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Break Free: Discover the Key to Transforming Your Depression and Anxiety with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Break Free: Discover the Key to Transforming Your Depression and Anxiety with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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Nothing can make you feel as powerless as depression and anxiety — especially when you’ve tried multiple treatments, but still haven’t found relief from your troubling symptoms. You just want hope, healing, and a better quality of life.

Ketamine is a fast-acting painkiller that is now being used as a powerful tool to treat depression and anxiety with remarkable results. When ketamine is administered via IV, it’s called ketamine infusion therapy.

Unlike traditional mental health treatments, ketamine infusion therapy often provides rapid relief from depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain. It goes beyond simply dulling or covering up symptoms. It acts as a powerful catalyst for healing, freeing your mind to address deeply entrenched emotional issues or past trauma.


Watch the video as Dr. David Haase and Lindsay Jost discuss Ketamine Infusion Therapy at MaxWell Clinic for depression and anxiety:

  • Explore the potential outcomes and benefits of ketamine infusion therapy
  • Find out what the scientific research says about its effectiveness
  • Hear some of the common myths about ketamine
  • Learn how ketamine works in the brain, leading to remarkable effects on mood, perception, and cognition
  • Learn how MaxWell Clinic’s unique integration coaching plays a crucial role in maximizing the insights and healing gained from ketamine
  • Hear a few of our patients’ stories of transformation
Don’t let depression and anxiety define your life any longer. Take back your power and unlock the potential of a world of hope and healing through ketamine infusion therapy!

Unlocking a New Path to Wellness: The Transformative Power of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

In the realm of mental health and well-being, new avenues of treatment are emerging that promise to reshape the way we view and address conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. One of these groundbreaking approaches is Ketamine Infusion Therapy, a remarkable treatment option that is garnering attention for its potential to alleviate the burden of mental health disorders. Dr. David Haase and nurse practitioner Lindsay Jost from MaxWell Clinic shed light on this innovative therapy during a recent webinar, emphasizing its profound impact and its ability to provide patients with a fresh lease on life.

A New Paradigm in Mental Health Treatment

The conversation begins with the concept that mental health is just as crucial as physical health, and seeking innovative solutions is paramount. Dr. Haase underlines how Ketamine Infusion Therapy offers a fresh perspective on treatment. He shares captivating stories of patients who have experienced remarkable turnarounds thanks to the therapy. A testament to its power, the therapy has helped patients battling chronic depression, PTSD, anxiety, and even chronic pain to break free from their shackles.

Transformational Stories

One of the most inspiring stories discussed in the webinar is that of an individual who was initially skeptical about the therapy’s potential to address cancer treatment-related pain. However, after undergoing Ketamine Infusion Therapy, this patient not only found relief from pain and depression but also experienced a shift in perspective. The therapy paved the way for a new outlook on life, urging the patient to embrace cancer treatment with renewed strength.

Another remarkable tale shared is that of a woman who had been grappling with chronic PTSD throughout her life. Despite undergoing various forms of therapy, she had never been able to forgive herself for past traumas. However, Ketamine Infusion Therapy provided her with the breakthrough she needed to finally let go of her self-blame, allowing her to heal and transform her entire belief system. This transformation led to not only emotional healing but also physical improvements in her overall health.

The Science Behind the Transformation

Dr. Haase provides valuable insights into the scientific underpinnings of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. He emphasizes that this therapy is just one tool among many in the holistic approach at MaxWell Clinic. However, it stands out for its ability to induce a profound shift in mindset and belief patterns. The therapy’s dissociative nature encourages patients to let go of deeply entrenched negative beliefs and attachments, which, in turn, can catalyze the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Safety and Administration

Dr. Haase and Lindsay Jost take care to address common concerns regarding the safety and administration of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. They emphasize the importance of having experienced medical professionals present during sessions, providing a nurturing and secure environment for patients. The therapy involves careful cardiac monitoring, individualized dosing, and integration coaching to ensure the patient’s safety and optimal outcomes.

The Road to a Transformed Life

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the variability in the timeframe for noticeable improvements. While some patients experience positive shifts after the first session, others may require multiple sessions for transformation to take root. Dr. Haase encourages patients not to lose hope and to remain open to the transformative potential of the therapy.

Breaking the Chains of Stigma

Ketamine Infusion Therapy also has the potential to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health disorders. The practitioners at Maxwell Clinic believe that by highlighting the therapy’s successes, individuals will recognize that they don’t have to accept a life of suffering. Instead, they can embrace hope, healing, and well-being.

Nashville Ketamine Therapy – Taking the First Step

For those considering Ketamine Infusion Therapy, MaxWell Clinic provides a clear path forward. Individuals can initiate the process by texting the word “ketamine” to 615-703-3776. A comprehensive consultation will be conducted to ensure the therapy is safe and appropriate for the individual’s unique needs.

