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Introducing MaxWell Care

We've redesigned our clinic model to give you MORE of the care and support you truly deserve.

A message to our existing patients from David Haase, MD

Founder & Medical Director, MaxWell Clinic

Since 2003 when we first opened the doors of the MaxWell Clinic, it is you, the patient that is our reason for being and we consider it a deep honor to serve you. We're committed to finding the root causes of your health challenges and supporting you every step of the way on your path to maximum wellness. To stay true to our mission, we are redesigning our clinic model to provide even more of what our research and experience have confirmed will help you make lasting changes to your health. We are excited to introduce MaxWell Care, an innovative model of healthcare – designed completely around you!

To create the most personal experience possible, we are now limiting the number of patients we serve. Carrying a much smaller number of patients allows our team to spend more time with each of you. If you would like to continue as a patient of MaxWell Clinic, please join our new MaxWell Care Program. We will fill our practice on a first-come basis, and then maintain a waiting list. So, don't delay!

An innovative model of healthcare built to support lasting changes in your health.

You’ll continue to receive the compassionate care, advanced testing, natural interventions, and cutting-edge therapies to address the root cause of your illness and help you feel better, but we also want to multiply the support you currently receive to ensure the best possible outcome for you. MaxWell Care is designed to surround you with a full team of compassionate health care professionals who are ready to take your health to the next level.

Your Clinician

You’ll keep access to your Clinician who is highly trained in both Functional and Conventional Medicine. The relationship you’ve built will continue to deepen as you work towards achieving your wellness goals.

Your MaxWell Advocates

This new team member is like a health coach, but even better! They’ll be your biggest fan, providing you with the resources and support you need to close the gap between your intentions and your actions.

Your Nutritionist

Great news! All your nutritionist appointments are now included in your monthly program fee. You will no longer receive a separate bill for these services. Your nutritionist will help you take control of your own health with foods specifically tailored to your body’s unique needs.

Your MaxWell Support Team

You’ll continue to keep access to the entire MaxWell Clinic team that you’ve grown to know and love, both administrative and clinical. We’re a small clinic and we consider you, our patients, as family. We’re always ready to do whatever we can to help you become your healthiest self.

More of what you need, all at a convenient monthly price.

Here are a few ways our new, improved clinic model is now built to better serve you. We think you're going to love it!

More time

The same Clinician you know and love, but now you’ll have more time and more visits together to address the issues most important to you.

More support

In addition to visits with your Clinician, you’ll now have visits with your dietician and your MaxWell Health Advocate. Together, we’ll plot a course to better health and help you reach your goals.

More education

You'll get exclusive access to weekly health education sessions from our in-house experts. Tune in live or on demand for the latest information from the doctors you have grown to trust.

More discounts

Your monthly program fee includes discounts on best-in-class supplements, collaborative diagnostic partners and therapeutic procedures.

No more facilitation fees

You'll no longer be charged a $60 facilitation fee for lab kits. Your monthly program fee covers it all.

No more e-visit charges

And all portal e-visits are now included with your monthly program fee, so you can get the answers you need at no additional cost.

No more costly

Stop worrying about co-pays, deductibles, or what to do if your insurance changes. We are now able to treat all patients regardless of the insurance they do or don't have.

No more unexpected bills

All your visits and our enhanced level of support are included in your monthly program fee, keeping your cost of care predictable and manageable.

Dr. David Haase and his staff have brought back the true meaning of health “Care”. You will experience the most complete assessment designed to search out the cause of dysfunction resulting in appropriate interventions and real results!

Ken, patient of MaxWell Clinic

Simple Pricing. Exceptional Care.
All designed for a healthier and happier you!

Whether you're ready to find and address the root causes of a chronic disease, prevent illness and suffering down the road, or Maximize your potential Wellness, the MaxWell Clinic team is ready to continue serving you.

Upgrade your healthcare

Health and wellness is a lifelong journey and we commit to being right there with you every step of the way. We care about you and want to make sure we’re doing our very best to maximize YOUR wellness.

