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Living Well to 120: A Fireside Chat with David Haase, MD

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Your genes do not have to control your destiny. On the contrary, YOU actually have a massive influence on the number and quality of your days. Watch the video below for a heart-to-heart discussion with Dr. Haase on vibrant health and longevity.


David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, double board-certified, VERY CURIOUS physician. His life mission is to help people just like you understand how to create health and he believes living well to 120 is a very reasonable goal. Dr. Haase speaks and consults internationally on brain health promotion topics, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine, Neurofeedback and Regenerative Plasma Exchange, and is the author of Curiosity Heals The Human: Solving the ‘Unsolvable’ with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies.

Watch Dr. Haase’s video and learn:

  • What it takes to create a path of health and longevity
  • How to start now and engage fully
  • The 4 “horsemen” of early death and disability to avoid 
  • How aging is fragmentation and healing is connecting
  • The power of Regenerative Plasma Exchange

Your health is important!

At MaxWell Clinic, we want you to live a long life and for your days to be better and healthier as you grow older. We want you to enjoy the fullest of your potential genetically, spiritually, and physically and yet be satisfied in the moment where you are. This is what we call living MaxWell. 

Whether you’re ready to find and address the root causes of chronic disease, prevent illness and suffering down the road, or Maximize your potential Wellness, the MaxWell Clinic team is ready to partner with you on your health journey. 

Maximizing Health: Insights from Dr. David Haase’s Fireside Chat

Dr. David Haase, founder of Maxwell Clinic, recently hosted a captivating fireside chat where he delved into the intricacies of health optimization, disease prevention, and the transformative power of personalized medicine. In this insightful discussion, Dr. Haase shared valuable insights gleaned from years of clinical experience and a deep understanding of the underlying factors that contribute to overall well-being.

Understanding Health at Its Core

At the heart of Dr. Haase’s approach is a fundamental understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate. He emphasized the importance of addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms—a philosophy that guides the comprehensive care provided at Maxwell Clinic.

Dr. Haase highlighted the role of lifestyle factors such as diet, stress management, and sleep in shaping long-term health outcomes. He stressed the significance of foundational health practices and encouraged viewers to explore MaxWell Clinic’s holistic approach to wellness through the MaxWell Care program.

Unpacking Cutting-Edge Testing

A central theme of the discussion was the importance of leveraging advanced diagnostic testing to uncover individual health insights. Dr. Haase introduced several innovative tests offered at MaxWell Clinic, including GlycoCheck and methylation testing, which provide valuable data for personalized health optimization.

GlycoCheck, a unique test offered at MaxWell Clinic, assesses the health of the glycocalyx—a crucial layer lining blood vessels that plays a key role in vascular function. Dr. Haase emphasized the importance of preserving vascular health to mitigate the risk of chronic diseases and promote longevity.

Additionally, methylation testing offers insights into biological aging by examining methylation patterns on DNA. This cutting-edge approach allows for the assessment of biological age and may help predict susceptibility to age-related diseases, empowering individuals to take proactive steps toward optimal health.

Empowering Patients Through Knowledge

Throughout the fireside chat, Dr. Haase underscored the importance of patient empowerment and collaboration in the pursuit of optimal health outcomes. He emphasized the need for open communication and shared decision-making between patients and healthcare providers, fostering a collaborative approach to care.

Dr. Haase addressed common questions surrounding dietary patterns, including the vegan diet, highlighting the importance of individualized approaches to nutrition. While acknowledging the benefits of plant-based diets, he emphasized the need for balance and moderation, tailoring dietary recommendations to each individual’s unique needs.

Navigating Health Challenges with Precision

The discussion also touched upon the significance of early detection and intervention in managing health challenges. Dr. Haase emphasized the importance of proactive screening for conditions such as small vessel ischemic disease—a common finding on brain MRIs that may indicate microvascular damage.

While acknowledging the complexities of navigating the healthcare system, Dr. Haase advocated for a proactive approach to health, encouraging viewers to explore comprehensive testing options and engage in collaborative care with their healthcare providers.

Looking Towards the Future

As the fireside chat concluded, Dr. Haase reiterated his commitment to transforming healthcare through personalized medicine and patient-centered care. He expressed optimism about the potential for innovation and collaboration to drive meaningful change in the healthcare landscape.

In closing, Dr. Haase emphasized the importance of embracing the journey towards optimal health, acknowledging both the challenges and the opportunities for growth along the way. With MaxWell Clinic at the forefront of personalized medicine, individuals have access to innovative testing, comprehensive care, and empowering resources to support their health journey.

Ready to learn more? Click here to schedule a free call with our New Patient Coordinator. We can’t wait to talk to you! 

