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Supplementation for Your Health: The Skinny on Supplements with David Haase, MD

Supplementation for Your Health: The Skinny on Supplements

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I know you want to be healthy and live a long life and supplements are a tool we use to help you do this. Sadly, the truth is that not all supplements are created equal and It can be hard to find out which ones are worth yourtime or money. That’s why I have researched and investigated supplement makers, toured factories, and studied independent analyses of their finished products for years. I want to provide only the best quality supplements to enable you to reach your Maximum Wellness.

Watch the video to get the skinny on supplements.

During my webinar, I’ll share my research with you and help you be a wiser consumer. It’ll make your life easier – and healthier too! Join me for my upcoming webinar! You don’t want to miss it!

Unlocking the Power of Supplements: Insights from Dr. David Haase

Supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek ways to optimize their health and well-being. Dr. David Haase, a renowned expert in functional medicine, recently shared his insights on various supplements and their potential benefits. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the key takeaways from Dr. Haase’s discussion, shedding light on supplements that can help you on your journey to better health.

Understanding the World of Supplements

Before we dive into specific supplements, it’s important to understand the role they play in our health. Supplements are designed to complement a balanced diet, providing additional nutrients that may be lacking or insufficient in our regular meals. They come in various forms, including capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids, each tailored to address different health needs.

Berberine and Alpha Lipoic Acid Complex

Dr. Haase highlights the significance of berberine and its role in managing blood sugar levels. Berberine is known to be effective in stabilizing blood sugar, making it a valuable tool for those dealing with diabetes or insulin resistance. It’s worth noting that high levels of stress can cause blood sugar to spike further, making berberine an essential supplement for stress management.

He also mentions a product called Berformin. This complex combines berberine and alpha-lipoic acid, both of which offer numerous health benefits. Alpha-lipoic acid acts as a potent antioxidant, helping protect cells from damage. To dive deeper into the details and references supporting these ingredients, you can visit the Creating Health website.

The Challenge of Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy has garnered attention for its potential health benefits. However, Dr. Haase points out the challenges it faces in terms of availability. The FDA’s regulatory framework makes it difficult for peptides to be readily accessible. This, he explains, is due to the lack of patentability for natural molecules like peptides. Unlike pharmaceuticals, natural compounds cannot be patented, which means there’s less incentive for companies to invest in extensive studies and clinical trials.

Addressing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common concern, especially as we age. Dr. Haase shares insights into managing osteoporosis, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right supplements. Contrary to popular belief, calcium alone might not be the answer. He introduces a product called Bone Factors MCHC™, which contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, a freeze-dried bone product.

While this product contains calcium, it offers much more. It includes essential growth factors, micronutrients, and even boron, all of which contribute to bone health. Dr. Haase highlights a study conducted in Germany, demonstrating the positive impact of this specific form of calcium on bone density.

The Role of Melatonin

Melatonin, often associated with sleep, is a versatile molecule. It serves as a precursor to serotonin, making it essential for mood regulation. Additionally, melatonin acts as a powerful antioxidant and plays a role in immune system modulation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, melatonin was recommended for its potential immune-boosting effects.

Dr. Haase discusses the importance of using the right form of melatonin, emphasizing the benefits of controlled-release formulations. These formulations can improve sleep and support overall health.

Optimizing Testosterone Levels

For those looking to optimize testosterone levels naturally, Dr. Haase suggests considering supplements like Testo NRG™ and “Himalayan Shilajit.” Testo NRG contains ericconium, which has been linked to improved virility and increased free testosterone. Himalayan Shilajit, on the other hand, has shown potential in boosting both total and free testosterone.

By focusing on these supplements, individuals can promote their own testosterone production, reducing the need for exogenous testosterone therapy.

Supplements for Athletic Performance

Dr. Haase also explores supplements for enhancing athletic performance. He introduces Clean NRG™, an electrolyte formula designed to replenish essential minerals and provide sustained energy without the drawbacks associated with energy drinks. This cleaner alternative can be especially beneficial for athletes.

Another interesting product, Sibno™ 26, tackles the issue of leaky gut caused by exercise-induced stress. This dairy-free immunoglobulin formula, combined with large arabinogalactan, helps reduce inflammation associated with exercise and supports gut health.

Practicing Gratitude

Dr. Haase leaves us with a powerful reminder – practicing gratitude when taking supplements. Viewing each pill or capsule as an opportunity to enhance your health can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Gratitude can transform your attitude towards supplementation, helping you derive maximum benefits.

Incorporating supplements into your wellness routine can be a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before adding new supplements to your regimen, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or are taking medications.

As you embark on your journey to better health, consider these insights from Dr. David Haase as a guide to making informed decisions about supplements. Remember that supplements are meant to complement a balanced diet and lifestyle, not replace them.

Incorporating these supplements thoughtfully into your daily routine, alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, can contribute to your overall well-being. Always remember that individual responses to supplements may vary, so consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best approach for your specific needs.