In conclusion, Ketamine Infusion Therapy stands as a beacon of hope in the landscape of mental health treatment. Its ability to transform lives and break through the barriers of depression, anxiety, and trauma is truly remarkable. MaxWell Clinic’s holistic approach, experienced team, and dedication to patient safety provide a solid foundation for anyone seeking to embark on a journey toward improved well-being.

Schedule a free information call with our Ketamine Enrollment Specialist today to learn more. Or if you prefer, you can text us at:  615-703-3776. We’re ready to assist you!

Hey everybody Welcome to ketamine

webinar yeah we’re just really excited to talk to be with you tonight because we’re going to get to talk about one of

our very favorite subjects and share with you some of the results we’ve seen and just what this can be useful for uh

in many people’s lives I’m Lindsay Jost nurse practitioner at the Maxwell clinic and with us this evening I have our

founder and chief inspiration officer extraordinaire Dr David Haase hello

so what we’re going to do this evening is we are going to begin by introducing you to Ivy Academy now this is something

that you’ve most likely heard about out in the world um psychedelics and treatments of this

nature are really gaining movement and momentum which is really exciting and we want to really Begin by

emphasizing the challenge of living with things such as depression and anxiety I mean we are seeing that

it just it’s so prevalent it’s profound I mean I think since covid we’ve really

seen an uptick in the amount of isolation people that have been experiencing uh the amount of just

opposition and the amount of conflict at both internal and external and

um and it’s really profound to see what a big difference this makes with increasing anxiety

decreasing Joy Of Life um the conflicts that those mood changes

then creates inside of intimate relationships the profound effects

anxiety and depression to have in the workplace um you know the and just the horrible

issue of missing out on a living I mean because to get to be alive is really the

greatest gift that there is that we get to experience this world that’s really kind of mind-blowing and and when you

feel good and it’s like the the world is a beautiful place wow it’s it’s almost you can’t even

begin to remember what it was like to feel depressed and anxious because and

you certainly don’t ever want to go back there so but the most important point is that we really understand so it’s it’s

really hard when you’re in the grapples of anxiety and depression to think about what he just referenced meaning being on

the other side of it so in this particular talk we want to focus on being in the depths of desperation being

in pain feeling hopeless feeling like you don’t have another option you can’t

get out of bed and function we want you to know that we see you we understand and we want to provide at least a Beacon

of Hope that there are many options that we can offer at Maxwell Clinic specifically but tonight we’re really

going to focus on our Ivy ketamine program so part of what’s really important is that we pride ourselves

ourselves in being a trusted expert in IV ketamine therapy and our IV ketamine

program has really taken off and we’ve seen a lot of really great benefits from it as well specifically with depression

and anxiety but also some other things as well PTSD um pain

I mean you know just improved quality of living absolutely the improved

relationships people have after that and the Breakthrough as people have had if

they were going through therapy or going through things like EMDR or you know

working on themselves so I think the breakthroughs have been what have been really exciting because this is a

journey right well and what we like to talk about too is it all kind of comes

down to our brains so part of what’s really been interesting in today’s Paradigm is that we’re starting to focus

on mental health and well-being it’s a seemingly subject that wasn’t talked about as openly before it is now being

talked about much more which is fantastic and it’s really great because we have such a brain centered practice

um and so taking having an option for your mental well-being is is life-changing while we’re here so what

we want to do is make sure that you guys use the chat feature and submit any questions that you might have have

because at the end we’ll go through your questions we’re going to kind of highlight some patient stories and we’re

also going to talk through some other ways that at the end of this you can have a free consultation with us for IV

ketamine if you’re interested and hopefully at the end of this webinar it’ll give you make you feel more empowered with some tools to know

whether it’s a good fit for you and a loved one at this time so let’s talk

about the problem and why IV ketamine kind of came on the scene so to speak uh

so talk us through a little bit the emotional and mental toll of depression

and anxiety you know you’ve been practicing um in medicine for over 20 25 25 years

and I’ve seen this thousands thousand times I’ve seen it myself in practice

for a long time as well in my own family everybody’s seen it it’s true okay everybody says this is and and it’s kind

of if it’s something we don’t even want to talk about because it’s so painful you

know denial is actually a really useful thing when you’re feeling like crap

um you’re like yeah well this is just as good as it can be um you know maybe you’re not sleeping

well you’re not enjoying the um the things of pleasure of life like

not enjoying food like you used to not enjoying sex like you used to not engaging in relationships you know

thinking weight gain thinking about you know ah I just want to cash it all in Suicidal