hello uh hi it’s dr david hasse here
and uh welcome to our fireside chat
you know so many things have gone on in the world you even hear some sirens going on
outside that seems to be so stressful and so intense all the time
and uh one of my staff members came into the office and we
started just having a chat about her troubles and what was going on her life for health goals and she said i left
feeling so good and and just i just wish you would we could talk to you more about uh these
things that are challenging in our life just like like we sitting in a living room and
i kind of went back to mr rogers and uh fdr and thinking you know
a lot of information comes across just too intense uh and
and i think that especially when we start thinking about aging right instead when we start thinking
about how we are um what’s to become of us
what does our long-term health and well-being really mean and
that that’s what uh it stymies a lot of us uh because we
don’t necessarily want to engage into the whole idea of aging but then again
we know that we really should so um i’d like to take this approach and
dig in a little bit and let’s talk about vibrant health and longevity to 120. how about that when
you saw the title of this webinar um did you go like what’s he talking about
right i mean did you really go like 120 uh
who would want to live that long or did you have an idea that
um you know oh that’s not possible or what was it going on inside of you
because something picked your interest up right something uh got you going um
and um and we’re gonna i’m gonna be taking questions at the end of this uh segment here and so please if you’ve got
questions make sure you put them in the chat bar uh we’ll try and get to them just as well as we can
and uh so if we start thinking about 120 let me let me start by asking you a question
all right and i really want you to sit and answer it how old do you want to be when you die
because news flash you are going to die and um
that’s so let me ask you how what age is it that you want to be
when you leave this plane of existence so okay do you have that number in your
mind i mean really are you clear on that number because it’s important to start thinking about so let me ask you this in
that number and it gets some people say man it’s 70. some people say it’s 80 something 90 some people say man i want
to i want to lift 120 and i get that um so but let me ask you this how do you
want to feel uh that year right and so when you are
whatever number that is how do you want that year to be okay
do you do you want it to have um do you want to have relatively little pain
right so comfortable right you know do you ever want to have good movement ability getting around well
do you want independence right do you want to have that you know that feeling of that i’m
contributing something in the world you know that it’s important that i’m here for for other people
what level of energy do you want do you do you want to have some vibrant energy you know it’s
you know spicy you know feisty you know recognizing that you’ve you’ve obtained
a lot of wisdom and you’re now able to share that and have the opportunity to share that
um what about sex huh um one of my favorite couples was a couple in their 90s and they loved
coming in and bragging about their sex life and they had a great time with it
wonderful i mean what a beautiful pleasure in life and and to have that uh
be robust uh through many many birthdays amazing what
about your mood how do you want your mood to be that last year of your life um do you want to be uh open and
grateful and uh or do you want to be anxious do you want to be afraid of
things do you want to have joy and light-heartedness um are you want to be able to kind of
roll with the punches um how about how do you want your memory to be
because your memory kind of enables how you’re going to share life with others and how you’re going to feel and
function what do you want your memory to look like in that year um you want to be
sharp and uh being able to remember both things that are have recently happened
and things that are are far you know that had happened way in the past so you can pull that wisdom
together okay so think of that right and that’s a pretty if if i imagine because i’ve had this
conversation with a lot of people and it typically turns out the saying that yes you want that last year of life to be
that way and so there’s really two things a lot of you right now are not experiencing that as a description of
your life now uh so we have work to do right we have work to do
but that aside that aside and we definitely need to work on that but that aside if if that number for you
let’s say it was 85 if that was how your life was when you’re 85
would you want another year huh would you want would you maybe you want
to go to 86 and most people are going to say yeah i want to go to 86. so how about if 86 was
pretty much described that way with good energy mood memory comfort ability ability to contribute a
feeling of purpose in life would you want to go to 87 yeah
yeah and so what we realized is that a lot of our concern with aging and where
it goes has everything to do with our quality of life and and
it’s very important for us to recognize that these symptoms that we associate with aging are really end stage events
you know if you have a symptom happening that’s your body screaming out that it
really wants you to pay attention and do something differently in your life figure out the underlying cause
so that you don’t have accelerated degeneration so
um i really think that that is it’s profound when we start to think about
aging to 120 which is very biologically possible and we’re garnering so many more new
tools right now i’ve had the fortune of working in some of the working with some of the
most cutting edge longevity experts in the world and we’ve been able to start
prioritizing what are the events the interventions that have the most promise for doing the most good
and we’ll be sharing some of those tips later on in in this in this webinar talking about some of those specific
things but it’s really important first of all to recognize that if you don’t want to live to 120 heck if
you don’t want to live to 80 maybe you don’t even want to live till next year that’s a much bigger problem
and we and we have this great opportunity to be honest with ourselves and dig into that
and because i can guarantee you your life can be better the body is designed to heal
at maxwell clinic one of our values is relentless optimism around the body’s
capacity to heal and um and and we have that rational relentless optimism
because the body can heal uh and you can have a higher level of lung vibrancy
and longevity together so um if we think about you know kind of what
are we doing here in medicine it’s this great battle of life versus
entropy entropy is the second law of thermodynamics where
[Music] a system has a tendency to have increased disorder to just decay to and
hey anybody sees a teenager’s room you know yes there is a tendency to disorder
that exists inside the universe and life is really all about
us making order out of disorder
making um perpetuating life repairing our bodies
so that we don’t uh degenerate and decay um this this
quest of vibrant health has everything to do with maxwell
maxwell and you see our little logo in the back here ta-da the great little bookend was made a
precious gift but max is really about the maximum
opportunity you have to be the fullest version of yourself and well is that
soulful enjoyment of the moment that surrender of the present moment maxwell
is really stating that man you are you’re perfect the way you are
and you could use a little work it is that striving while being
satisfied and that’s what we see as a better definition of the term health oftentimes health kind of
we don’t examine that so as you work with us we’ll help you examine what is your max well what is
what is keeping you from having that high quality of life so that you would want longevity in the first
place now what is aging if we’re going to talk about
vibrant health and longevity to 120 and beyond we need to ask what is aging
