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A Multi-Omic Investigation of the Effects of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange on the Mechanisms of Aging, Neurodegeneration, Vascular Health, and Immune Function.

Let’s crack the code on aging, the number one cause of chronic disease. This is the most advanced study ever conducted into the age-reversal effects of plasma exchange.

Recruiting participants for a paid plasmapheresis trial

MaxWell Clinic is recruiting a committed cohort for a paid trial to evaluate plasmapheresis as a potential rejuvenation/regeneration therapy. Specifically, this trial will be conducted to gather data on the impacts of plasmapheresis on aging, neurodegeneration, vascular health and immune function.

Plasmapheresis is an FDA-approved procedure for more than 50 indications and it has been shown to improve a range of health measures. We believe it may be beneficial for even relatively healthy individuals.

What is Parabiosis and how does it reverse biological aging?

Parabiosis is a remarkable procedure that has shown conclusively to make old laboratory animals repair tissue in a way that makes those old animals biologically “younger”. The way this procedure can be somewhat mimicked in humans is via the time-tested procedure of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.

What is plasmapheresis or Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)?

As you get older, your blood becomes polluted with “rusty” proteins and “sticky” molecules that may adversely affect your brain and body. By “rusty” we mean damaged by oxygen, and by “sticky” we mean damaged in a way to stimulate the immune system and cause inflammation. Since your blood is the river of nourishment for your cells, your cells’ health is influenced by the health of your blood.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange helps to clean your blood and removes certain harmful substances circulating in your plasma. 

This innovative therapy has the potential to slow down the rate of brain and body degeneration.


This clinical trial is funded by a groundbreaking Silicon Valley-based longevity and healthy aging biotech company. They have chosen to partner with MaxWell Clinic as we are leaders in the assessment and intervention of complex chronic diseases as well as in applying cutting-edge science to clinical care.

MaxWell Clinic is a nationwide leader in providing outpatient plasma exchange services to treat autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, and the promotion of healthy longevity.

Participant Benefits

All participants will receive one to four plasmapheresis treatments (a $5k-20k value) and up to an additional $800 in reimbursements for personal expenses incurred due to study participation. This reimbursement is contingent on the successful completion of the full study. Through participation, you will contribute to the advancement of human knowledge and the development of life-improving therapeutics!

Participant Requirements

This study aims to understand plasmapheresis effects in committed volunteers over the age of 45. The treatment and follow-up visits require 8 visits to MaxWell Clinic over the course of 3 months. Visits may include blood testing and rapid, non-invasive assays. Participants must be in stable health, have good veins, and not be afraid of needles.

Participants will also undergo a series of non-invasive tests prior to and following their plasmapheresis protocol. These tests will include a glycocheck, echocardiogram and examination of their retina. Additionally, participants will be asked to complete an online assessment of their cognitive functions.

This trial is no longer accepting participants.

Have a question about this Clinical Trial?

Please call our Clinical Research Coordinator at 615-370-0091, ext 1172, or schedule a call below.