Thoughts are way more common than what most people recognize

um we what’s interesting ketamine is actually uniquely helpful in acutely

helping individuals with Suicidal Thoughts um that’s just that blew my mind really

in getting to see that actually happen um you know from going from no hope to Hope but

um but then there’s always these Downstream effects

for us not being the fullest version of ourselves when we are anxious

we’re kind of caught in the future of like oh my God what’s going to happen and where am I going to have where am I

going to go what am I going to do it can be all consuming uh when it comes to

uh anxiety and then depression is kind of being caught in the past you know and

caught you know and maybe thoughts and experiences and ideas of of what has

happened in the world and not believing that you are good enough to enjoy happiness or feeling like you’re drugged

down and bound to many of many beliefs that

you know don’t serve you and and so where ketamine actually happens it’s

kind of bringing you into the present um you know getting being able to have an opportunity for your brain to let go

of the its attachment to oh my gosh what’s going to happen in the future and it’s attachment to all these challenging

things that happen in the past and be able to go like wow I’m here uh

I’m I am okay uh and you know and I am potent and powerful and able to move

forward in life uh we have huge now let’s see what I love you you hear me

talk about neuroplasticity every day neuroplasticity is so important to

understand your brain changes every day you know when you change your mind it is actually

a physical event it is actually one little neuron putting out or several

neurons putting out little feet that crawl and make new connections with new

neurons um it requires your nutrition to be good it requires you to have good cellular

energy there’s a lot of pieces to changing your mind you’ve never been this age before whatever

Right In This Moment your brain is constantly synapses and talking to itself it’s always creating it’s

creating the brain it thinks it needs for tomorrow isn’t that interesting and so the goal is in how do we work

towards you having a brain that you would more prefer having in the future

is that does that make sense yeah and so I thought you brought up a really good

point about ketamine helping to release associations to being more present because it seems a little paradoxical in

how ketamine works because ketamine works as a dissociative in some ways and

so when we release those attachments it actually increases our ability to be more fully here which seems a little

contradictory but in practice that’s what we’ve seen countless times over and over again which is really interesting

yeah what we utilize here is IV ketamine it’s an infusion it’s very controlled

um individuals are monitored very carefully um because ketamine is an anesthetic I

mean it is used to put people under and so um it needs to be treated with real

respect um and um with appropriate monitoring and such but the so like when in the

operating room or another place where Academia would be used as an anesthetic um you you start losing your

um losing your attachments your the the thoughts that you have right now start

to drift away and and then you can start having this opportunity to put together

pieces of the puzzle that you haven’t put together before and

um that is this process of neuroplasticity um yeah if you if you come here I’m sure

you can get a little Maxwell Clinic squishy brain as well so there’s these are all over the place so act now and

so we’ve talked we’ve talked about the the emotional

mental fold addiction and anxiety which is absolutely all consuming it prevents you from living life to the fullest now

no matter where you are in your life station um you mentioned that we do IV ketamine

here I want to before we really share some of our stories of hope that we’ve had

people probably heard of some lingual ketamine that’s out there available on the market you know why why IV why do we

do IV here at Maxwell yeah absolutely because we respect we really respect this molecule we do and we respect the

the the every person’s response to

ketamine is unique to that person you know a brain therapy is as unique as the

brain that comes to that therapy and ketamine doesn’t just affect the brain it affects the blood pressure and the

heart rate um you know and so knowing that you are

in a safe environment a medically supervised environment is very important

um I I it gives me some shutters to have people um be taking very you know can be very

high doses of ketamine you know uh outside of medical supervision at home

you mean yeah and and knowing as we’ve been working with Academy in a long time

and so um it’s blood pressure can jump up unexpectedly into very high levels and

and we can immediately respond to that with IV by turning down the drip and

that can resolve we have medications to bring that blood pressure down again very very safe in a controlled

environment and so we really feel that infusion therapy is really the safest way to do this it’s not an injection

where oops it’s in and there’s no there’s no slowing down the response we

have the ability to either um you know go very very slow and

modulate the experience very gentle or step up the experience or step The

Experience up a lot for people who need to break through and dosing is different

we also use ketamine for the treatment of chronic pain We’ve Ended individuals

who have been stuck in chronic pain cycles for years and IV ketamine is a

way of kind of hitting the reset button so that the brain has an opportunity to

go oh wait a second I’m not thinking about my past I’m not thinking about my future and it kind of forgets the memory

of how to maintain the pain emotion that it has and

um so it’s really pretty incredible but dosing matters adjustability matters supervision

matters and we’re very proud and the other thing that matters is integration that’s what I was going to say I think

we also do a really unique job at focusing on integration so what is

integration ketamine can become considered a psychedelic you know because it it loosens up one’s a way of

seeing the world and that is can be very useful but it’s important for the container

that it resides in and integration is what do you do with this new information

that you have how do you integrate it into the rest of your life moving

forward so we have um a group of incredibly experienced integration coaches that help

individuals to make the most of this process because it’s not just the

molecule and it’s not just the experience it is very much the work that you do with that and and it’s so