and aging very simply is any period of time when you have more degeneration than
regeneration the good news is your body’s always regenerating right it is always
regenerating um you cut your arm with a knife and it just seems really magically knits itself
together the body knows how to heal an injury it knows how to heal
a trauma and and that’s our job to in the world of healthcare to find what
are all the barriers that may keep that individual from healing and and
and then remove those as best we can and then also find what are the things that that person needs to actually create health
so um i think of it in general terms right so there are bad things in everybody’s
life we call those toxins or stressors right so mercury mercury is terrible i
mean we’ve done a terrible thing to our oceans because most all of the large fish are having
increasing mercury levels year after year after year and i used to encourage people to eat fish all the time and it’s
getting harder to have that recommendation there’s only a few that now have low enough mercury levels where
they’re really healthy um for the where the benefits of fish start are still outweigh the negatives of the
mercury they’re in there so that’s a toxin and those are things that we have to watch for broad broadly
but each of us not don’t just have all these general toxins and stressors and
things like that to deal with we also have our personal kryptonite right what are the things that throw us off because
of our unique genetics and our unique phenotype which is
the all of our genes working together over time to bring this particular body forward
you know um so the if you’re going to try to remove those nasty things in your body you have to
think about all the general things but you also have to look for where the specific things that are most important for me
so that i can thwart disease and disability likewise when we start thinking about
the forces of regeneration there are general good things right we need to have exercise and
water nourishment relationship but there too
there are some parts there that i call ambrosia right which is the food of the
gods and um just like kryptonite was you know a toxin for somebody who is even as
great as superman ambrosia is that food that really supercharges you and enables
you to have a much higher fulfillment of your biologic uh possibilities you know for me one of
the supplements called uncle detox es happens to be a really important ambrosia for me it turns on a host of
genes that upregulate detoxification ability uh upregulate
the production of glutathione the recycling of glutathione and what that does is it decreases oxidative stress
and increases the removal of toxins now while i think that’s good for most
people for me my particular genetics it is fabulous because i have some challenges in those
areas and and i’m doing everything possible to make sure that i’m meeting
my own body’s uh biologic needs to repair
so um remember we’re a system right you’re a system you’re a really
complex system there’s a lot of parts and pieces to you and after getting to do whole genome analysis and whole
metabolome analysis transcriptome analysis all kinds of homes ridiculous fun science
it is i keep just becoming overwhelmed with just how complex we are
and what’s most important about vibrant health and longevity is that you seek
out what are your unique um your unique links in your chain
because aging happens there so finding and this is why symptoms can
be so helpful for us because symptoms help direct us very rapidly to some links that are already under great
strain or maybe have already broken and other other supports are trying to take their place
so um stephen covey wrote a book called the seven habits of highly effective people
do you any of you remember that book uh it was amazingly important in my development and he said there’s really
two kinds of events in the world there are events that are urgent uh and there are events that are
important and some things can be urgent and important and some things can be non-urgent and
non-important but it seems like we’ve spent a lot of time on what’s urgent right because that’s
what gets clicks i mean i don’t participate a lot in social media because i realize as it
decreases the quality of life of almost everybody that engages it if you can remove one toxin from your
life decrease your consumption of social media no matter what your political preferences or belief systems
are i will tell you you are more depressed you are more angry your life quality is less
the more social media you take in and um and so
that’s something that but we like the urgency right we like the trauma we like the
even anger gets our dopamine up and the advertisers know this right the
advertisers know this and and they really they they know that you are the product right your eyes your attention
your attention is the product so why do i say talk about this during the longevity talk because guess what stress
kills and it kills dramatically consistently and effectively stress
um shortens your telomeres telomeres are little into caps on your dna
and the hot more stress you have so the worse sleep you have the more anger you’re harboring the more um bitterness
that is inside the less time you take to just be yourself and to be with yourself
and to be loving you are shortening your days on this earth
and you’re absolutely decreasing the number of good days on this earth and that’s a shame that’s
really a shame so um and think about you know what is important in my life and i think that’s
one of these great opportunities we have i’d like you to ask yourself what is important in your life
because it’s your life you get to run it you get to live it
and i what i want for you is more happiness and ease and comfort and joy
um i think those are good things for us and and i want those for other people as
well because guess what when my neighbor is happy and peaceful and pain-free
they’re nicer to me and i live a safer and happier life as well so
it makes sense it’s even from just a pure selfishness standpoint it’s a good thing
um wow this this uh fireside chat vibe is really working for me you know it’s
really working for me and i i think i’m always gonna have a fireplace going
behind me so um so i promised you
four secrets of four of the worst inhibitors of successful healthy aging
four things that absolutely wipe out the potential for us to get to 120
and certainly to enjoy that process right and here are the four please remember them because
there’s never been anything more true in how people
create health and and what can actually shut it off so let me tell you the first one the
first one is fear fear fear is a is the worst toxin that
there is fear shuts off love fear shuts off connection
fear shuts off um all kinds of healthy hormones so we start making the
hormones of inflammation and agitation and irritability in our body when we are
afraid and advertisers love us to be afraid because if we’re afraid we’re searching
for a solution and if they make us afraid kind of whatever they say next no matter how
it works or doesn’t work we’re going to start thinking that’s the solution because that’s the way our
brains are made has nothing at all to do with our thoughts it really has to do with just how our neurology is made
because if you can get somebody agitated and angry whatever you kind of say next
that’s what they’re going to believe is the solution maybe that person that idea that that action
fear fear is a great manipulator but fear also
is um you know how do we get out of fear well we often have to get new information and
that brings us to our second horseman of of accelerated aging and that is
ignorance so if if you just don’t know that how
remarkably capable your body is of healing if you’ve been told that you really have to
have the pharmaceutical industry come in and swoop and you know give you a well-dosed poison
and that’s what pharmaceuticals are that’s why we have to have a license to prescribe them and i’m really thankful
we have all of them that we do but um if you if you’re ignorant to the fact that your body is designed to heal and and