Unlock the potential of supplements with knowledge and gratitude, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with our New Patient Coordinator to see how you can become a patient at MaxWell Clinic and start your healing journey today.

i want to welcome everybody this
is our visit on the skinny on supplements and um and i love this topic
i have had a love hate affair with supplements for a very very long time
and i’d love to dig into this information with you this is part of our series of maxwell
care the our group visits and so i’m going to really push through some material i
think some big points and then we’re going to spend the rest of our time doing questions and answers so please uh
put your questions into the panel um where we love them and we want to
the only way i can get uh the questions is if you put them into the question and answer area okay i’m gonna dive into
just as very much as i can awesome so let me do here is i’m gonna share my
screen with all of you and we’re going to take a look at some slides that i worked on
and so this is the skinny on supplements and i want to say that
i have you on mute but if you have a question please type your question in the q a box
and in the event that the internet goes down we’re going to switch to a hot spot so stay on for 5 10 minutes we are
absolutely going to be right back so so um you know what are my
qualifications to speak about supplements well uh first of all i grew up on a farm so food as medicine has
always been just in my blood i really always understood the power that
nutrition had to activate disease or activate health i’ll often tell people you know tell me what
you want to die from and i’ll tell you what to eat because it is that tightly linked when
in animal husbandry as we’re caring for cows pigs etc
it the nutrition was everything and it’s no different for humans so
um i became i went to vanderbilt medical school uh and actually engaged in
research there around nutrition uh the mayo clinic for residency i came out of
there i became a certified nutrition specialist back in the year 2000 uh was one of the very first founding members
of the american holistic medical association i then became one of the first uh
qualified members of the institute for functional medicine and now i’m one of the core faculty teaching nutrition
supplementation metabolomics to physicians that are going through that training program
i’ve gotten to teach every single person that’s come through that program already
and then we started maxwell clinic and boots on the ground and there’s nothing
like experience that teaches what what works and what doesn’t work and i’ve learned a lot in the realm of
nutritional supplementation around that and then finally um i’m been the chief medical um
i’ve been the medical director for zymogen now this this uh logo on the bottom you may not
or may not have heard of before uh zymogen is the uh largest professional
only supplement company in the united states and and in working through them i’ve led in
the formulation of over 400 supplements those take a lot of work
and there’s a lot of details that go into crafting a new supplement i’ve also led the board of advisors for
that company for the last 11 years i’ve been on the board for 18 years and i’ve been the medical director for the last
six years i have lectured nationally and internationally
on supplementation to over ten thousand doctors and i really am an expert in this field um so i and i i’m really
excited to get to talk to you about some of the nitty gritty and the concepts behind nutritional supplementation
this is amazing so the us dietary supplement market is currently at 42 billion dollars a year
and we see this general growth of about 8 per year predicted
at least for the next 10 years now what has this led to this led to a whole lot of people that want to make
money jumping into the supplement market not necessarily the people that have uh
uh patients health in mind uh it’s it’s been a very it’s it’s caused me a little
indigestion uh the number of things that i see pop up on news feeds on instagram
feeds uh that are really selling crap uh because they can make money and not
necessarily because it’s really going to help someone it’s it’s a challenging so
that being said that but but the other side of this is that 42 billion dollars
is our people they’re striving to improve their health and a whole lot of these people are getting benefit from
what they’re taking or they wouldn’t keep purchasing and these numbers wouldn’t keep going up so supplements
have some incredible effectiveness as well so you know always the question is if you
want to understand something follow the money well the money’s going up here because these things have a real role in
health care so if you were in my last lecture and if you haven’t please go back and look it
up i went through the eight steps to create health and
the four blue ones in the middle replenish regenerative supports remove degenerative forces
retrain dysfunctional patterns and reboot when all else fails all of these are
supported through efficient effective and appropriate supplementation especially the replenish
regenerative supports because what are supplements supplements i mean i think you really have to understand them as
concentrated foods they are just literally um
supplements are just literally this um opportunity i think it’s
important the way you frame these things to take a highly purified concentrated food and to put it into
a form that is easily accessible that is controlled away from decay
that is given an opportunity for you to assimilate in a way that is going
to be useful and that doesn’t taste horrible
because of many of the best uh quality supplements and the ingredients that are
actually really powerful and helpful for people they’re alkaloids and alkaloids are a
compound of that’s in foods that are usually highly bitter and highly irritating so it
really is something that you have to um you have to be thankful for supplements
because they’re enabling you to do something you could never do with your diet alone
um so let me go into a few key points all right so
first of all first of all have you ever seen on any supplement bottle okay i think we have
let’s take a supplement bottle right here and it says these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug
administration this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease
have you ever wondered why that is on there because if it did
treat cure prevent or um help any disease any disease by
definition it would be a drug for the fda so that statement is not meant to say
this product can’t do anything it’s really it is literally a definition
of what is a drug and what is not a drug so this is saying this is not a drug it’s not regulated as a drug in the
united states by the fda um and and there are some advantages and
disadvantages to that the advantages are that the cost of these are dramatically
supplements are dramatically lower than what medications would be if these same products were sold by the pharmaceutical
industry a bottle that cost sixty dollars would cost 460 or probably a
thousand dollars because um there there is the free market that
exists here and that helps um competition keep prices down um
the downside of all of that is also the that there’s so much chicanery that is
in the environment uh supplements aren’t really regulated by the fda to any great
extent i’ll tell you because i have you know i have overseen a
uh 300 000 square foot facility uh over 120 000 square foot of that is