In accord with our motto “Do What is Wise and Works”, we have again stepped back and studied the patients who have made the most progress in their health journey and we’ve noticed a common thread in their care. The patients who had more visits, more time, more interaction with their Clinician, made more progress in their health goals. So we’re remodeling, redesigning our clinic model so we can give all our patients a higher likelihood of treating the underlying conditions of their most pressing health concerns.

Real transformation is an ongoing journey. Through your MaxWell Care program, your personal healthcare team will continue to guide you along the path towards improved health and maximum wellness. Together, we ensure you stay on track and continue to make your health the number one priority!

We are now able to see all patients, regardless of the insurance they do or don’t have. While we’re no longer in-network with insurance, it may still be possible for you to get partially reimbursed for care received at our clinic. For example, use your FSA or HSA for your visits with us. Your care may also be partially covered as out-of-network care by your insurance provider.

The MaxWell Care Program

Stay on course and keep moving towards your wellness goals.


Per month for ongoing care at MaxWell Clinic.

*This plan and discounted pricing is for existing patients only.

  • 12 months of ongoing care from your full team
  • Quarterly Clinician visits
  • Unlimited visits with your MaxWell Advocate
  • Nutritionist visits as needed
  • Continued access to advanced diagnostic testing
  • Exclusive access to weekly health education sessions
  • Unlimited messaging with your team
  • Discount on supplements, diagnostics and procedures

*Prepayment for one year earns a discount

Sign up for MaxWell Care by April 1st and receive $100 off your first month.

Since we are decreasing the total number of patients we are serving, we are extending this offer to our existing patients first. On April 1st we'll open the doors to our waiting list. Space is limited and patients will be accepted on a first-come basis, so don't delay!

Join MaxWell Care now to secure your spot.

Don't delay. Spots will fill up fast. Let's continue to work together to optimize your health.

  1. Log into your patient portal and sign the form called Existing Patients MaxWell Care Agreement.

  2. Schedule your first MaxWell Advocate appointment.

  3. Stay on track with continued care.

What about insurance?

In order for us to transition into the personalized, advanced medical care our patients need, we must also change our status with insurance companies. Since 2003, when our clinic was founded, we have witnessed dramatic shifts in how health care is organized and delivered. We’re just as frustrated as you are. It’s disheartening to see that Insurance plans now dictate your care and services, the Clinicians you can see, and the amount of time we can spend with you at appointments. After years of trying and trying and trying to work inside this system, we feel we must take a different path and leave the insurance model of healthcare. If we remain inside the insurance model, we are forced to treat you (our patients) according to their rules, rather than according to your needs or even how you want to be treated. We don’t believe insurance should dictate your standard of care.

We think you deserve more than that.

Healthcare decisions should be between you and your Clinician, not your insurance company. Without the restrictions of an insurance-based model of health care, we can offer you more time, more appointments, and more innovative therapies. This ability to explore out-of-the-box solutions for you means a better chance of improving your health.

Under this new model, we do not bill your insurance, which means we now work directly for you – not the insurance companies. You pay an easy-to-understand monthly fee directly to us for the care and services we provide.

Have questions about MaxWell Care?

Schedule a call or send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join MaxWell Care to continue being a patient at MaxWell Clinic?

As of April 5th, we will only see patients who have joined MaxWell Care. To continue your care with your Clinician and your team at MaxWell Clinic, you must join MaxWell Care. Beginning March 9th, we won’t be able to schedule any new appointments for you unless you are a MaxWell Care patient.

When do I need to sign up?

You need to sign up as soon as possible. Here’s why. Since we are decreasing the total number of patients we are serving, we are extending this offer for MaxWell Care to our existing patients first. On April 1st we'll open the doors to our waiting list. Space is limited and patients will be accepted on a first-come basis, so don't delay! And if you sign up for MaxWell Care by April 1st, you’ll receive $100 off your first month.

I already have an appointment scheduled in May. What happens to that appointment?

Your appointment is still on the schedule and we will honor that appointment. But it will be your last appointment unless you join MaxWell Care. To schedule future appointments you will need to join MaxWell Care. If you choose not to join, we will sadly pass along your records to the physician of your choice.

How is a MaxWell Advocate different than a health coach?