that there are methods to help enable that healing then you’re never going to be able to access those um
so and then the next thing what is the next horseman of of early disease and disability
it’s a cousin to fear and ignorance is denial i talked about this a little bit
on our talk about neurodegenerative disease and regenerative plasma exchange because
we see this great hey we’ve had some amazing results with patients with early memory loss
and seeing them actually get better and and so to think that there is a treatment for alzheimer’s disease
is actually really hard for people i didn’t realize this until i was like wow
i thought everybody was going to be excited and not really because oh it’s it’s such a fearful thing to
start losing one’s memory it’s so much our our cultural pattern has been just
to deny that it’s really a problem you know let’s let’s not talk about that that’s that’s we’re not going to talk
about that and um and if you do then there’s no potential for intervention there’s no potential to
start changing the curve you are doomed by denial and so denial is um and it takes love to
help people through denial you know a lack of judgment and and also
really requires encouraging bravery because if you’re
why would you be in denial of something because you feel helpless
and you think that me i don’t have a place to turn i don’t have anybody to turn to i’d there’s no hope for me so
it’s much better just to act as if it doesn’t exist it’s reasonable but it is terribly toxic
and then the final um horseman of uh accelerated aging
is inaction just not doing it just not taking action
not so hey you’ve conquered ignorance you’ve conquered fear you’ve conquered denial and then you just don’t do anything
about it the the uh urgent gets in the way of the
important again and now you’re down the path and off off on another i’m starting
picking social media but yeah they deserve to be picked on um off down another pathway of getting angry about
something you can’t do anything about that just is dividing you and decreasing
your connection to the people you love not such a great thing um so
in action in action actually do those things that you know
will help you go do bad um
forgive laugh watch a funny movie believe it or not
how about that meditate learn to meditate take some nice slow deep breaths on a regular
basis um uh oh gosh i had the uh i’m getting a little message my
computer’s running out of battery oh ta-da the cord was not pogging well there we go
um that would have that would have had accelerated aging of this webinar so
i’m glad we saw the warning sign a warning sign a symptom it told me to take action and i
powered through i powered through the fear of it all crashing of the ignorance of the problem
of denial that it wasn’t going to be a problem and i took action now there we go
you got to take what comes to you folks what what’s some action you could take i
want to invite you to join maxwell care if you’re not already one of our patients here at mexico clinic maxwell
care is a is a is a program that we have devised to answer this question of what
creates health to get to underlying causes to to be as
specific as possible towards that individual’s needs because each one of you are coming from a
different starting place right we all come with different priorities we come with different biology we come with
different sets of resources of time money energy and effort we come with
different ideas of how health is going to happen some of us come very sick some
of us come wanting to maximize more fully what we already enjoy
it’s it’s individualized care but through a process a team process because
great health care is way too difficult for any one individual so we’ve correct
constructed a team effort of collaboration that i think is one of the very best um
programs that exist in healthcare and we’re so delighted at the results that have already occurred since we launched it um
only a year ago and and encourage you take that action um go
to our website look at maxwell care and learn more about that um
so let’s talk a little bit about the mechanisms of aging all right so we
already said that aging is more degeneration than regeneration in any given time period right so what are the
forces of degeneration one that most of us understand is inflammation and inflammation is
literally burning oh hey i have a a fire behind me uh i have all these
great you know object lessons going on but what is um what is inflammation inflammation
is there to destroy in the body on the level of cells and tissues it is fire
um so red when things are inflamed they’re red hot swollen and tender
and the diseases of inflammation all kind of end with itis um i challenge you
kind of point to a part of your body and i can name a disease for you right so it’s like okay um point to your nose oh
that’s rhinitis right nose inflammation your eye conjuctive conjunctivitis or
iritis or retinitis you put your skin dermatitis or periodontal disease
periodontitis inflammation is the problem it where it shows up that’s just happens to be a
weak link because of injury or genetics or infection etc but inflammation is the
problem and understanding what are the things that feed forward inflammation in the body and what are the things that
cause the body to pull back on inflammation that is a major investigative process and the answer for
that is different for everybody you know my social media people always hate it
when i’m i won’t give them a simple list oh here are the five steps to stop inflammation in your body now man
everybody loves here are the five steps and how many things have you clicked on like that right but it’s not real it’s
it’s a terrible it’s a it’s marketing not medicine medicine is stepping back and saying huh
tell me about your story let’s listen let’s find clues of why this might be
and then let’s really investigate in your biology and see where we see what we can find that has the most direct
route to decreasing inflammation okay so that’s inflammation now oxidation oxidation is burning but that’s on a
molecular basis that’s inside your mitochondria that’s where you take fuel and mix it with oxygen and burn it and
make a molecule called atp that makes your energy guess what your atp levels go down you age
in an accelerated fashion and as your atp levels go down then your engines don’t work as well and you start
kicking out more soot and smoke from that energy production process and that’s oxidative stress so that is
molecular fire and inflammation is cellular and
tissue level fire the and they cross over between each other so but what’s
the chicken what’s the egg becomes really important so other things that cause problems is
glycation so you know what i mean by glycations kind of sounds like glucose because you’re right um if you sugarcoat
a molecule you can decode a molecule it’s no longer going to be able to do its function and in the body
we measure a compound called hemoglobin a1c all the time right that’s to measure
like what’s your average level of of glycation how much
sugar are you bathing your your cells and your molecules with and how much of
a candy coating is going on there the higher your hemoglobin a1c the more insulin resistance you have and then
pre-diabetes and then finally diabetes after you cross a threshold of 6.5
now that number is entirely arbitrary because we just know that hey above the
number 6.5 people are really sick they start to have problems with their eyes and their kidneys and their nerves and
all sorts of things so diabetes is just a line in the sand but what you want is an optimal hemoglobin a1c running down
more around 4.6 you know to 5.2 that makes a big difference when it
comes to dementia vascular disease and all kinds of things so so there we go we got inflammation oxidation and glycation
and and then we get to starvation because guess what when your blood vessels start
not to work like they should if they start getting glycated and inflamed and now you get the buildup of cholesterol
and you get plaque developing and your micro vessels don’t work you don’t get as much blood to your
tissues and then your tissues have this low-grade starvation that