manufacturing space for supplements and um
and it is an amazing really interesting thing to recognize that
we make our own rules so the fda most of the time is coming in saying what are
your standards and we have very stringent standards at cymogen which is
where all of the creating health products are made in are made at and um
and those very stringent standards um like for instance we reject any material
that isn’t at um a 100 of label claim so it actually has to
have the same potency that the label of that material as a raw material came to
us do you know that we have to return away nearly one-fourth of all the raw
materials that we have ordered that come to our door and these are raw materials that come from certified uh vendors
people that we count on people that we know are excellent already and so the
variability and challenges are are huge but
the the bigger challenge is that a company out there could say you know
what we’re just going to make really low standards and that way you know we don’t have to have certain
purity standards we don’t have to have certain cleanliness standards we don’t have to have
a whole host of standards the bare minimum is actually a bare
minimum and as a result you get absolutely crap coming out excuse my
language but there’s no other way to describe it except excrement coming out in some of these products the
new york inspector general the office of the inspector general actually went out and gathered bottles from walgreens
walmart cvs gnc and and pulled bottles of herbs off the
off the shelf and then subjected them to genetic analysis to see if what was said on the label was
actually in the bottle how many do you think actually showed up as being potent or
actually just we’re not even talking about potency here we’re talking about the actual material they all failed
failed miserably and um so you can look this up look up new york
office the inspector general supplement studies and it was horrific and these
are major brands showing that like somebody buying saw palmetto there’s no
saw palmetto in the actual bottle and even worse there were fillers and other
products in the bottle that were not on the label so supplements really are the wild west and
there’s no other place that i think buyer beware is actually more important so
all right so that was one thing so supplements cannot by definition treat cure prevent or
diagnose any disease because if they were marketed as such they’d be defined as a drug all right next supplements are
supplemental to the best diet possible i i can’t emphasize this enough
these are not meant to replace a plate you can’t eat horrible food and think
that you can make up for it if you just take a handful of pills not
going to work when you compare the size of your plate to the size of the supplements you may be taking even
you’re taking a bunch it is it’s it’s it pales in comparison
so high quality food has to be your number one concern and then
supplements may be supplemental to what goes on in a healthy diet
next toxicity is cumulative so what i mean by that is that every day
you if you’re taking a pill every day okay i’m gonna go to and i’m gonna just
with uh certainty i’m gonna go to that uh bottle and then i’m going to
ask that bottle you know i’m going to take a pill every day every day another one and another one
and and so if there are toxins in that bottle it is going to build up in the
body over the course of your lifetime and um as opposed to if you’re
out and about and you happen to eat a food that has some toxicity to it that’s that’s going to be a one-time occurrence
or um so when we’re thinking about the cleansiness of things anything that you do daily you really have to have pure
and this this this goes for the air you breathe the food you eat the water you drink
anything you’re contacting daily those are the things to prioritize to make certain that they’re low in toxins
you know the one-offs the things you get in contact with once in a while not as big of a concern but toxicity is very
real uh for instance there’s contamination with mercury arsenic
cadmium and a whole bunch of raw materials for supplements
okay next uh natural materials decay
so potency is challenging and storage must be really cool and dry
so think of this if you have a natural substance what makes it different from a drug is that a drug is a
molecule that was designed to be chemically stable so that it can be have very few molecules
uh that are jam-packed in a tablet that’s going to last forever that’s the ideal
drug and and they’re made synthetically specifically because they actually have
to be unnatural in order to get a patent it’s a terrible situation that that the
only place where we can really guarantee a certain level of quality is in the synthetic world in the natural world
there are tons of variables so in one of those variables if everything
has been done right the supplement has been manufactured perfectly if it is stored in heat or in
humidity you’re going to have a much more rapid decay of that natural material this is
why i never recommend people buy supplements off of amazon amazon doesn’t segregate where their supplements are
stored and they and their warehouses are notoriously incredibly hot in the summer
and they’re not air conditioned and we know that supplements decay
quite rapidly if the temperature is even 10 or 15 degrees above room temperature
all the supplements that we have in our office have always lived in temperature controlled
circumstances and they’ve never been subjected to any outdoor
or any summer heat type of environments
and so how about this um oops there we go
the and there’s also just lots of so lots of chicanery going on right that
was my next point lots of chicanery going on i think i’ve made this point a little bit because there is so much money in
supplements in in in the online marketing world where if you purchase a
supplement then um you have no idea who is selling you that product uh you’re
you’re funding somebody else’s your your funding somebody’s living on a beach
somewhere uh just creating a marketing campaign for another product um
if you purchase supplements here at creating health attached to maxwell clinic it is very much subsidizing us
developing our practice to serve more people it has always been that way it all those
monies have directly gone back into the practice to keep our prices down elsewhere and
it is a challenging endeavor because raw material costs are going up and up they’re skyrocketing just like you’re
seeing raw material costs a triple in the building industry and you’re seeing all kinds of shortages because of all
these crazy transport issues with the blockage in the suez canal
that problem is going to continue trickling out for the next year you know we’ve we just made a massive
order in iv vitamin c because we know we get our vitamin c made from tapioca so it’s not a corn
source and but we also know that a whole bunch of tapioca went bad in these big shipping
barges and there’s going to be a tapioca shortage coming up here and there’s tons of products made with tapioca you know
that’s quite a uh like a gluten substitute so there are there are a lot of challenges
when it comes to uh the potency and purity of products
and if you don’t have integrity and you don’t have standard operating procedures to go by you can switch out a lesser
raw material for something that would be more expensive or unavailable i’ll tell you this
if you know sometimes people get really bothered by the fact that we have back orders on occasion the reason we have