gratifying it feels people have so many great stories about how they came to new

realizations days and sometimes weeks after a therapy they’re like oh my I

finally put this together and that’s because the medicine keeps hurricane which it’s really cool well you know

well because new neural Pathways and then working those systems has lifelong

impact which is amazing so I think it’d be useful to break down integration even one step further because some of us are

familiar with that term a real life example that I think is super useful is

to have let’s say you and your spouse partner or maybe even a co-worker continue to bump up against the same

sort of moment of we call it crunchiness like just a little girl you know that you’re like oh we’re here again whatever

that may be I think we’ve all been there with with different folks what’s really fun is to see that same repeatable

pattern come up and the individual come back to us and say you know what I just didn’t feel quite as I I handled

that completely differently it didn’t trigger me as much I was more calm I had different thoughts oh my gosh is that

what integration is am I different and you can have new insights in real life

and then by practicing new ways of approaching a situation you further cement in a new open way of being and I

think it’s incredibly beautiful so that’s a perfect bridge in transition to

let’s paint a picture of this transformation what are a couple examples but a couple of the really notable

examples of patient stories um that come to mind for you I can think of a few but what well one was a dear

friend of mine uh you know an individual in the medical Arena of course we’re not

going to give names and details you know we protect confidentiality incredibly carefully

um and and so I think that um but anyway this individual in the medical world for a long time developed

cancer and really was at a point he was going like man I’ve seen how this goes there’s uh I I don’t you know I’m I’m

done I’m not going to treat this um and just really felt very despondent

and wasn’t experiencing quality of life was already looking at palliative care and but well I don’t really have good

quality of life and through a conversation really he’s really depressed and so offered ketamine he

came in and did um we usually do six sessions in over the course of two weeks

and the lights came on for him the lights came on in a way that was so

beautiful and him wanting to live again and him seeing the beauty in the world

around him you know the the family members the contribution that he had made and realizing that it’s it’s worth

the fight and so he re-enged aged his actual cancer therapy he went back and decided to get treated he’s still around

and and still really quite a light in this world I’m very thankful to be very

thankful to get to play a part of that you know what’s so interesting about his story is that that was not the reason he

came to Kevin he didn’t come to ketamine thinking this is going to make me want to go through cancer treatment no at all

it was a I’m I’m feeling pain and depression and so I I want to get out of

that feeling still intending to not treat the cancer and so to come to that

conclusion I mean if that’s not I mean that is that’s an inspiration story yeah

another another is um you’re a woman who had been suffering with

PTSD such a chronic PTSD during her entire entire life

situations from being beaten as a child to being abandoned and she really never

thought that she was you know she just knew that her normal was a miserable

existence um and so we said well let’s start to address the academy let’s try to address

this PTSD and ketamine and I remember her coming out of the room and just in

tears and going like oh I I forgave myself

I forgave myself because you know she made it through all of these things but she was still

blaming herself for that and and even though she had gone through therapy and

had been told hey you need to forgive yourself she never could bring herself to that space and in that space she was

able to go oh I I’m worthy of love I am I I can forgive myself I can move

on and the transformational aspect of the fundamental belief about yourself

changing in that way you know changed everything um and interestingly enough she down you

know good 20 pounds she her other health conditions resolved

um you know so it’s this is why we we’ve always taken a brain Centric approach

here at National Clinic we do things like quantitative EEG and neurofeedback and plasma exchange and IV therapies we

do you it’s a holistic approach from the whole Clinic you know but this one tool

has been incredibly profound in helping to move the needle well that’s what’s

really interesting about her case in particular just in general is that sometimes often a big component of

physical manifestations of symptoms that may they are physiologic they are

biology based and their the body was designed to heal and so if we can

decrease our fight or flight if we can decrease that fear and anxious and

Trauma the miraculous healing and all the signals that our body knows how to

do on its own can fire and take over and we’ve seen that happen through this

therapy as well and I think she was a good example of that another is is just

a you know thinking hey I’m going to get treated for this depression just because I want these symptoms to go away I want

this I want I it’s not even I want to feel better I just don’t want to feel like crap and and I and I don’t want I

want to have energy again I want to have engagement in my world and um and so it

was very surprising another dear patient we’ll call him Todd went through

but he he went into songwriting uh and

he started to do art once again and he was so surprised this is he he didn’t

just not feel bad he was like wow I want to create I feel good doing this he’s

and then the music and the relationships that that developed continues to feed

forward into a higher and higher state of health so getting unstuck I always

think of this I think ketamine is a great unstuck a fire and and that to you

and they unstuck fire um but we uh

because but then it is important what else is going on right I do want I have

to make a shout out that if if you’re full of inflammation you know if you have if your your body isn’t healthy