starts to happen we have a remarkable little tool in our clinic um called the glycocheck which measures your
glycocalyx that is a lining like a teflon-like lining in the inside of your
blood vessels and when that starts to break down that is actually one of the most important
first steps in most chronic degenerative disease
and and the test is so cool so when you come into the clinic we’ll put a little video
camera underneath your tongue and then you get to see your red blood cells racing by uh inside your
capillaries and it takes about a hundred thousand images of capillaries and does about a thousand measurement per
capillary to measure how many four five and six micron capillaries you have what’s the
this teflon coating thickness that’s inside the blood vessels and by doing so
we really get an understanding of how healthy your blood vessels are
how good are they at delivering oxygen and delivering nutrition and being able
to carry away toxins and carbon dioxide because if you don’t have many of those small capillaries you don’t have the
surface area necessary to get all that done uh there’s a great supplement that we use a lot called endocalyx pro
and we dose it according to what we find on that particular study and then we also think about well why
would these blood vessels be damaged like they are um because
uh anyway there’s a there’s several different reasons exercise absolutely improves these things lowering your
blood sugar improves these things finding the causes of inflammation be that infections toxins injury
or just plain stress yeah stress stress causes inflammation
and then inflammation turns around and causes more stress so this is why health has to be holistic as we approach it
because if we can come from both of those sides and start figuring out hey why am i so stressed well maybe i had a
head injury at some point in time and maybe those neurons are a little scrambled so everything’s harder for you
well in that case things like quantitative eeg measuring your brain waves and doing neurofeedback to help
your brain become more efficient now helps you process information so therefore you can sleep better and you
don’t have as much stress and now your inflammation can come down it’s beautiful that we are
that we are a system and because we don’t have to fix everything but we do have to fix the the weak links in the
chain we do have to fix the critical dysfunctions so what are some of the other
problems with aging um well catabolism this means actually eating yourself up
yeah if the body can go into a process of eating up its own
tissue especially when there’s inflammation there’s another concept called senescence
some some cells get cranky they get you know and they start to get old and
they’re not really doing their job i kind of think i’m like grouchy you know cranky old men cells and
they will uh start when they’re not doing their job anymore but they will secrete
molecules that tell other cells not to do their job and to become inflamed so
as these senescent cells build up as we age it causes a kind of like an
avalanche right a feed forward process of degeneration happening in the body
what helps senesce how can you get rid of some of these senescent cells that are building up in your body
fasting fasting is remarkably helpful and it can be as simple as intermittent
fasting or uh sometimes we’ll prescribe multiple day fasts for our patients
you do want to have your doctor involved in these things because um it’s
while fasting has happened all through human history because starvation has happened uh very frequently
now we’re not quite used to it right now so i just recommend talk to your clinician about that but fasting
it says well there’s not enough food coming in there’s not new food coming in so i’m going to
the body gets a signal says well let’s recycle all the cells that aren’t doing
their job and what a win-win situation that gives you get rid of these loafers that are
basically causing problems in the body and you get to use their raw material recycle them and turn on new stem cells
to cause new levels of healing so you have so much capacity to heal
but you got to do it you have to take action and then there’s this problem uh another
problem of aging is when cells forget to die uh we we call that cancer right and and
or they evade the immune system and so they no longer are able to
under they’re no longer can be found by our immune system um and that is a
problem of the of the immune system losing its capacity
to be active we find that in aging i actually think a better name for alzheimer’s disease would be age-related
immunodementia because the immune system seems to be primary if your immune system is up and running and feisty
you can fight off the infections and you you don’t start building up beta amyloid inside the brain and and you can get a
long way that’s why finding chronic infections and things like that is so important but
so um but also with cancer because if your body can’t identify those
those cells as being inappropriately
proliferating then they get to proliferate and then start causing problems
so again what do you do about these things well i would encourage you um
go to uh look at our program maxwellcare it was very specifically designed to
start digging into the fundamentals of what creates health
and then to continue that process from there this this process goes incredibly deep
uh but it’s so important to nail the fundamentals because they are the fundamentals
um like i’ve already mentioned uh the glyco check is a very unique test one
another test that we’re doing a lot more is a methalone testing so the methyl so
a methyl group is a single carbon atom and it sticks on your dna um in a very predictable fashion as you
age so a in an additional carbon group will stick on this piece of dna when you
hit 60 and they’ll stick on this piece of dna when you hit 65 and there’s a great average we’ve i’m i’m on the
scientific advisory board for a company that has built a test that you can do 850 000
of these uh single carbon atom islands on the dna
and we can map out with great accuracy how biologically old you are
that’s really helpful because and we actually have other mechanisms to say how quickly are you aging
so if you’re if you have accelerated aging it’d be a good thing to know about now rather than five years from now
because you can do a lot more about aging today than you can if you don’t do anything
for five years um likewise this methalone testing can
help us predict like what diseases you may be more susceptible to and it puts
the power back in your hands i mean that’s really amazing you know i want to encourage you and
start thinking about aging we have a whole lot more potential for um overcoming this than you might
imagine um so i’ve already mentioned you know quantitative eeg and cognitive testing
if there’s a problem going on with the brain let’s take a look at the brain you know psychiatrists are one of the
only professions that don’t examine the organ they treat drives me nuts
somebody has problems with attention or mood or cognition or memory
then let’s look at the function of the brain and if we put a cap on someone’s head measure the electricity we because
the brain is an organ of electricity right it’s it’s consuming 23 percent of your energy every day that little
two-pound bala mush is really metabolically active because it’s making electricity all day long
and um and so the uh yeah so it’s a
think about that if there’s a problem with symptoms with the brain let’s look at the brain we’ll consider getting an
mri look at small blood vessels the number of people that we find that have
chronic small blood vessel disease in the brain at an early age is remarkable
and what did i say about organ starvation if the blood vessels aren’t healthy then
every organ in the brain is going to suffer especially the organs that have the most need for energy and those are
neurons so like peripheral neuropathy or um or dementia all of those things show up
when the blood vessels are not healthy okay i i’ve already talked about stress
formation that’s my own term but if we could just handle the problems of stress
