Cliff Syner, PA-C

Cliff Syner, PA-C, has a passion for helping others heal. While serving in the U.S. Army, he cared for trauma patients around the world as a special operations flight medic. After earning his masters degree, Cliff worked with local doctors and nurses in impoverished and war torn lands teaching primary and preventative health.


After years of working in primary care, he recognized the need to treat each patient as a unique person. Understanding that real healing requires real relationships, Cliff has come to understand that we are designed to live and thrive in creation, together. This has led to a desire to see local agriculture, stewardship of resources, and health of an individual be combined into a wholesome community, driven to heal and help heal.


Cliff is currently finishing up his Certification in Functional Medicine through IFM. He recently graduated from Nashotah House Theological Seminary, where his family had been living and learning together in the benedictine model of spirituality for the past couple years. There he finished a second master’s degree, studying theology, with a deep desire to better understand the intersection of Christian faith and wellness.


His experience in medicine brings holistic insight to the needs of those he cares for – incorporating Mind, Body, and Spirit to bring about true flourishing for each individual, and empowering each other to help strengthen our community.