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Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Hope for dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and autoimmune disease

Backed by Science

Cutting-Edge Technology

Out-patient Procedure

When we clean the blood, the body and brain work better.

As you get older, your blood becomes polluted with “rusty” proteins and “sticky” molecules that may adversely affect your brain and body.Since your blood is the river of nourishment for your cells – the health of your cells is influenced by the health of your blood.

How does Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Work?

The body is designed to heal. Through Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, we remove certain harmful substances circulating in your plasma to nourish your cellular habitat and support your regenerative factors.

Here's how we do it:


Using an IV needle, your blood is drawn from a vein in your arm.


A special machine separates your polluted plasma from your blood cells. The aged, polluted plasma is discarded and replaced with clean, individualized, plasma-like replacement fluids, electrolytes, and other regeneration promoting factors.


The new solution of freshly-cleaned blood is infused back into your body, supporting your body and brain’s ability to fight degeneration.

Some of our patients have reported the following improvements after completing Therapeutic Plasma Exchange:

Improved energy

Improved mood

Improved sleep

Less pain

Decreased fatigue

Better recovery from exercise

Improved speech capability

Improved mental clarity

Improved problem-solving skills

*Therapeutic Plasma Exchange may be one element of a treatment plan. Repeated plasma exchanges may be necessary. Individual results may vary, testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results.

For 10 years I was told by conventional doctors that there was nothing they could do about my progressive weakness and nerve pain. I was losing my independence, and I felt hopeless.

Then Dr. Haase introduced me to Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, and the results have been nothing short of life-changing. After only a few treatments, my pain decreased significantly, and I’m happy to report that I am no longer on any medication for pain at all! My balance has improved, I’m actually growing new muscle and I have increased mental clarity…I feel like I got my life back.

Charles S.

I found out I had the Alzheimer’s gene a few years ago. I was frustrated that I wasn’t performing well at work, and I often flew off the handle at things that didn’t bother me before. Because I have a family history of Alzheimer’s, I knew these were early signs of the disease, and if I didn’t do something, I would eventually pass away in the manner my mother and my brother did. I was depressed and anxious and felt like I was losing control. I was concerned about my future, but more importantly about the impact I would have on my family and business. It’s not just about me; it’s about the big picture.

At MaxWell Clinic, I was shown how to improve my diet and what supplements could help, but I also wanted to do everything I possibly could, so I also started Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. This combination of treatments has given me balance again. My whole persona has changed. Now I’m more relaxed, and my mental clarity has improved. I can do things from memory that I couldn’t do before. I feel 20 years younger, and I’m actually enjoying life again!

Gary S.

I’m a very strong person, but I have to admit when we found out my husband had the Alzheimer’s gene, I felt anxiety. We run a business together, and I often noticed him sitting at his desk, resting his forehead in his hands, saying, “I just can’t think.” He was visibly frustrated. He had also started to grow increasingly irate at some of our staff and began having anger outbursts. I felt scared for him and me and everyone else involved. We were afraid of how the disease would progress, and we knew we had to do something.

After a series of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange treatments, my husband is a changed person! He’s calmer and doesn’t go off on tirades anymore. He has more energy and is more forgiving to all those around him. I feel such relief and am so grateful! Before I felt confused about what was wrong with him and wondered why he was like he was, Now I feel relaxed and we’re looking forward to the future! We feel like we’ve got a second chance at life!

Cheryl S. - wife of RPE patient

Your health is your most valuable asset.

Don’t just manage your symptoms, do something that has the potential to improve daily function and address contributory causes.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Autoimmune Disease

We believe your autoimmune disease shouldn’t control you. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange is an FDA approved treatment for many autoimmune diseases.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Cognitive Decline

We understand how scary memory loss can be. A large study showed Therapeutic Plasma Exchange reduced the rate of decline of moderate dementia by over 60% in 14 months.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Vibrant Longevity.

We know you’re driven to be the best you can be. We use FDA approved medical devices during this procedure to help you fight your body and brain limitations.

This innovative therapy has the potential to slow down the rate of brain and body degeneration.

Regenerative Plasma Exchange MaxWell Clinic

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Book your first Therapeutic Plasma Exchange appointment.

The procedure can last anywhere from 2- 4 hours.

Nourish your body and brain.

We’ll track your progress by assessing how you feel and function, as well as recommend blood tests and procedures that help you quantify how old you are.

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Regenerating HOPE for Dementia

Could it be that dementia has had no meaningful treatment advances in the last 15 years because we are asking the wrong questions? Systems Medicine pioneer David Haase, MD integrates science, philosophy, data, and inspiring experiences from his innovative medical practice to reveal new possibilities for creating health, optimizing human performance, and reversing dementia.

Watch Dr. Haase’s TED talk here.


Slow Aging and Alzheimer’s

Blood washing could be the new standard in longevity and change your Alzheimer’s risk. In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Haase and Dave Asprey discuss the viability of new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

Listen to the episode here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Therapeutic Plasma Exchange?

As more data emerges and clinical trials are performed, it is becoming clear that neurodegeneration and diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and frailty have the potential for improvement with Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. Animal studies have shown that removing old plasma and replacing it with fresh albumin creates a cleaner and healthier environment that encourages stem cells to behave as if they were younger. This is essentially the process that occurs in the Therapeutic Plasma Exchange as it is delivered at MaxWell Clinic.

How often will I need it?

The exact frequency of repeated therapy needed to achieve optimal results for each condition is unknown and decided on a patient to patient basis. We expect those who are otherwise healthy and are undergoing regenerative therapies to optimize their long-term health to receive a plasma exchange procedure once every 2 – 6 months based on their response to the initial Therapeutic Plasma Exchange treatment.

Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s in large multi-national, multi-center, randomized placebo-controlled trials where benefit was shown, followed a protocol of 4-6 plasma exchange procedures done weekly followed by once a month plasma exchange to slow, stop, and even reverse the process of neurodegeneration. We use this standard as a starting point and customize according to individual patient response. We also use this protocol as a foundation for approaching patients with other neurodegenerative and age-associated conditions in the hopes of slowing down symptom progression and reversing degenerative processes.

Individuals who are highly biologically burdened with auto-antibodies, toxins, mis-folded proteins, signals of senescence, and cellular debris are expected to need a higher frequency of repeated procedures. In the case of acutely ill patients with Guilian-Barre this frequency may be daily. However, in the outpatient setting, individuals with chronic degenerative disease need far fewer such procedures.

How can you tell if it's working?

We track your progress by assessing how you feel and function as well as recommend blood tests and procedures that help quantify how “biologically old” you are. Some reported benefits thus far include improved exercise tolerance, improved cognitive function as well as improved microvascular perfusion. If you proceed with Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, we will collect various lab values and data to research and track these observed symptomatic benefits.

Will supportive therapies be prescribed?

Additional supportive therapies may be recommended and ordered to optimize your Therapeutic Plasma Exchange experience according to your individual needs.

Looking for Dr. Haase's TED Talk, Regenerating HOPE for Dementia?

Could it be that dementia has had no meaningful treatment advances in the last 15 years because we are asking the wrong questions? Systems Medicine pioneer David Haase, MD integrates science, philosophy, data, and inspiring experiences from his innovative medical practice to reveal new possibilities for creating health, optimizing human performance, and reversing dementia. View his TED Talk here.

How much does Therapeutic Plasma Exchange cost?

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange is not inexpensive, with its specialized equipment, costly materials, specialty staff, and time commitment. However, to make this innovative, out-patient therapy more accessible to more people, we provide it at less than half of what the charge would be in a hospital. If you would like detailed cost information, please call MaxWell Clinic at (615) 370-0091.