inflammation and glycation oh my arcs so many
uh chronic degenerative diseases uh would shift their curve um and those are totally doable good for
you um then the you know what brought me into the realm
of uh talking about longevity medicine more and more was really my work in regenerative plasma exchange we’ve been
uh matter of fact i have to make a little mark this is the very last uh group
visit webinar that’s going to be coming from our office that was on granny white and old hickory
because we’re moving to 103 continental uh in brentwood here we’re just about
four buildings down we can still see old hickory from our windows and we’re having a massive
expansion we’re so excited uh the number of patients that continue to seek us out continues to go up we’re putting in a
center for regenerative plasma exchange and we’re starting the maxwell clinical research center so we’re going
to be diving into doing the research so we can publish and show our results
because we have to change health care and we can only do that by telling our story
so anyway the regenerative plasma exchange
why does it work well it works because stem cells act the age of their
environment it turns out that if you put a stem cell in a healthier environment it will act healthier
no small wonder right the rest of the world is that way you put a child in a healthy environment and they’re probably
going to grow up more functional fair um you you put your
a part of your body in a healthy you put your body in a healthy environment with
love around you and good food and nurturance and and opportunity to be in the dark to go to sleep and
exercise in the light guess what you’re going to be healthier same thing goes for your stem cells so if your stem
cells are in this stew of these senescent cells
releasing their factors of aging their inflammasomes
if if your stem cells are hanging out in an environment full of glycation and
increased blood sugar if your stem cells are hanging out in area of a lot of toxins or oxidized
albumin they’re not going to function well okay they’re just not and as a result they’re
not going to do the job of repairing tissue in an accelerated fashion
what we found and this is shown in tissue studies are shown in like petri dishes as well as animal studies and now
human studies we just hasn’t been published yet but we have
completed the very first analysis of regenerative plasma exchange using high
throughput single cell rna transcriptomics proteomics and metabolomics
this is a groundbreaking study we’re hacking and figuring out what are the underlying causes of disease and
degeneration and then once we understand that it gives us a lot more hope for
making our intervention simpler easier cheaper more accessible
but for right now regenerative plasma exchange is doing that and
been been really really really exciting so i want to put that out there because
within uh the next year we’re going to be asking for research subjects and so people who are highly diligent in their
health and want to help us find some of these solutions that are out there
we’re going to be studying a host of different interventions we’re still going to be providing it
clinically for people because many people won’t meet the research criteria and like i said
denial denial in an action are the biggest uh detriments to uh the
progression of disease so if you think your loved one’s memory is sliding you think
the you have need for more stem cell regeneration please don’t wait
don’t think oh i’m going to get in a research study it’s probably not going to happen but anyway we’re all for you we’re all for
you you know um i want to really i want you to really think about what is
our what’s our goal here you know what is our goal at maxwell it keeps boiling down to more good days
all right more good days may make the days that you have better and then get more of them
because that’s literally what it means to be maxwell to enjoy the fullest
fullest of your potential both genetically spiritually physically
and um and then to be satisfied in the moment where you are so both striving and being
satisfied simultaneously so um i encourage you to be relentless
in your rational optimism i want to encourage you to continue to dig in
and find those things that matter for your particular health eat whole food
go to bed get rid of social media as much as you possibly can all right um
think about is you are always having your brain washed right
i mean that’s just the way neurology works whatever we’re around that’s what we will become
and and so decide which washing machine you’re going to stick
your head in because you you will be brainwashed in some way shape or form so is it
something that’s increasing the joy and goodness is it helping you to be productive is it helping you to
um create and make the kind of world that you want to live for your children and
grandchildren and i also want to encourage you detoxify where you can there
uh so i think we’re going to ship to some questions but i just want to say first of all how much fun this has been um
i have a little screen here of a whole bunch of pictures of many of you
um and maxwell we are trying to create a haven for called healers we have a
couple of new clinicians joining us within the next three months so excited about that
um we’re going to be training them in the in our methods of care
we’re super excited to have even more join us because we we see how clinicians are suffering
so if you know of a great clinician physician nurse practitioner physician’s assistant somebody who you
know would find a good home here let them know about us okay uh we we
really want uh clinicians to thrive because we know if they thrive uh our pa their patients
will thrive and they have a lot better chance of getting to 120 uh
in in a vibrant way so i hope this has been helpful for you let’s go to some questions all right um
so if you’re looking all right all right so a hundred and did so the comment is i want to be 120 and feel
great great function and mobility active mentally socially
sexually excellent memory and enjoying the family i
am the change i want to see in the world wow how about that
think of that you’re part of my drive and passion around
dementia happens to be we need to raise up eldership
eldership because elders have a very important role in society
and as the world has gotten faster and technology seems to leave our older
members in the dust we have to forget that the human side
right not the technological side of our existence but the human side is greatly
assisted by healthy elders practicing eldership
and and being being that that uh important component of our society
so oh okay so a question who are the two men over my head in the video man
they’re directly over my head aren’t they well those are two of my most important
heroes that’s will and charlie mayo and uh like most people know i went to vanderbilt to medical school and then
went to mayo for residency and practice and i’ll tell you the story of the mayo
clinic is a remarkable story and to be honest maxwell clinic
is modeled after mayo clinic and we we very much want to be the mayo
clinic of whole person health care one of the things that happens at mayo is it well it used to be
it’s not quite it not quite what it used to be as so many things are right it used to be when i was there part of my
job is for you know patients would come in with an undescribed problem very complex problem have seen all kinds of
doctors and my job was to intake them and listen to them
and and then farm them out to all kinds of specialists right and you go you’d see them see the oncologist
and the pathologist and then we’re gonna do a you know a consultation with uh
neurologic immunologists and then we’re gonna you know and and have them get
the best information from the highest and the sub specialists and then all that information would come back to me
as the quarterback and we’d sort through that information say okay now how does it apply to this patient and my job
would be to coordinate and talk with all these docs and that’s really what we do here that’s how that is our model of
