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Biohacking Your Way Through the Holidays: Food, Frenzy, and Fatigue

Luann Lavin, APRN, FNP

Tuesday, November 28th at 4:00 pm CST

Webinar Information
Don't let the season derail your health goals. Get ready to move through the holidays with the energy, happiness, and support your body truly needs!

The holiday season is just around the corner and with it comes a whirlwind of joy and anticipation. But it can also bring a host of challenges to your health including food temptations, hectic schedules, and inevitable fatigue as the season’s demands crowd out the holiday cheer. 

In the midst of the festivities, it’s easy to overlook the importance of prioritizing your health. You might even feel like the holidays aren’t the best time to focus on your well-being. 

But it’s actually just the opposite! 

If you can learn to make mindful choices and listen to your body during the holiday frenzy, just imagine how you could transform your health and vitality throughout the rest of the year!

MaxWell’s nurse practitioner Luann Lavin grew up believing that feeling inflamed and uncomfortable during the holidays was just part of life. But she has since learned the beautiful balance in honoring what’s best for her body while also not offending the amazing humans in her life. 

Join Luann in our upcoming webinar as we delve into practical strategies and cutting-edge biohacking techniques that will help you navigate the holiday season with ease:

  • Discover our practitioners’ favorite traditional health practices, modern science, and technology to improve your physical and mental function
  • Learn how to develop your personalized biohacking plan for the holidays
  • Discover the roles that the environment, stress, genetics, and epigenetics play in your health and how to adjust your own biohacking plan according to these unique factors
  • Find out one of the oldest and best kept secrets that we test on every MaxWell Clinic patient, and how you can be supported over the holidays with this information

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your health and well-being during the holiday season and beyond. Let’s make this holiday season your healthiest one yet!

About the Speaker
Luann Lavin, APRN, FNP
Clinician, MaxWell Clinic

Luann Lavin is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has been working in the nursing field for over 30 years. After becoming a nurse practitioner in 2009, she quickly realized that looking at the root causes of disease is far more important than managing side effects of pharmaceuticals. Luann has worked as a Nurse Manager and Medical – Surgical Nurse in the acute care centers of The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and The Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Luann is passionate about systems medicine, hormonal and micronutrient balance, and finding the correct balance of work and home life for all of her patients. She wakes up every morning excited to help men and women who have a passion to transform their health. Her dedication for wellness comes from her parents as well as her In-laws, who have very opposite approaches to wellness but have taught her a great deal. Luann is grateful for MaxWell Clinic and the wonderful clinicians and staff that share her values and purpose.

About MaxWell Clinic
Celebrating our 20th year!

In 2003 Dr. Haase founded the MaxWell Clinic as a living laboratory to explore the question “What Creates Health?” and it has grown into a 12,000 sq ft facility in Brentwood, TN, with many clinicians working together using a full spectrum of investigations and interventions. He and his remarkable team are dedicated to innovation in the fields of longevity, nutrition, genomics, systems biology, apheresis, and brain optimization so that each patient can lead healthier and happier lives.

At MaxWell Clinic, we understand the frustration and concerns you may have about your health and longevity. You deserve to live your life to the fullest, free from chronic health issues and worries about your future. Discover some secrets to improving your environment, adopting longevity-supporting habits, making wise dietary choices, and embracing a fresh start for a longer, healthier life.
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