back orders is because we have very strong standards about exactly who our suppliers are how it may be produced and
where it can be and almost always i will say i can’t even think of an exception for this our
back orders are always because the raw material supplier
can’t provide the material for some reason or we have a bad batch that came in
we just ran into that with one of our products you know iges that ige is is amazing for
blocking histamine release in allergy season uh the amount of iges
that flies out of this place is amazing because you start just two capsules
twice a day for a week and one capsule twice a day for a week and it does
such a good job of decreasing allergy symptoms uh but it does that because we have a
blend of both quercetin which is pretty easy to come by it can really degrade with heat you do
have to be careful there but also dihydroquercetin and dihydrocarcinogen is really difficult to get
there’s only two suppliers in the world and the one supplier that we had um making our product um
just went you know there there we had three shipments from them that didn’t meet our third party evaluation that’s
right so every product on our shelves uh is actually has had third-party testing
done on it at the end of production of that product so that we know what is on
the label is in the product without fail that adds cost if you don’t do third
party testing you don’t you know it’s that’s one less expense in there and there’s very few companies
that actually do um uh form is very important form
determines availability i highly recommend people um
avoiding compressed tablets except in certain circumstances i think we only have two compressed tablets in our
entire line alpha max which is designed to be
which is designed to be a controlled release product so it really works really well there it’s a controlled
release alpha lipoic acid that helps improve insulin sensitivity and decrease peripheral neuropathy
but then also we have two new products uh berga core um
uh burg essence and um and bright plus amla and and those
products are very helpful for decreasing cholesterol burden uh and
also improving endothelial function but but outside of those we really try never to
use compression because oftentimes it doesn’t break apart in the stomach well
but both of those were designed to be that way so there was a time release
component to that breakdown the other thing dose really matters wow
we utilize we do a large literature search before we create any product
and whenever we’re doing that literature search it will specify you know what is the actual raw material that was used in
a in a particular um what was the raw material that was used
in order to make do that study and it’ll specify the supplier and the form of
that product it’ll also say what the dose was and and we worked very hard to have our products
uh mimic both the actual form of the raw material that was studied and the dose that was studied i
have a burning displeasure for window dressing labels if you go to your label
and it has a proprietary blend of you know and it has a ton of things on
there the lay person the person who doesn’t understand supplement labels go like wow look at all the things that’s in here
man you know you know this has this has the ingredient i’m
looking for and so many other things but it’s probably at a dose that is absolutely meaningless except for
marketing purposes so um very much beware things that say proprietary formula
that’s a way that you can hide a lot of
you can hide a lot of chicanery you know there’s a way it’s not just to kind of defend intellectual property but it’s a
way to put substandard ingredients in many times you’ll see magnesium on the label
but they don’t tell you what form it is in is that a magnesium
citrate or is that a magnesium glycinate a magnesium threonate magnesium oxide
those actually all have different purposes and different strengths and different weaknesses magnesium oxide is
you know great if you want to rub it on a baby’s bottom for diaper rash but it’s terrible as a nutritional
supplement because oxides don’t dissociate from magnesium very well but it’s super cheap and it’s also a super
small molecule so you can jam a lot of it into a tablet one of my mentors used to say i wouldn’t
give centrum to a gerbil i don’t know if that’s true but the um
but i think it’s there’s a lot of lower quality ingredients in there just to deal with space
the other thing is timing matters so there are some supplements that are better in the am than in the pm
we actually have a mechanism to take supplements and put them into little packets am and pm packets they get
shipped to you on a big roll you just pull off the packets that say am today
take those come back in the evening pull up pull out the roll a little bit more it’ll say pm and those come out although
we call those our care packages uh and um we’re excited to see that uh being
utilized more often but we’re always wanting to mimic kind of how the body will do its work a good
example of that is vitamin d when do you think vitamin d should be taken almost everybody thinks oh you should
probably take it in the morning because that’s when you would get sun you’re right that’s when you get sun but
you actually the for by the time the sun converts into vitamin d and it starts hitting the body that’s usually in the
evening so vitamin d dosing in the evening would be preferred
okay the next thing is details matter slight changes of the product are not
always on the label um this is really true uh for some of the
more expensive materials you’ll see for instance
propylmannon is a product that we have it’s called celine fiber or clean fiber
uh it actually has been shown to help with weight loss in in postmenopausal women
it decreases ldl it absorbs aflatoxin and so it pulls um
undesired mold toxins out of the body um it’s incredibly safe
and it decreases appetite so if you take it before a meal you have a higher sense of satiety and then that really works
but um that is that is actually the form that was studied and so we we
um acquired that it’s a drug in japan germany australia
and um and that’s the one we utilized well there’s been a lot of knockoff
products that have come out and and they will say propylmanon but they’re not
they’re actually just glucomannan or something else
not even close so because
there’s it’s so easy to make a counterfeit supplement all you need is a
a different roll of labels you can order a bunch of bottle white bottles
and you can put different labels on them and voila you can sell at the equivalent of sugar pills for
something that would be really expensive and uh that’s happening all over the
place um and then my last point is fraud marketing and quick fix products are
endangering us all there’s a lot of different endangerments that go on here i’m worried that because of
greed marketing and quick fix products that almost invariably
rev up metabolism to make somebody lose weight or make you have energy
that’s what drugs do drugs make you do something supplements should enable your
body to do what it needs to do better to to heal better to have more normality
not extra normal behavior um and
uh but i think there’s a lot of products on the market and you hear it all the time you know it’s like okay these people have died from this uh weight
you know uh weightlifting supplement or these individuals have
been i think what we’re going to see is in the fda is really going to start clamping down more and more