care at maxwell to be very relational and dive deep unfortunately we don’t have uh that ease
of network of specialists that we had at mayo clinic um they don’t have it
anymore either unfortunately it’s gotten uh
anyway there’s been some changes that haven’t necessarily been as as uh patient-centric as i hope they are but
one of the things will and charlie mayo said is the needs of the patient come first the needs of the patient come
first and as a core value that’s powerful um and and mayo is run by
physicians it’s still runs by committees of physicians that are assisted by businessmen and business people and i
think that that is a profound difference
health care should be run by those that have taken oaths
to have had the most training and have taken oaths to protect patient interest and
because you get a different outcome so anyway that’s will and charlie mayo two of my big heroes
so um uh dr hazy i was diagnosed with vestibular
schwannoma uh two years ago i started on onco detox es that was the same thing i
mentioned about glutathione glutathione and the tumor is gone i’ve been dismissed from roswell park
cancer institute as it continues to be gone thank you dr ozzie wow wow that’s
that’s an amazing story that’s an amazing story you know
sorry okay choked up you know because the body really
is designed to heal and and all too often
we want things to make sense right and we want there to be some specialist that
tells us this is this is
we we know what you have and we know how to treat it even if those results are terrible um
and i think we have a very important
job to harness to be aware of our neurology and how each of us are susceptible to bias you
know our our colleagues that practice far more conventional medicine that
kind of follow a cookbook methodology of as if we’re we’re going to name a disease we’re going to blame the disease
we’re going to tame the disease no matter what it no matter what harm it takes in the meantime
i think they may be missing out on just how many other things can be helpful in the treatment of complex chronic
disease of all types right we kind of laugh people say well well what kind of diseases do you treat
uh i would say we don’t treat diseases we help people
right uh sir william osler and that’s another photo have elsewhere uh sir
william osra was really the father of modern medicine and he said it’s way more important to
know what type of person has a disease than what disease the person has
that’s kind of sounds like well wait a second that then that your job to know what the disease is guess what diseases
are kind of they’re they’re terrible descriptors of the complexity of a human
um and so when we get wrapped up in the name and blame and tame game of disease
rather than being curious about what are all the factors that could be addressed in that individual’s health and process
uh and what what are all the factors all the different ways that we can
um support them we miss out we just miss out and we age
we age prematurely we age more profoundly
but some of you know my own sister died as a result of too much medical care
um she she she died cancer-free but she died from the result of uh
a very aggressive treatment protocol that some of the specialists that cared for
her thought was a bit extreme and so um we have to always think about the harm
that can be done with intervention and seek very clearly to do least harm
remember doctors and properly prescribed medications are the third or fourth
leading cause of death in the united states that’s from the institute of medicine a very conservative medical
group those are shocking numbers aren’t they third or fourth leading cause of disease
and i didn’t say mis misprescribed medications not medical errors i’m
talking about properly prescribed because when you put a lot of different
medications in one soup you don’t know what’s going to happen you just don’t we don’t have the studies
at all to know in these remarkably genetically unique individuals if we put
in one compound that blocks inhibits or impairs a biologic function we don’t
even know what’s going to happen when we put it in any one person but now if you put a cocktail in we call that
polypharmacy and in medical school it gets drilled into us repeatedly polypharmacy is one
of the worst practices that can take place so then you know the more medication
somebody’s on the more likely it is that there will be uh an adverse event and that could be
fatal all right um what are my views on vegan diets well um i
i actually think a vegan diet is great as long as you cheat enough [Laughter]
and i’m being very serious about that if you look at our jaws we have the jaws of an omnivore that means we have teeth in
the back that are for grinding uh grinding like herbaceous materials we have canines that are for ripping and
tearing flesh and we have incisors for clipping things off structure and function go together and
and i have seen that while we have drastically overdone how much low quality um animal products uh
that are in our diet in general and when people switch to a vegan diet they often
drastically improve their overall food quality some people shift over to become a
breditarian and that doesn’t do them any good because a lot of the vegan food is
also very high in sugar or starch and and then we’ve actually seen new diabetics come to play as they’ve
shifted to a vegan diet um it’s very clear that too much glucose in the diet
is a problem but if you center on very complex carbohydrates
oils in vegan oils that’s amazing and and we
know that phytonutrients the compounds that are in fruits and vegetables turn on our genes
right some many of the supplements that we have that have the best data you know
these these pills are concentrates of the awful tasting things in fruits and
vegetables and so sometimes the only way we can get them past our mouth is in a capsule and
that can do us some real good um you know one of my favorite ones uh
is uh uh berga plus a and um in berg essence
these are two compounds that are based off of citrus bergamot and they’ve been amazing at lowering cholesterol and
lowering inflammation um in and uh like burg essence we uh do that one capsule
twice a day and we’ve seen some really great improvements from uh blood glucose
um so anyway but i i i vegan diets again it is
individual for than that person and then there are some foods some molecules you
just can’t get from a vegan diet and and so that’s why i say i i think a vegan diet is great as long as you cheat
blue zones oh gosh i’m so glad somebody brought up blue zones blue zones seem to focus on community and purpose
they also focus mostly on a diet that’s low in protein and high in veggies we’d love to hear your thoughts and a few ways to help cells rejuvenate um
so and and say thank you that’s an amazing story what i love about the clinic is that you all help take away fear now
that really warms my heart warms my heart because if we can
decrease fear and increase certainty in your your own personal health plan we’re already making a lot of
a lot of headway um absolutely the blue zones are these areas of the world that seem to have
or that do have a markedly higher number of people over the age of 100
that are very healthy and so some great work was done going to say
well what are the characteristics of these areas and there’s about nine major characteristics and among them have a
lot to do with community uh you know having a stable group of people that you
walk through life with pretty cool that that doesn’t mean that you’re in
the same group on social media that means you actually do life with them um
a and and most all of them had a little alcohol but how they how they had
alcohol is it was a happy hour that they all got together with the people in their in their tribe and their community
that was amazing um diets were highly varied all of them except for one did contain some meat
but the meat was more like a condiment like i said vegans who cheat uh it’s a pretty good pretty good way of thinking
about this um and so that’s that’s a great opportunity there uh one way to
help cells rejuvenate i’ve already mentioned that fasting fasting is profound just have