that your brain is depending on that’s a problem if you know your hormones are whacked out if you you’ve had a prior

head injury if you have infections toxins there’s a whole bunch of reasons for the brain not to function at its

optimal so you know it is it is ketamine we think is an amazing part of

unstuckrifying and getting to move forward uh towards higher and higher states of health so if you are a patient

who’s had chronic resistant depression for many many many many years and you’ve tried it all and you haven’t tried

ketamine consider trying ketamine if you’re somebody who has PTSD and you’re doing therapy like emgr and you want to

augment that um or you haven’t tried any of those consider ketamine it may be for you for

those of you who have that internal body panic and you don’t even know that it’s called that because you feel like you

can’t take a deep breath in at times and you don’t know how to ground yourself consider ketamine because it could be

something for you um disassociating eating disorder challenges where you you are eating

mindlessly and you don’t know why this could be a therapy to bring into the whole picture it is you know at Maxwell

Clinic we don’t believe anything is the one fix all um however this is a very powerful

therapy that can can help and we’ve seen help so many so we’ve talked a lot about these amazing results how does it work

well it works first of all by doing a consultation so if you do a consultation

um you can actually uh text ketamine to

615-370-0091 yes I got that right you did it yeah or you can uh go to our

website and um it begins with a consultation ketamine is not for everybody all right

you know we we’re this is a medical intervention and we take safety very

very seriously um and so um this is an introduction and you’ll go

through a medical evaluation and teacher history blood pressure make sure that’s in check blood

pressure medication interactions all kinds of things like that need to be considered and and um because you know

our first job is to do no harm and we take that exceedingly seriously

um so I think that the um so that’s how that’s how it works here how does the actual molecule work

yeah the scientific basis how how does it work in the body you know

we brought overview so so there’s a form Academy in that is FDA approved uh internationally for the treatment of

depression um the ketamine we use is called off label you know this is utilizing the

same FDA approved medications that have been used in many for for new and unique

indications um and that’s what most of a lot of medicine is

um and the um the the treatment of IV ketamine has been studied in individuals

with treatment resistant depression this means that they have used three medications uh those have failed uh they

have you know been recalcitrant to any type of a response and and an individual

having anywhere from a 70 to a 90 response rate from a six infusions over

the course of two weeks um those are really profound numbers and

the interesting thing is that there’s a lot of durability to this now we do think that there are there is definitely

the opportunity and need for boosters because once you’ve gone through one

layer right maybe address that first broken through continue to work with your therapist continue to do your

integration um additional ketamine sessions can be very helpful to continue that process of

growth to what really should be your highest state of well-being which is what you’re calling a booster would be

after completing the first six IV sessions over a two sometimes three weeks and sometimes three week period of

time but two to three weeks that there may be some additional needed at a time

increment that the your ordering clinician would determine with you some people don’t need it and there’s also

there’s also some individuals that start with 10 12 or 15 sessions I mean because depending upon the severity of what goes

on but that’s unusual um but but again everything should be individualized according to your

particular situation so you we’ve mentioned the word um dissociative a couple times and how

ketamine works I think it’d be useful to break that down a little bit more so more plainly sure I think it’s really

there’s some myths about ketamine because ketamine um is is a like I said it’s an

anesthetic you know when you when it is coming into the body one becomes less

attached to your current ideas less attached to your sensations of pain less

attached to your sensations of well of panic of depression but even less aware

of your body and and that experience when individuals you know it anything

that changes one State uh will be used for doing that recreationally and so

unfortunately ketamine has been used as a drug of abuse um and and it does have some addictive

potential but and this is why it’s very important to stay inside of a medical Arena you know and but the likelihood of

addiction from uh the type of use that we’re talking about is really

non-existent I mean this is uh the availability of ketamine should be inside a prescriptive World

um and ketamine is also not used as a last resort okay it should not be

thought of that although the initial trials were really about resistant depression

how you should learn your way out of your suffering if you’re suffering from

anxiety depression this is a great way to accelerate that learning out of that

space and into a place of being more present and centered so a dissociative

um the it was interesting that in in Buddhist thought

um the idea of suffering comes from you being attached to things too tightly or

Clinging On uh to things in your world and especially you know burdens that

maybe are not yours to own you know holding on to a nasty words that were

said to you as a child being beaten sexually assaulted you know holding on

to those and being attached to those things and having them really run you

and own you and they create in many ways you’re suffering but if one can let go if one can

release their attachment to those very profound memories and attachments and

they’re like wow I’m not to blame for that I I can move forward in my life

um it that is one of the most powerful mechanisms of how we think ketamine

Works something you’re speaking to that we haven’t before addictions you know talk about

the feeling of something else we understand the feeling of being out of control and run by the need to to use

something else you know I think ketamine can really help in that space as well so I think it’s really important to go

back um you had mentioned the FDA approved intranasal ketamine so so let’s speak to