on supplements in general because of the bad apples because of the fraud i mean
absolutely the fraud needs to be shut down but there’s really no mechanism to do that at the present time it’s totally
buyer beware um you know there’s so much marketing uh you get sick of it and as in this you go
like ah not another one of these supplement ads because you answer one you know you’re going to get 20 more coming your way
because of all the google targeted marketing uh man
the internet knows who you are and they know what you’re interested in and they will go after you hard
and and as a result you become bitter and annoyed and now that changes the
attitude of ability of supplements in the marketplace so all of these things
you know it’s it’s uh my my dad used to say you know the uh
the locks are you know locks don’t uh ever how’d it go you know we don’t we don’t
lock our doors because of honest men right and so you’re taking precautions because you’re concerned about the bad
actors out there and the hard part is outside of knowing what your source is
you don’t have a lot of extra protection in this domain so so
this this was my key points here i’m going to go over it again fda supplements cannot by definition
treat cure prevent or diagnose any disease because if they were marketed as such they would be called a drug
supplements are supplemental to the best diet possible toxicity is cumulative
so purity is primary natural ingredients decay
so potency is really challenging and storage should be cool and dry
there’s lots of chicanery going on uh in the raw material supply
market so purity is really challenging to obtain
form determines availability beware compressed tablets
dose matters avoid window dressing labels timing matters some supplements are
better than the am and some are better than the pm talk to your doctor about that details matter slight changes of product
are not always on the label and fraud marketing quick fix products are endangering to us all
this is uh our the store that we have that’s attached to
the clinic and services our patients is called and this really is
targeted towards just our patients we’re just here to serve you i i was actually forced to
start providing supplements to our patients because i recognized very early on that when i would write a
prescription out and i would send them down the road to a health food store to get that the health food store clerk would change
my order they would change what went on they would be cross sold or side sold or upsold what i
was actually intending for them that i had good data to suggest should be given
and there’s really no other way but to start doing it ourselves and actually that problem has just
gotten worse now because it’s it’s harder and harder to guarantee
potency purity uh and and storage creating health also has another purpose
however a portion of all the proceeds at creating health go to the food initiative the food initiative i’d
encourage you all to look it up uh is a non-profit i got the pleasure of
being one of the founders of almost 12 years ago and since that time we’ve put
on nearly 300 students through an amazing learning experience
putting them into an organic garden to work together in teams of 10 learning life skills learning a whole bunch of
information about food because we call it seed to service we’d
have them plant the seed have them grow the seed harvest harvest the plant
uh cook the food and then serve it in our local hunger relief organizations
uh it it warms my heart like i can’t begin to tell you and i think it’s one of the best non-profit
organizations out there i’m not on the board any longer all i do is support the organization but they do an amazing job
uh creating health has a huge number of products on it and um and there’s a lot of detail oh
look here here’s celine fiber that was talking about uh that does a great job of absorbing toxins and ldl uh
diminishing appetite uh cravings and then here’s the berga plus a uh which in
berg essence which are two new formulas to really work on um
cholesterol and cardiac health but um there’s a huge catalog if they’re having
any trouble finding something please let us know sheena is our manager and she’s amazing if you want to know more about
supplementation i wrote a couple of chapters about it in my book curiosity heals the human
the subtitle is how to solve unsolvable medical challenges with better questions
and advanced technologies i had a great time writing this i don’t i always forget to tell people
about it and but i think there’s some real good do-it-yourself uh help in there so uh
i’m gonna now turn it over to questions and start digging in so if you have questions we see it we have a have some
coming in uh now’s your chance all right anything you want to know about about supplements from me um please type it in
the question and answer uh area and uh and we’ll dig into that so
um all right so the uh i had oh good question right off the bat that’s you know what is your
opinion of berberine berberine so that was actually one of the
two products i just showed you there burg essence is uh the highest potency
berberine that exists on the market that’s a 45 purity berberine it’s the only product
that is now being used in all of the berberine studies moving forward
and then um berga plus a um is a combination of
of berberine plus oh excuse me i am misspeaking here i’ve
been i’ve been talking about bergamot it even gets me sometimes so bergamot is
the one that we’re using for uh the control of cholesterol and of
heart disease and that is what burgess is berberine on the other hand is an
alkaloid that actually has some potency very similar to the drug metformin
so both metformin and berberine really work on the gut microbiome and and it
will help decrease the uh blood sugar of most anybody that’s
utilizing it the the product that we have
for there is a bergamot protect
and and and this is a combination of berberine plus alpha lipoic acid
and i think one of the most important things about that is is should be taken uh at
the beginning of a meal because it’s going to absorb and it’s going to drastically decrease what we
call the postprandial glucose spike and that postprandial glucose spike
is the um uh is is that means after meal blood sugar spike
that is actually where we get uh most of our
injury to molecules from so um
you know the most important thing to keep down in a um
the most important thing to keep down as far as blood sugar is the blood sugar right after your meal and and so that
can be incredibly helpful um berberine has some downsides though
at very high doses taken long term um you know alkaloids in the natural
medicine community have been thought to be just not something you want to do long
term and so if you’re using berberine to get your blood sugar down
then i think you have to really ask yourself why is my blood sugar up and remember how i said supplements are
supplemental you really need to have a discussion about should you be engaging in fasting
should you be changing the types of food that you’re eating why is your blood sugar rising what’s
going on with your stress response some of you stress is going to see that blood sugar shoot up even more
and so that is um that’s really berberine and it’s used
for other processes as well this is the product i was talking about burforman so
kind of take off on metformin don’t tell merck but
what is berberine and alpha lipoic acid complex if you go on the creating health website
you can really dig into this we have a place for in-depth information and this
