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Genomind and the Brain

How the Genecept Assay Works. GeneceptTM Assay is an approach that analyzes neurotransmitter variations to help the clinician arrive at informed and differentiated therapeutic decisions. The assay combines a proprietary panel of genetic biomarker tests and an analytical report. The Genecept Assay is coupled with emerging education and information concerning mood disorders and pharmacogenomics.

Patients should discuss with their clinician whether the Genecept test is right for them. Follow this link for a more complete understanding of the approach to brain health at the MaxWell Clinic.

Gene guided assay-based tests like the Genecept Assay offer a paradigm shift in the manner in which psychotropic agents are prescribed. This technology quickly provides clinicians with existing as well as new information to help them better understand the biochemistry of their patient. And ideally, patient quality of life will significantly improve.

The targets included in the assay are (links take you to the Genomind website):

Using Personalized Medicine to Improve Mental Healthcare

Many patients complain of mood disturbances, including depression and anxiety. However, despite the commonality of these complaints, there is significant biochemical heterogeneity regarding the etiology of mood disorders, which may account for the high rate of treatment failures or adverse side effects. Subtle differences in genomic variations, a process called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, result in specific changes in neurotransmitters, brain neurochemistry and drug metabolism. The Genecept assay evaluates several important SNPs.

Dr. David Haase

Dr. Haase is the Founder and CEO of MaxWell Clinic- a Collaborative-Care, Functional Medicine Clinic. He is committed to finding and addressing the underlying causes of illness in his patients.