more periods in your life when you’re not eating turns out caloric restriction is really hard if you just try to
restrict calories it makes people miserable but if instead you have
periods of time maybe 14 or 16 hours 16 hours a day without eating and eight hours of eating we call
that like time compressed feeding if we want to make you sound like a laboratory animal and um
that gives that body a bit an ability to start recycling some of the old cells and causing other cells to sprout
all right so let me go into another question my husband is 53 years old and recently had a brain mri one of the sm
findings with small vessel ischemic disease his doctor said it was nothing to worry
about because it’s a common finding and it’s early stage how fast does it progress is it now too
soon to take action well i think the appropriate term for you know
small vessel ischemic disease in the brain those are micro strokes
okay yes they’re common that doesn’t make it good
uh this this is you know i love you my grandparents used to say oh they have hardening of the arteries and i went to
medical school and went oh wow those those uh elders of mine they were so
quaint in what they called things turns out it’s hardening in the arteries that’s the problem it’s actually
hardening the capillaries is a big part of the problem and absolutely he already has brain
damage now you may not be able to see that with symptoms but
um the the truth of the matter is that’s brain injury our brains have massive
redundancy so for instance once you know people start have parkinson’s start getting this little tremor by this time
they start having that tremor they may have already lost 90 percent of the cells that
control normal movement 90. they’re down to 10 of their starting cell population our
brains have huge redundancy so it’s very uncommon to start seeing major symptoms show up it’s one of the reasons why
um it’s so important to do cognitive screening we do use a test called the cenos vital signs or mocha
you just want to really put a line in the sand to say hey this is my brain function and even then
i would strongly recommend he should have a glycocheck test done let’s find out what is the
what’s the health of his glycocalyx this lining in the inside of the arteries it should have endopath done so how well do
his cells respond to a hypoxic challenge that’s important i
think it’s a i treat chronic small vessel disease in the brain as a five alarm fire because i
don’t want any more cells in the brain to die that don’t have to die
um we are we are already fighting time erosion friction oxidation inflammation
you know atrophy we’re fighting all those things just by accumulating birthdays we certainly don’t need to have it
accelerated by small vessel small vessels you know
collapsing and ceasing to feed the part of the brain that they
uh treat that they serve so um
so oh i don’t have a specific question but i’m happy for all you do at maxwell every time i see notices or listen to
videos i feel like you’re doing a great job practicing the medicine and the way i love i sure hope to become part of the
maxwell team wonderful that’s from a physician uh out out there in the in the in the cyberspace so wonderful
we’d love that um and then um and then a
very important point you made tonight and you cannot overemphasize is collaboration with your patient’s team of other
medical professionals to determine a great solution for the patient’s problem exactly
as i worked with this patient’s doctor dr capasso one of my dear friends in florida to help recover from liver
failure we determine the causes due to opioids my physician gave me for a broken ankle
and i’m impressed you never gave me a drug to help the symptom not question but an observation thank
you thank you very much the uh i think we always have to keep asking
why i mean and as i recall this was you were not an easy case
and and you know i i i treasure my the hairs i have left and so i was pulled out more
of them trying to think of what exactly is the cause but the good news is um
you’re when you remove when you remove problems when you remove i like there’s
old saying that if you’re sitting on attack it takes a lot of aspirin to feel better and and i think what we should have is a
relentless um relentless passion for finding the tax
that we happen to be sitting on because then and only then um is the body unimpaired and ability to create health
for itself so um and so uh
another question do i recommend the test mentioned today the glyco check the methylome test of biologic age
endopath quantitative eeg for all patients or just patients with
specific symptoms thank you love this talk thank you very much uh well
here’s a challenge right um our world of healthcare um
isn’t set up to reimburse the the
the goal of creating health everything in our insurance or i may call it the
uninsurance system uh is set up to treat acute disease and that’s really
what our united states health care system is it’s we’re a an acute disease
uh you know the system and and we actually do that quite well
for many things you go in the emergency room you have a really severe illness you know we come keep people alive and
pull them through some terrible circumstances um but but that’s not what most
of our healthcare problems are most of our healthcare problems have a lot to do with our lifestyle and our individual
variation and and so uh many of the some of these tests i’ve talked about are covered by
insurance um and so we we run into this challenge of
how do we you know we take an oath to care for people and and so we are as clinicians are
always struggling with how do we help you apply your limited
resources for your best health does that make sense because all of us
and listen i have several billionaires as patients and and they have limited resources they don’t
have limited resources of money but they have limited resources of time of energy
of focus of of of community you know everybo all god’s children’s
got troubles and none of us have everything so our job you know in this great
this quest that we’re on together is how do we help match your resources
towards your greatest outcome i would say absolutely i would like you to have all of those tests done i think we
should be much more investigative about underlying causes of illness we even have tests that help search for
you know circulating tumor cells or what’s your likelihood for cancer
and sometimes it’s frankly hard for us because you know we know that not everybody can
afford everything and but we want at people to have everything
to serve their greater need so this is where this is why the most important thing that we can do is listen
and and and we start where we are with what we got you know and and we march forward
together um always knowing that hey we may have to save up to do that
particular test we may have to uh budget that we
but it’s it’s part of it’s part of this journey together creating health the process of maxwell
um is a journey it’s not a destination uh and and so um
and it’s a journey we get to do together so i want to thank you all i thank all of you we’ve had wow so many people
attending this you know for those of you out there we’ve had hundreds of people that are engaged and
and you’re part of the maxwell movement this is not about having a clinic okay
it’s honestly not i really believe we have to transform health care we have to
start listening to patients we need to work together to create the solutions necessary there’s always going to be a
better way and our commitment to you is to always be open to learning that better way for
you and to walk alongside in a way that’s going to be uh functional so
well with that uh i’m gonna throw some water on the fire yeah yeah i
probably shouldn’t start an electrical uh storm but um thank you very much for
joining me for this fireside chat i hope it’s been useful and encouraging to you
um you are very important in this world you are here for a purpose
and um and you’re perfect just the way you are and you could use a little work
[Laughter] all right this is dr david haase signing off bye

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