is a sheet that then goes into not the reasoning behind every
ingredient and then also references to support
why this ingredient why these dosings and where does that actually come from
so the very very useful resource there
okay another question uh was uh this isn’t
really about supplements do you have any idea when peptide therapy will be available again uh well let me tell you the fda is making uh getting peptides
back again very difficult so please call your congressman and and really um
ream the fda because they’re they’re honestly as with supplements anything natural
does not serve the interests of the patented pharmaceutical industry
it doesn’t increase shareholder value and you know the fda is almost entirely
funded by the fees that drug companies pay the fda to get approval
so there’s a huge drive by the you know lifetime bureaucrats at the fda
to make certain that they have a job and if they don’t have new studies coming in
for new drugs they’re not going to have a job but the problem with peptides was that it’s a natural molecule and
therefore it will never be patented nobody is going to spend all the money to do the studies
necessary to make it a drug when as soon as it becomes a drug anybody will be able to copy it
this is a really difficult problem you know it’s a very difficult problem
our patent process has decrea has diminished our availability to not just amazing uh
supplements uh that could be mass manufactured at pharmaceutical
quality um but it’s really decreased our availability for um
you know for peptide therapy so i hope that’s hope that’s helpful
um okay next question um all right so uh what do you what do you suggest for
osteoporosis um my doctor says uh that calcium is no good for you oh this is great
oh this is great um all right so uh i actually had a great conversation with endocrine just around
this just recently and um i just pulled up this um i went to creating health and
i went to bone health support so i went to supplement i went down here to bone health support and clicked on
that and these are the products that have some oopsie go back on that
um have some products this is very interesting this is bone factors mchc
and bone factors is uh where the whole idea that calcium helps
with osteoporosis it seems like common sense right bones have a lot of calcium in it well that would be good to give it
well the first studies and actually the only effective studies on calcium being useful for bone health were for from
this bone factors microcrystalline hydroxyapa hydroxyapatite
and and what’s interesting about this is this is actually freeze-dried bone so
when we start to take a look at the actual ingredients in this freeze-dried
bone we recognize that there’s there’s a little bit of calcium there’s some phosphorus magnesium
and those are the things that are on the label but what is not on the label when you’re looking at a freeze-dried bone
tons of growth factors tons of growth high micronutrients boron
and it turns out that in new zealand they’ve actually taken this
particular product and they’ve distilled all the minerals away and voila underneath the growth factors have most
of the effect but this particular product was studied in germany under the name asapan md
and ossipan md same material um it was given to post-menopausal women uh
and and others women were given a placebo and it was shown that these
post-menopausal women who were going into menopause maintained all of their bone mass if they were taking this form
of essentially microcrystalline hydroxyapatite that one study triggered the
uh assumption that it was the calcium in this product that was doing it therefore
people started selling calcium citrate and oscal and calcium carbonate and all
these forms of calcium well you do not want to over indulge in calcium so this
actually has a pretty low amount of calcium per capsule product and
and this is the actual product that has the data behind it that shows that it does increase bone density
when used regularly other things that i think are really important uh
vitamin d3 very important several different dosings of vitamin d3
and then also i i think this is a remarkable product
and regena new has the capability of um
this is a stabilized silica and now silica where does it come from comes
from sand dirt you know one of our problems is that we’re not eating enough dirt we’re
not eating enough sticks and twigs is fiber the fiber intake of humans has gone down
dramatically over the centuries but also the intake of silica well the problem is if you eat dirt there are
other things in dirt that may not be really great um this uh stabilized silica turns on the
production of collagen of elastin and of keratin and what that means is that the
skin gets springier there are fewer i always tell women that are starting this for the treatment of i
might see when i say the treatment of osteoporosis the fda would say you can’t say that because that’s the treatment of
a disease so you have to use this fuzzy language like to support healthy bone density which is
just ridiculous when the studies show that it treats osteoporosis
again these are the things i can say in in this environment you know because i want to just shoot straight and give you
the real scoop it’s one of the benefits of being part of this tribe and
so but what this stabilized silica does is it will help build bone mass
it will enable so new collagen to be formed and as
collagen gets formed that’s kind of the skeleton of the inside of the bone and that skeleton gets overlain with a whole
bunch of calcium and then that’s what makes the bone hard so collagen makes it strong the calcium makes it hard people
say well why don’t i just eat a bunch of eat a bunch of collagen which has become really popular
there’s some benefit to that those are raw materials but if you don’t if you’re not stimulating the enzymes that
actually make your body’s collagen eating collagen it’s a long way from the
stomach to make it inside the bone and it really has to get broken down in the stomach first and then reassembled this
helps with the reassembly now there is the side effect in that fine wrinkles go down by about
30 percent over the course of 60 days you know nails get longer um eyelashes get
thicker uh hair shafts actually become thicker so for thin hair etc
it’s pretty amazing but what’s one other thing that silica does for us that’s really remarkable is that it detoxifies
aluminum this is like the best product for individuals who have a high amount of aluminum we make certain that they’re
taking this so that aluminum binds with silica and is able to come out of uh
come out of that product or been able to just be pooed out okay
so uh pretty good okay another one sorry i’m taking a little bit of time here um all right so what are your thoughts
about melatonin okay all right well um let’s let’s pull up
some relaxation and sleep let me just this is kind of useful to go just to this screen
all right so the question is about a melatonin but i think it’s probably meaning like well
what about supplements for sleep we actually have two different forms of melatonin one is a sublingual
formulation which it means sl and the cr is a controlled release this is three
milligrams this is five milligrams almost all of the studies on melatonin
are done on this formulation 5 milligrams of controlled release melatonin
for sublingual melatonin you can just cut take one of these tablets even snap it in half put it sublingually and it
will give you a boost and help with engaging sleep but melatonin is an amazing molecule people think oh it’s a
