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What Health Conditions are affected by Brain Health? … All of them! Seriously, can you ever be healthy without a healthy functioning brain? No – it is that important. Oddly, however, because our brain is the organ of perception, it is often less than able to perceive it’s own dysfunction. Let’s examine just what the […]

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It thrills us to be able to share Catarina’s story with you. Her story is one of multiple inter-related causes needing to be found and systematically addressed. As you watch this, please know that not only the body heals, but the brain heals. Good news indeed! Here is the full video..

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How the Genecept Assay Works GeneceptTM Assay is an approach that analyzes neurotransmitter variations to help the clinician arrive at informed and differentiated therapeutic decisions. The assay combines a proprietary panel of genetic biomarker tests and an analytical report. The Genecept Assay is coupled with emerging education and information concerning mood disorders and pharmacogenomics. Patients […]

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What is EEG-Neurofeedback? EEG-Neurofeedback (EEG-NFB) trains the brain. Small sensors are placed on the scalp which monitor brain electrical activity. The results are fed through an FDA-registered database and users are given real-time feedback to optimize their brain wave patterns. This feedback comes in the form of changes in a video display or sound pattern. […]

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This is a list of the research regarding the use of sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops). Occasionally when our patients ask other ‘knowledgeable’ individuals about allergy drop therapy they get the response, “That is still experimental and unproven.” When someone makes a comment like that, the question is raised: Is that individual too convinced there is […]

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