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Living Well to 120: A Fireside Chat with David Haase, MD

Your genes do not have to control your destiny. On the contrary, YOU actually have a massive influence on the number and quality of your days. Watch the video below for a heart-to-heart discussion with Dr. Haase on vibrant health and longevity.


David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, double board-certified, VERY CURIOUS physician. His life mission is to help people just like you understand how to create health and he believes living well to 120 is a very reasonable goal. Dr. Haase speaks and consults internationally on brain health promotion topics, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine, Neurofeedback and Regenerative Plasma Exchange, and is the author of Curiosity Heals The Human: Solving the ‘Unsolvable’ with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies.

Watch Dr. Haase’s video and learn: 

  • What it takes to create a path of health and longevity
  • How to start now and engage fully
  • The 4 “horsemen” of early death and disability to avoid 
  • How aging is fragmentation and healing is connecting
  • The power of Regenerative Plasma Exchange

Your health is important!

At MaxWell Clinic, we want you to live a long life and for your days to be better and healthier as you grow older. We want you to enjoy the fullest of your potential genetically, spiritually, and physically and yet be satisfied in the moment where you are. This is what we call living MaxWell. 

Whether you’re ready to find and address the root causes of chronic disease, prevent illness and suffering down the road, or Maximize your potential Wellness, the MaxWell Clinic team is ready to partner with you on your health journey. 

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