sleep hormone no yes but melatonin is actually raw material
serotonin so if you don’t have a serotonin you don’t make enough melatonin it’s one of the reasons that
uh insomnia is such a common complaint in people that have depression
the two are very much linked to biologically melatonin is an amazing antioxidant it
actually enables your mitochondria to work better melatonin is an immune stabilizer during covid we’ve
recommended everybody take at least you know a half of a melatonin sublingual
daily or excuse me nightly because it shows that there’s some really good
evidence that it as an immune regulator helps um helps
decrease that melatonin at very high doses have been shown to improve fertility
at pretty high doses it’s used as a as an adjuvant in breast cancer treatment
we’re we utilize it regularly in our treatment of neurocognitive decline so
you know just you know when you have this molecule that is in the body
you can be certain that that those molecules are being used for all kinds of things because it is a it is a
monstrously complex system uh and really useful but let me tell you about a couple other things in this page which i
think are really interesting um this is uh memor mag
and memor mag remember i told you about the different there are different forms of magnesium
this is the most amazingly this is the most amazing form of
magnesium because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier at high levels and
it shows that it induces new synapse formation now this doesn’t happen with magnesium
citrate it doesn’t matter if you’ve got magnesium oils and you’re spreading it in your body which really doesn’t do almost anything
epsom salt baths do a little bit but they they work mostly peripheral but
anyway this magnesium threon8 which is what is the major magnesium in memor mag
turns on new synaptic growth and in mice was shown in as a model called
mouseheimers in mouseheimers it was shown to dramatically delay the onset of
neurodegeneration i do think that that is meaningful for humanity as well
and magnesium deficiency is one of the most common magnesium deficiencies that
exist the reason this is on the sleep page is because taking some magnesium at night
ooh that’s nice for sleep and it also causes a really substantial
improvement in mitochondrial function
so anyway that’s that’s a couple of other things uh we i did mention why is methyl
b12 in this page because believe it or not b12 sublingual so this is a
sublingual b12 uh has some real benefit to improving sleep cycles
but only so that you want to take your b12 at night um
and okay let’s get another question here so um all right let’s find another
um okay
are there are there any products that are helpful for raising testosterone okay well that’s great let’s let’s go to
let’s let’s go to um let’s share the screen here again just for fun
um okay so i went here supplements male health and uh and there’s several things that
are present here uh the one that’s being questioned about would be testo nrg
now testo nrg uh has some very unique compounds in it
uh europe uraconium uh ericonium which has a
very substantial effect on virility um it does increase uh erectile function
and also has the property of increasing free testosterone and then there’s also
himalayan shilajit and himalayan chilajit in the dosing that is present here has been shown to increase both
total and free testosterone very meaningfully this is this is again
a product that once people get on they say i want to stay on that and um that’s
been been quite useful um and i think that
when you’re enabling your testosterone to you’re enabling you to get the most
from your own homemade testosterone that is optimal because as soon as you start
to take testosterone testosterone as a drug wow there’s a lot of challenges that
start to emerge from that there’s just a lot more maintenance there’s more expense so anything you can
do to home grow your hormones is certainly in your best interest let me make one other comment
flow formula 5 is a product that i created
about five years ago and i went to the national institutes of health
center for complementary alternative medicine i read a whole bunch of their summary articles and i took four
separate ingredients that each alone had data to show that it improved lower
urinary tract symptoms meaning it helps helps men pee
it helps with prostatic hypertrophy so just one tablet of this has the
active ingredients of four different compounds each separately having the
potency and the purity to improve urinary flow in men
but why i called it flow formula 5 is kind of funny because
these same products actually help with female male pattern baldness and so i
was thinking about flowing hair because there’s not many women who want to have
a prostate formula sitting on there sitting on their shelf so
how do you name something in a way that a woman that could really benefit from
it to decrease their male pattern baldness or
in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome can also benefit uh in this domain
to to help improve that testosterone
metabolism so so yeah um pretty good okay uh looks
like i have time for one more question here and let’s see may have so many good
questions please keep them coming all right and
on probiotics all right um you know what what is the best
probiotic for me um and i wish i wish i had this wish we could talk right now
because i ask you well what do you want from a probiotic because there’s a the devil’s in the details right so let’s go
to this here i clicked on the probiotic page on creating health and let’s take a look here are here are eight different
probiotics and let me just tell you about the differences uh one of the new ones we have is floramax shape uh before
20. isn’t that funny floramax shape b420 that’s actually the name of the
particular bacteria because they noted that this particular probiotic actually
improved body composition so there was less there was less fat accumulation around
the middle that decreased abdominal fat accumulation and this has been really
very helpful then we have the mac daddy floramax 350
dairy free this is high potency multi-species multi-strain this is 350 billion of um a
very of all strain specific probiotics so we’re like the first
company to insist that all the probiotics have their serial number behind them because saying acidophilus
is a meaningless statement there are hundreds and thousands of different types of acidophilus but because
bacteria mutate so quickly in order to make a specific probiotic it’s actually
very difficult to maintain a colony purity so you get the exact bacteria
that you want to do their job but this is very effective in the treatment of crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis when
people have been on antibiotics where there’s a big challenge to the gut i love pulling this out it’s a very high
dose very safe but here’s the other dirty secret this is 350
that means that at the time of expiration in of this box
at the time of expiration and we put expiration dates in our boxes many companies don’t even put expiration
dates on they just put born on dates that way they don’t have to prove potency at the time of expiration
uh so so our products are all guaranteed to be within 95 percent of potency um on
the date of expiration so why if you have something that’s mildly expired not a problem i mean it’s honestly not a
problem it may be a little less potent but it’s it’s definitely safe um
