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The Truth About Supplements: What You Need to Know

The Truth About Supplements: What You Need to Know

What are Supplements?

Supplements are essentially concentrated foods. They offer a way to consume highly purified, concentrated nutrients in an easy-to-consume form, enabling dietary changes that would be challenging to achieve through food alone.

FDA Disclaimer:

Have you ever seen these words?:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This disclaimer is present because if a supplement were meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease, it would be classified as a drug by the FDA, requiring regulation as such.

Supplements are Supplemental

While supplements can be a valuable addition to a healthy diet, they cannot entirely offset poor dietary choices. Supplements are excellent for filling nutritional gaps but won’t reverse the negative effects of an unhealthy diet.

Beware of Toxicity!

Your body can handle occasional exposure to toxins, but regular consumption of toxins can be harmful. Unfortunately, dietary supplements can sometimes contain toxins due to the lack of strict regulation compared to medications. 

At Creating Health, all supplements undergo third-party testing for toxins and follow a regulated supply chain to ensure purity and safety.

Supplements are Fragile

Avoid Buying Supplements from Amazon.

Amazon warehouses often have high temperatures that can degrade the quality of supplements, reducing their effectiveness. Proper storage is crucial to maintain the potency of natural, organic chemicals found in supplements.

Creating Health ensures all supplements are stored in optimal conditions to preserve their efficacy.

Poor Accountability Leads To Poor Products

We are one of the few companies that will sometimes have to put supplements on backorder. Though this can be frustrating to customers, it’s essential to understand the reason behind this.

When ingredients become unavailable due to issues in the global supply chain (remember that little incident with the Suez Canal?), most supplement companies will simply accept the next best product on hand.

However, many of the ingredients which meet our standards can only be sourced from one or two farms in the whole world. If these ingredients become unavailable, our manufacturer will wait instead of pushing out substandard products.

At Creating Health, we sometimes put supplements on backorder to maintain our high standards. Unlike many companies that accept substandard ingredients when supply issues arise, we wait for our trusted sources to become available, ensuring the quality of our products.

And all our supplements undergo rigorous third-party testing to meet our purity standards.

Supplement Dose Matters

“Window dressing” involves adding minuscule, ineffective amounts of an ingredient into a supplement and hiding it under a “proprietary formula.”

Supplement Details Matter

Companies may use inferior forms of ingredients with the same name as those in studies to cut costs. For example, after a study shows the benefits of magnesium, some companies may use a less effective type of magnesium.

Creating Health’s supplements are formulated to be effective, using the same high-quality ingredients proven in research studies.

Fraud, Marketing, and Quick-Fix Products Endanger Us All

Quick-fix products that cause drastic bodily changes can be dangerous. The supplement industry, due to poor regulation, sees many fraudulent products that harm consumers. This increases the likelihood of stricter FDA regulations, which could limit access to beneficial supplements.

Where Can You Get High Quality Supplements?

When trying to improve your health, it can be hard to know what supplement brands are the most effective. The truth is not all supplements are created equal. Many contain dangerous toxins or synthetic ingredients that can actually prevent your body from healing itself.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Creating Health, we offer high-quality, fresh, synergistic blends designed to help you live life at full capacity. And every supplement is backed by science and tested for quality, purity, and safety before we ever put our name on it.

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