two things one why wouldn’t you do the intranasal ketamine over the IV and two

can we go on to a little bit more on what off-label use means sure sure so

the um oftentimes the the the cost benefit of inter-nasal ketamine

um has been experientially shown to be more profound with IV Therapy well it’s

bioavailability as well of the product itself and it’s the controllability of

of IVs and um one of the things that uh so because we can determine and customize the dose

very specifically for each individual and then track that individual’s response and modify that uh precisely in

a beautiful controlled environment with just some of the best humans you’re going to meet well and by by

bioavailability I mean the amount of ketamine that’s getting into your system you know the effect of IV we have seen

is so much greater than things of that nature plus you mentioned intramuscular and sublingual earlier being more

unpredictable intranasal is as well ivu seems to be more effective it’s just we

can turn it off yep we can turn it off I think that’s and and also

um we have the availability of severe anxiety is coming up or severe blood

pressure we can respond to those things I I really you know I think some of the other

problems is some of these other therapies is that people aren’t being monitored and and not looking for a problem is not

a solution to a problem you know just going denial is not an effective therapy

that and um I I fear that we’re going to see some negative consequences forward

going with this but I agree an off-label use of of molecules is incredible exceedingly common practice so it’s safe

uh there’s nothing that would need n’t even worried about it anyway no not at all not at all that’s a very common

practice so I know you spoke to the myth of ketamine being used recreationally and

you spoke to the myth of being addictive um can we speak to the myth of sometimes

it being only used as a last resort um

yeah so I think all of those are you know every myth is is has some

little bit of reality to it right you know and I think that the

um the the way ketamine has been studied is the initial studies were done in

treatment resistant depression so that you had to fail multiple other therapies

before you know you would that was the indication for that that’s typically the way scientific studies are done you you

make certain that when something is approved you now

um you have to prove that your therapy is better than what came before and

um but now we’re recognizing that the ssris you know the many of the

medications that have been used for depression and anxiety really have terrible track records you know the

long-term outcomes of those don’t seem to have a great efficacy and so

um we we think that uh when you’re looking at issues such as

depression and anxiety PTSD um and pain you should be thinking about

ketamine sooner than later because it is a process of changing your brain to get

out of those particular symptoms and again the therapy does need to be individualized uh through consultation

with a trained health professional which we are and so ssris as you mentioned are a a

type of anti anti just to make sure that we’re grouping that in as well so we talked

about that we do IV Therapy here for our ketamine program and you mentioned the wonderful humans that will be in the

room with the patient however I think it’s really important to emphasize that so we have private ketamine rooms here

and we have a team of nurses that are incredible absolutely incredible and

experienced and really love this work you know it’s really amazing there’s

really nothing like a nurse really I mean the the people that go into nursing

are they they have been in all kinds of situations right both with regard to

acute medical problems they they understand medicines they understand

humans they’ve been in a space of service and Care

um they’re really an amazing group of people to look out after you and it this is a one-on-one nursing oversight so

that we’re you know making sure that all of your needs are tended to at all times that that gives people a real degree of

safety and what’s important when one is working with any of these psychedelic

type therapies is that you feel safe um your set and setting right second

setting you know and ask your questions you know I really caution please don’t

try these therapies and if you’re if you don’t feel like you’ve been educated or you feel that

it’s natural to have some fear you know when you’re going to Endeavor to you

know Move Yourself forward in your life and strike up that courage to make a

step forward that’s that always gives people a little bit of fear but you

shouldn’t there’s one thing to have to bring up your courage to bring yourself

forward and it’s another to not feel safe in an environment so sentence adding

referred to in that is mindset what mindset you have

going into this therapy do I believe that ketamine is going to help me or is possible to be helpful that’s belief is

one of the most powerful medicines on the planet and setting is do I feel safe

in the environment and so what we do here at Maxwell is we really try to emphasize both of those things with the

integration support and the coaches we’ve mentioned and the nurse team but then also the physical environment that

you’re in it’s really important to us each of our patients feel safe when they’re here so that you can get the

most benefit out of these types of therapies possible so let’s review a little bit a vivid

picture of the potential outcomes that people can see when they try

um yeah you know picturing yourself or picturing

someone you love being able to break through um that

inhibition of mood uh that depression that anxiety to you know get this

appreciate how beautiful the sky is um to actually people have reported now

all of a sudden loving music again going like wow I’ve forgotten that I used to love music and I don’t and now I love it

again having the taste of food improve having a relief from pain that has been

chronic having a a way of being more present I think you I love that the

story you took about the story about co-workers in that you know all of a sudden realizing wow I

can own my stuff right my stuff is my stuff and and other people’s stuff you

can let them keep their stuff and it just leads to being able to human

more easily right being being able to exist as a now and I don’t want to make

this out that hey this is a miracle process this is this is a learning process everybody comes to the medicine

