really there really isn’t a diagnosis we probably haven’t seen walk through the door or at least
one that is related to the one that is walking through the door and know how to make referrals out of office if need be
all the treatments that I listed earlier are done in-house um however we can refer and we have
helped we do a lot we refer a lot we have places if we need to we have a huge network of Specialists and collaboration
collaborators around town but I would also say this is part of the I just want to I’m going to pick on you a little bit
uh questioner here a little bit not personally but this idea that oh what
conditions do you treat may actually be part of our problem when we start to
look at this issue because a a condition can be a diagnosis and as soon as we
start to label something there’s a part of our brain in medicine that turns off
right oh you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis okay now let’s treat the disease uh and then
um oh where but but why did it occur oh nope don’t need to do that we already have named it diagnosis is all their
diagnosis is what’s important and sometimes people be a little frustrated because they’re like well what exactly
is my diagnosis and then we’ll go like well we you have this Central problem and you have these six underlying put
you know contributing causes yeah but what’s the one label for me and and and
sometimes we can get to that label but it’s a lot more accurate to be talking about what manifestation does somebody
have what to rethink the problem that is there now that being said we treat a
tremendous amount of brain disorders so neurodegenerative disorders neural functional disorders mood disorders
energy attention fatigue lots of work with fatigue yep um hormones in there
and and but we’ve been we have two IRB approved trials that are going on right
now one of them is looking at plasma exchange as the most advanced way of
promoting healthy longevity actually treating age itself very proud of that
study going on and we have another study that’s uh we’re recruiting subjects for doing plasma exchange and Alzheimer’s
patients we know that that slows progression in Alzheimer’s disease via
the ambar trial a good set of evidence there and then we’ll have another trial upcoming
um uh question do we work with osteoporosis patients yes we do um and and again it’s not an isolation
you know we don’t know everything we have our areas of expertise and but if
you need a great endocrinologist or we need to work with an orthopedist or what that happens to be yes
we’ve been very successful helping people to you know preserve their bone
mass and actually to grow it um but the real question if you have osteoporosis why did you get it in the
first place right what what and then and I say in osteoporosis is actually a very
interesting question because there’s so much correlation to dementia because osteoblasts uh that are actually those
cells that make new bone have a lot of or the cells that make bone and Destroy bone and help keep bones healthy
actually have a lot of correlation to the same types of cells in the brain and
so the microglia are very similar to the osteoclast and so it’s really important
to think of these degenerative conditions one like osteoporosis and then set back and go like oh what is
this telling me about the system as a whole and what what common underlying
factors could be addressed so that we could make a difference in multiple
conditions simultaneously and get the advantage of side benefits hormone replacement therapy is one of those I
would say I think we missed the autoimmune bucket we do our uh all autoimmune conditions
um thyroid uh they’re likely have Lyme patients we have infectious disease patients we’ve got we’ve had Parkinson’s
patients it’s in the neurodegeneration camp I’m just trying to to further fluff the the fact that we’ve got to
experience and again it’s not because there’s two buckets right diagnose and treat disease and uh create health
right it’s a both and you know we want to make sure that we’re dealing with that as well so
um you know uh there um I want to really thank you all for this time um I think this has been just it’s been
really gratifying to have this conversation back and forth and uh if you have any questions you know please
go ahead and um you know send a message in to uh those things other
questions can be addressed there you can find out more information specific to your particular concerns
um but um I just want to encourage you that your body is capable of healing and you
know and if Maxwell clinic and our clinicians and tools things like that can be part of your journey we’d be
honored to do that but if if um if not please just be curious uh try something
new have hope um your body is designed to heal and of that I have absolute 100 certainty
um and so anyway thank you very much for taking your time and part of your evening to be with us today it really is
um oh one last one last you want to share that last little the last one sure
I am one of those folks who has been on board almost since Dr hazy opened his doors I used to commute to Clarksville
because he practiced the type of medicine I knew had to exist he wanted to find out what caused the problem rather than just treat the symptoms I’m
still in Mexico Clinic system and I will be until I get kicked out thank you for all you do for folks we love you so much
thank you everybody if you have any additional questions reach out to us and we look forward and hope to see you
around the hall soon okay bye now

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Dr. David Haase

Dr. Haase is the Founder and CEO of MaxWell Clinic- a Collaborative-Care, Functional Medicine Clinic. He is committed to finding and addressing the underlying causes of illness in his patients.