Unlike a health coach, your MaxWell Advocate is intimately tied to all the details of your wellness plan. Typically, a health coach educates on basic health matters, But your MaxWell Advocate is going to be working intimately with your Clinician, improving communication and advocating for your success every step of the way by proactively reaching out to you to keep you on track, discuss your appointments and make certain you are getting what you need in between visits.

How will I be billed for this?

We will set up a recurring automatic bank draft or credit card payment. On the MaxWell Care Agreement form in your portal, you’ll be able to select what you prefer.

I really like my Clinician – do I get to keep the same one?

Spaces for each Clinician are limited. We will honor your existing Clinician until their spots fill up. Join now to ensure you get to keep your Clinician!

What if my Clinician spots fill up before I join?

Our practice is full of amazing Clinicians! But, in that event, we’ll discuss your other options and help you find a Clinician that you’ll love working with.

Do you take insurance?

As of April 5th, we will become out-of-network providers rather than in-network providers for all insurance programs. When we realized we were going to have to cut visit times down to 10 minutes (the average primary care visit time) or close our doors - there was no longer any choice left. The decision regarding insurance has come as a result of our commitment to put your personalized care ahead of Insurance paperwork and contractual restrictions. Inside the insurance model, we are forced to treat you (our patients) according to their rules, rather than according to your needs or even how you want to be treated. Rather than trying to continue to fit inside this dysfunctional model, we have redesigned our clinic to give you more of what you actually need. Without the restrictions of an insurance-based health care model, we are able to offer you more time, more support, and more innovative therapies in a highly cost effective manner.

What good is my health insurance if I can’t use it at MaxWell Clinic?

MaxWell Clinic simply chooses to work directly with and for our patients and no longer support the infuriating interference of insurance. You can still use your insurance for some labs, testing, and medications, or you may want to save money and take advantage of our discounted direct pricing on these components of your health care.

When it comes to choosing a health care professional, we encourage you to make your health the deciding factor. MaxWell Clinic puts you on a path towards wellness by addressing the root cause of their symptoms. Choosing an in-network Clinician who is forced by the system to push you through the office using symptom-suppressing therapies might save you money in copays, but will it really address your underlying health issues? Don’t let the fact that we’re out of network stop you from becoming a patient at MaxWell Clinic. Allow us to partner with you on your health journey, so you can get the care you need and deserve.

Can I use my HSA or FSA?

Many of our patients use Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to pay for care at MaxWell Clinic. This allows you to use pre-tax dollars, which may save you money.

How does out-of-network insurance work?

Based on your insurance, you may be able to recoup some of your MaxWell Care costs by submitting your office visits or group visits (also known as health webinars) as an out-of-network expense. Please understand, insurance will not simply reimburse you for your MaxWell Care program fees, but rather, after each office visit, you can ask your Health Advocate for the paperwork you can submit to your insurance company. Typical out-of-network reimbursement may refund you anywhere from 30-60% of your MaxWell Care program fees. Remember, every insurance program is different, so it is best to connect with your insurance provider to clarify your benefits and take advantage of FSA, HSA, and out-of-network coverage.

Is the cost for labs or advanced testing included in my MaxWell Care fee?

Your blood work, specialty testing, and supplements are not included in your MaxWell Care program fees. While most of our standard labs are done through LabCorp and can often be covered through your insurance, we often suggest specialty lab testing to our patients. Please speak with your insurance company before completing blood work or specialty testing to fully understand your coverage. You always have the final say with regard to what testing you engage and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What if I need more Clinician visits than the allotted number stated in the MaxWell Care program?

Most of our patients average 4 Clinician visits per year. But, based on your needs, discounted a-la-carte pricing is available to you for any additional visits.

What if I don’t want to use all the appointments that are included in my program? Is there a reduced price?

We encourage you to use ALL your MaxWell Care appointments so you can get all the care and support you need to really maximize your wellness. If you choose not to book all these appointments, your monthly MaxWell Care price still remains the same.

Where can I find the MaxWell Care Agreement for Existing Patients?

The MaxWell Care Agreement for Existing Patients is located in your patient portal. Please log into your portal and click “Forms.” After that, you will see the agreement at the top. Click Start to begin filling out the form.