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How to Create Health

Watch the full webinar recording to learn about how you can improve your health by thinking about it in new ways.


For over 20 years, from Vanderbilt to Mayo to MaxWell Clinic, Dr. David Haase has been passionately pursuing the question “How Do We Create Health?” When going on a trip you are wise to have an accurate MAP and your health journey is no different! This webinar will help you learn how to discern what is likely to work from what is likely to harm and better self-direct your health. 

We want to give you curated information that enables you to maximize your wellness WITHOUT having to rely on “Dr. Google”.

Grab a piece of paper. Seriously, please do it.

What do you want to die from?

It’s a weird question, but really think about it. Thinking about this question makes us realize that we want to juice the most we possibly can out of our lives.

The way we see the problem IS the problem.

Disease is not really the problem. The problem is an inability to create health at its fullest level. Think of aging as a process. Throughout our lives we move through different stages, like the four shown below.

How to Create Health

Molecular Alterations: These are all tiny changes in the way your body functions at the molecular level. Any one of them can cause a wide range of problems depending on its severity. When several of them combine, it kicks off the next stage: physiological dysregulation.

Physiological Dysregulation: These are more severe and noticeable problems. They are often called “symptoms”. When these problems get bad enough, they can be labeled and are therefore referred to as diseases.

Disease / Disability: This is the area that most of today’s medicine focuses on. They are often severe and very hard to ignore. Diseases and disabilities can cause immense suffering to both those afflicted, and their loved ones.

Death: When disease and disability become bad enough, the body’s coping mechanisms simply wear out, and the poorly functioning body becomes a non-functioning body.

Being mindful of this aging trajectory gives us a lot of insight. For instance:

Dementia, which literally translates to “un-braining”, is the severe deterioration of the brain. Dementing brains actually lose their matter and become smaller.

What causes dementia?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? If we know what causes dementia, then it might be within our power to stop it.

But here’s the key: there’s not one big cause. There are many very small ones.

Dementia is just one example, and there are many. If we want to prevent the process of aging, however far along it is, it’s not enough to look for the single cause of anything. We have to look broadly to find multiple causes.

Now that we know to look for multiple causes, the next step is actually finding them.

This video replay is an example of our group visits available only to patients who are part of our MaxWell Care program and are designed to change your life and supercharge your health. 

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Dr. David Haase

Dr. Haase is the Founder and CEO of MaxWell Clinic- a Collaborative-Care, Functional Medicine Clinic. He is committed to finding and addressing the underlying causes of illness in his patients.