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Community Connection and Health

We have been created to thrive in community. There is no way to ignore the connection between community and health if we want to achieve maximum wellness.

Have you ever heard of the “blue zones”?

Blue zones are highly researched zones from all over the world. They get this title from having the highest concentrations of people living to the age of 100.

The research is interesting, because, according to the first four fundamentals of health, there is no obvious explanation for the long lifespans of people living here. Their diets and lifestyles are usually healthy, but not in any ways that are unique.

The common thread between these communities seems to lie within their cultures. Each of these areas have social factors that push people, either intentionally or unintentionally, to be the healthiest versions of themselves.

Many of us have had points in our life where we’ve decided “it’s time to clean up my lifestyle and start taking my health seriously.” But, for many of us, this change pits us against the tide of our culture.

It’s more difficult to do things on your own.

What if living a healthy lifestyle was a downstream swim, instead? What if healthy eating and exercise was just something you did without having to fight every day to keep it up?

The existence of blue zones suggests that this is possible. And if it’s possible for cities all over the world, could it be possible everywhere?

In fact, there are already communities all over the US that have decided to make health and wellness a cultural priority. In these places, you can already see markers for mortality going down.

What can you do?

So how can you go about sowing the seeds of positive change in your own community?

Well, according to research of blue zones, it may all start with relationships.

Create relationships built on honesty, compassion, and humility. That is the truest groundwork for a culture of nutrition, exercise, and restfulness to thrive.

This blog is an excerpt from a group visit Cliff Syner, PA-C hosted with patients who are part of our MaxWell Care program. Our group visits (available only to our MaxWell Care patients) are designed to change your life and supercharge your health.

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Cliff Syner, PA-C

Cliff Syner, PA-C, has a passion for helping others heal. While serving in the U.S. Army, he cared for trauma patients around the world as a special operations flight medic.