i sometimes sometimes these uh expiration date things are really more of a
you know more of a a marketing thing um they just you know you need planned
obsolescence but if you take care of your supplements they ours will last a long time but this 350 is not correct because this
is actually 700. so this is 700 billion probably the highest potency probiotic
on the market this is such a good blend of many different multi-species what we
did is we split it out and we put in smaller capsules and so five of the fluorimax 70
equal a350 and so this can be a high-dose multi-strain probiotic i love this one
as just a daily probiotic for people who are health conscious
flora foundation sb this is got the same goodness of the basic probiotic
flora foundation plus saccharomycen bilardi which is kind of an anti-yeast yeast
very helpful for inhibiting candida and also good for inhibiting c-difficile
colitis lots of lots of good stuff there all right
um hope that helped answer your question and then um let’s just take a look at
one more question here and then what’s a good supplement would you do a lot of cardio strength training all right and
we’re going to end with this particular question um cardio strength training yeah that’s
a really good that’s a really good question um let’s go back here
so um so if you want to come to take a look
here you say huh i wonder what’s here and i encourage you to take a look and and learn let’s go to sports nutrition
and um there are a couple of um components that i think are really
remarkable um one of the things that i love the most and that many people love is this
product called clean nrg so clean nrg
is like a true confession um
you know i used to work full time as an er doctor when we first moved to tennessee and i
would do 24-hour shifts and red bull became my friend red bull kept me from
falling off the side of the road when i was driving home from those insanely long shifts which nobody should ever do
but clean nrg is there’s a lot of junk in red bull that actually depletes your
system so we created clean nrg as a electrolyte formula so we’re
building up your electrolytes there are antioxidants in it there’s a time release caffeine there’s a bunch of
taurine that helps cool your nerves to cool your jets um
and and it’s a lovely product i mean it’s really funny all of my kids friends
love this stuff and they’re they’re all in what they love it for is their pre-workout because
caffeine increases your energy it decreases your pain perception
uh it revs up your metabolites your metabolism a little bit and that can be really quite useful
but another thing on this page is cardioline now cardialine is a very
inexpensive meal replacement this has a vegetable-based protein in it
as well as fibers that are shown to very substantially decrease ldl cholesterol
and decrease inflammation this has a little bit of a multivitamin in it
and fiber and protein and not much else it’s it is um
a really high quality product to um improve
uh cardiovascular function and a really good product to have oh and you have to
know that uh in all of our proteins when we use a p
protein blend there’s only like one percent rice protein in there and that’s p protein blend we augment it
with a host of individual amino acids that are not present in pee because we actually want to simulate the
amino acid profile that would be a little closer to milk um you know so
there’s added taurine there’s added you know three and eight there’s some of the things that are missing in a plant
protein uh the essential amino acids that would be missing in a plant protein are replaced in our process and that’s
something very unique to us we don’t talk about it enough but people who are just out there taking p
protein p protein p protein um that’s that’s not good for them in the
long term so and then if we uh take a look at
uh here’s regena new plus again in the sports area oh and then two other things
uh sibno this is really interesting so
you like you know how i like puns uh so there’s a condition called sibo s-i-b-o
and uh sibo means small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and it’s when you get too many of the
wrong kind of bacteria growing in the gut and and so we
we have this hyper immune egg protein and the hyperimmune egg is chickens have
actually been vaccinated against the most common human gi pathogens and then
they lay eggs with a whole bunch of antibodies in those eggs that are
specifically targeted against the bad guys in our gut and a really nice study has just been
done on this c but no you see what i did there instead of sibo
got siebeno we and and what this did is
increase athletic performance so this egg protein was used as a pre-workout
because it decreased the amount of intestinal
or assuming of leaky gut that occurs with exercise that’s right when you exercise it stresses your body and you
develop mild leaky gut it’s one of the reasons sometimes people feel so terrible after they exercise too hard
especially when they’re really sick and they’re kind of always have leaky gut exercise can make that worse so when
individuals took the sibo that decreased the level of inflammation
that came on after exercise in those individuals pretty cool now but my
favorite my favorite so we have sibo here as a powder and if you like powdered egg that’s fine uh
and then we have it as capsules but i’ll tell you the form i like the most is seb nog
yes because we added large arabino galactan which is a um a soluble fiber that feeds bacteria
and seb nog uh it was you know flavored with nutmeg and honestly this stuff
tastes really close to eggnog so if you like eggnog i and i do
uh seb nog is an amazi amazing dairy free immunospecific immunoglobulin formula um
that is uh available there um so okay
um and um and then all right so um that’s all for tonight um thank you all for
your great question there’s so many great questions and uh and you can see that we go on for a
long time if there’s requests for it i’ll be glad to do a second one on this
and just kind of come through you can line up you know what supplements you are you want more questions about them
want me to tell you where they came from how they came to be what’s their what they’re for
love to give you my intake on this because i think these are really powerful tools
they’re really powerful tools when they’re when they’re potent when they’re pure
when they’re precise when they’re stored well and when they’re taken in the time and for the person that it’s necessary
for make sure that you are looking at them as supplemental to a
really great diet and um and make sure you practice gratitude every time you’re
taking them in uh one of the things i think is so important is every time you see those little pills in your hand
what i want you to do is look down at them and say wow i am so thankful that i have the
opportunity to bring these things into my body i can bring in these highly concentrated foods that i know are pure
that i know are potent and i’m going to take them with gratitude because the spirit in which an act is
completed is as important as the act itself and so if you you’re taking those
supplements you’re like i want to take pills again [Laughter]
no that’s that’s probably not going to give you all the benefit that you desire if
instead your attitude is like i am so thankful for this i’m so thankful for this technology for this to help me um
it’s going to be able to have more benefit for you um so well with that this is dr david
haasey and i wish you maxwell take care

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