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Concerned about your brain health?

Evaluate Your Brain Health with MaxWell Clinic’s Free Online Cognitive Quiz

If you're concerned about your brain health, you're not alone.
Join thousands who have taken this crucial first step towards clarity and peace of mind. Our easy, insightful quiz is your gateway to understanding and enhancing your brain's health.

Welcome to the MaxWell Clinic’s Cognitive Quiz. Our simple online assessment tool can offer a revealing snapshot of your cognitive health. While it’s not a formal diagnostic tool, it can effectively gauge key aspects of your brain’s higher functions—serving as reliable indicators of your overall cognitive well-being. Whether it’s memory, focus, or overall brain functionality that’s on your mind, this quiz marks the beginning of your path to greater cognitive clarity and understanding.

Here's how it works:

Step one

Step 1. Begin with Your Details

Get started by providing your contact information. Upon submission, we’ll promptly send you an email with a personalized link to your online assessment.

Step two

Step 2. Engage in Brain Assessment Exercises

Dedicate about 20 minutes of undisturbed time in a calm environment to complete your assessment. For optimal experience and accuracy, please use a computer instead of a mobile device.

Step three

Step 3. Receive Your Cognitive Results Instantly

As soon as you finish the assessment, your results will be ready for download. You’ll have immediate access to insightful feedback. Rest assured, your results are confidential and won’t be shared with MaxWell Clinic.

Step four

Step 4. Medical Expert Guidance

If the insights from your quiz spark curiosity or concern about your cognitive health, rest assured, we are here to offer a deeper, more comprehensive analysis. Our extensive Cognitive Health Evaluation is unmatched nationwide, providing extraordinary depth and precision in both testing and blood work. Let us be your partners in achieving optimal cognitive wellness, offering unparalleled insights and exceptional care every step of the way.