uniquely everybody has done some work beforehand some people have done more

work than others um and everybody’s journey is unique but the everybody benefits from being able

to move forward in their life and ketamine may be a really useful way to

be able to move forward well I think also is there’s an opportunity for increased sense of gratitude and

appreciation not only for the breath of life for your physical body and the Miracle being

alive but also for those you get to be in relationship in community with for

our homes for food on the table for the trees I mean it might sound a little

um out there but it it does tend to increase appreciation as well out there

in the best way possible because who wouldn’t want to have a little sprinkling of some extra gratitude going

on so okay all this is so exciting how do how does somebody become a ketamine

patient IV ketamine patient at the Maxwell Clinic so I know that Dr hazy mentioned this

earlier but you are going to text the word ketamine if you’re interested to

615-370-0091 if you’d like more information or you’re ready to schedule your way for it free IV ketamine consultation

um with one of our esteemed highly qualified medical professionals here at our Clinic we have an incredible

team of clinicians whose hearts are larger than life and who are here to do

nothing but want to serve you in the most holistic way possible we have such an incredible people yeah they really or

they do and and um yeah that’s part of the setting it is part of the setting is to know you’re

safe and know that people around you really want to see you be the fullest version of yourself that’s really what

Maxwell Clinic has always been about and um so well what will happen during that

consultation is they will assess your initial concerns why you’re seeking out ketamine they’ll go over your medical

history and then assess whether it’s safe and right for you and then once you’re cleared for ketamine and it’s been ordered for you

um we’ll get your IV sessions scheduled uh get you all the prep information that you need so if you have any questions

about that coming up don’t worry we’ve got you covered you’ll get all that information very simply clearly and

concisely so we’re gonna move on to our live q a session

so if you have any questions just remember you know text the word ketamine

k-e-t-a-m-i-n-e to 615-370-0091

um and uh we’d love to love to be of service so so let’s see what we got for

questions here so our first question

um are there any long-term side effects or risks associated with ketamine infusion therapy very good very good

um long-term ketamine is incredibly safe as a medication in general you know the

it’s a short-term you know things that we’re monitoring people for which would be elevations in blood pressure and

heart rate and and really just being with people you know making certain U.S trained health professional at your side

uh when you’re in these processes but long term this is a very safe intervention

next one how soon can I expect to notice improvements in my symptoms after starting ketamine treatment

well I think that if there are so many symptoms that are possible it depends on what we’re talking about that’s kind of

a hard one and it’s highly individual there are some individuals that have their first ketamine session and they’re

like oh and they say wow that’s uh I

I’ve never felt better our pain patients are really like that it really tends to help break a pain cycle yeah yeah but

but this is a learning process this is this is not a you know we shouldn’t

really think of this as a drug as much as an experience or as much as a

challenge to your current ways of thinking and and holding your belief

patterns because right now your brain is so if individual is is depressed is is

anxious their brain is maintaining that set of signals and beliefs to keep them

in that state and so challenging that state is the way

you get out of it you know pushing yourself uh and and it’s really a

fundamental understanding of how health is created is that it’s almost always because of challenge you know how do you

get a muscle stronger well you challenge the muscle you know how how do you get

better at voice control if you’re going to sing you challenge that with harder

and harder um uh components how do you well make more and better mitochondria

you do things like fasting and cold plunges and exercise and you know so

challenging is how you get better your body is what creates health and and I

think that’s a it’s a unique way of looking at ketamine you know it helps us understand that

it’s it’s a it is a fulcrum right it’s a fulcrum and a lever to get us more

change than we could make ourselves so the answer to the question how soon can I expect to notice improvements in my

symptoms I think the answer is it depends and varies there are some individuals who will notice a difference

after their first infusion there will some that will notice after number three five number six there are others that

might need a little bit more that’s why we try to have really close communication with integration coaches

with our Maxwell clinicians who are ordering this for you you know we follow you along the way throughout your

treatment paths and so we will be assessing that in real time and it’s really individual specific

so next question will I need to continue other forms of therapy or medication while undergoing ketamine I think this

is an incredible question because ketamine is unique in that it is a

therapy that people can do while they’re still on other medication um oftentimes the medical professional

doing your consultation will look at your specific medication list however there are a lot of medications that

ketamine can still be given with and so we usually try to have that be more of

an individual recommendation as well how would you answer that question no I think that’s exactly right many people come to Maxwell clinic to get off of

their medications and so oftentimes we’re already on the pathway of bringing down those medications

um and um yeah but but you’re right it’s kind of mean as a works well with most medications but again it’s up to your

individual consultation uh the supportive of continuing your Psychotherapy talk therapy EMDR

cognitive behavioral therap or be to the other things you’re doing yeah I mean I think that’s it’s important to know that

this this is an adjunct this comes alongside of the work that you’re doing and and we

very strongly recommend therapy we recommend um you know specific types of

neurofeedback and other things like that they can be augmented um this is a it’s a safe to work with

other therapies like it’s like a warm

all right I’ll stop it sometimes wow I know I know I really went off the

reservation on that one

what’s the recommended frequency and duration of ketamine infusions the

recommended frequency that we begin with for most individuals because at Maxwell we individualized everything is six IV

infusions over a two-week period of time as we mentioned before yeah

um let’s see here are there any specific medical conditions or medications that

may affect my eligibility for ketamine infusion therapy um well yes I mean certainly and this

will be gone over with your um in inside of your consultation but if

individuals who have had a prior episode of psychosis right you know so

individuals with schizophrenia individuals that have you know gone down

that path um would not recommend ketamine individuals who are an active substance

abuse no not so much um you know we while ketamine can be

very helpful for helping to break somebody’s dependence on

substances as part of an integrated addiction treatment process

um so again I hesitate almost to answer this question because it really depends

upon the individual I know you know it’s worth doing the consultation no matter what we we you treat humans you don’t we

we really focus on people not protocols because every person is unique and and

they need to be heard and recognized as the unique person that they are

so I think this is a pretty straightforward one will insurance cover the cost of ketamine infusion therapy or

is it an out-of-pocket expense at this time for to everything that we are aware of is an out-of-pocket expense and

insurance does not cover that and you know that needs to change I mean it does but yeah for sure but uh something tells

me that some of the uh pharmaceutical companies that maintain people on medications long term would not really

be a fan of this generic therapy so it’s fairly

yeah all kinds of all kinds of uh um well we’re all looking forward to more

changes in our Health Care system so um how do you ensure the safety and proper administration of ketamine during

the treatment sessions okay um well we make sure that you’re with a

registered nurse we make sure that you’ve had a consultation with a

practitioner that is qualified in screening individuals and in making the

proper recommendation we have a process to customize dosing to make it

appropriate to what your particular biology and your particular needs are whether that’s you know Improvement and

life yeah we uh add in an integration coaching to make sure that the

information that comes up and the realizations that you have can be moved

forward with the greatest benefit possible we do cardiac monitoring so

there’s actually we we put leads on the heart and have have our nurse watching

that monitor during that time all of that should make you feel very safe okay

very safe and that we have these amazing headphones with

Incredible music um because that music kind of helps guide you through the process and and

it’s something to anchor on to as as you’re being in this space of of opening

up to new ways of understanding how your life can be better it’s an immersive therapy

it is truly an experience and so I want to just encourage you I hope

um one of our fundamental precepts at Maxwell Clinic is that the body is designed to heal we’ve seen this again

and again and um and and also have hope for those

people that you love you know nobody is stuck all right nobody is stuck until

we’re in the ground there is the potential to heal and and I think that

um one of the reasons that we keep doing these we do these webinars and we talk

about what we do is is because when we get to see people go from before to

after it’s like ah I don’t know I can’t why can’t more people need to be here

wow and we talked about mental health and depression and anxiety being more of

a common part of our culture and language when we normalize something it

also can sometimes um support complacency and like this is completely the way life looks like see

all these other people feel this way this is just the way life is I want to really encourage you if you’re feeling

this way to not normalize your feelings of depression and anxiety either that

there is a place to have hope and that just because the majority of people around you also share you know misery

loves company age-old age-old slogan share in some of that um those feelings

doesn’t mean that life has to look that way forever so we kind of feel like the world has

become really cynical and and just you know sarcastic and you know when

somebody is actually happy and full of joy and enjoying their life you’re almost like you know it’s it’s so it’s

just toxic how much people are not

not encouraging people to be the best versions themselves but rather sitting

and swallowing together in the mud and and I want to say one thing

I’ve experienced in depression in my life I’ve experienced depression in my life profound depression I didn’t know

it I did not know it I just knew I wasn’t happy and and

I think that we do normalize things for ourselves you know we do normalize the

world and uh and and we think well this just this is just the way it is this is

just the way it is and that is such a such a binding and such a prisoner of a

thought um so and it doesn’t mean that we bypass those negative feelings either we

acknowledge them wholly and we want to talk about those you know things the hard stuff and it just doesn’t mean you

have to stay there so there our ending message is really so that you know that you don’t have to stay there and that IV

ketamine at maxo Clinic is a way that you could possibly um have a different experience unstuckup

unstuckify yourself so if you’d like to learn more visit or text the word ketamine k-e-t-a-m-i-n-e to

615-370-0091 again I am Lindsay Joseph practitioner Dr David housie

um concluding our IV ketamine informational webinar today thank you all for your attendance and

participation wishing you much love hope and happiness and Maxwell be well

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